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  1. D

    One of my plants smells weird

    Sup guys and gals.. So I'm currently going 3 mobydick xxl autos and I'm at week 9... 2 of my plants smell dank and very sticky and one of them smells weird(not like weed at all).. Even when I squeeze a bud my fingers are not much sticky or don't smell like weed.. Growing in 5gal pots with soil...
  2. young_auto_bot

    can i go from 24h light to a 20h automatics

    hi im late into flowering it is now almost 70 days flowering (blue dream matic) ive had it on a 24h light schedule,since veg,bottom 3/4 of the plant have calyxes with many pistils,but the top of the plants just have swollen calyxes foxtails i think they are called. some have just 2 pistils...
  3. Jamie94

    Whys my auto not flowering yet (mephisto cdlc)

    Hi there guys and gals I am rather new to this hobby with this only being my 3rd grow so decided to get some mephisto seeds with it all going smooth at first as a put 3 in with one photoperiod with the plan to flip her once they where done so two started flowering about 4 weeks in and one showed...
  4. J

    first grow ever, northern lights problem

    hi, im new and its my first time growing any kind of plants. i have a 60x60x120 cm indoor, 100 mm extractor, 1 fan, 4 plants in pots of 11 liters, and a tesla 180 led ( 108 real watts) i plant the germinated seed in a 11 lt pot with light mix of biobizz, and now im in the 12 day since de...
  5. Narkomando

    Indoor Grow Not flowering Auto Mazar?

    Hello i have 3 auto mazars 36 days from sprout and im wondering if its still on veg and not even preflowering or its an half-autoflower or what... maybe i Will change light from 20/4 to 12/12? Never had an issue like this with autoflowers. Also they have So many colas and nodes. Light problem?
  6. DrBloom

    Do I need to flush?

    The only nutrients I used is dry organics 4-4-4 Do I still need to flush?
  7. C

    Not flowering after 10 weeks

    I could use some advice. I bought a mix pack of 6 auto's from MCS. 4 of 6 germinated, I used the bonus 2 they sent, they germinated. 2 didn't take in soil, probably my fault. Leaves me with 4. They're huge. I FIM'd and it took great. Didn't really give any fert, just some 20-20-20 once at 8...
  8. Cannakisses

    Hows she looking

    This is my blueberry auto, she sprouted may24/5th. Shes a shorty as shes had alot of lst. Everytime I go to see her I'm more and more excited!! But in the 2 days I last seen her she packed on some bulk, so will she continue to bulk out? How does she look?
  9. hashead

    Dinafem Auto Gorilla ALL ORGANIC

    First off I wanna give a shoutout to @Dinafem-Mark for hooking me up with some beans to test! After running dinafems auto amnesia xxl, im hyped to see how this girl gets on! Link to that journal below So setup is...
  10. Strainly

    You'll probably like our latest article

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share our latest blog article. Auto-flowering strains explained ! Let us know if it was helpful. Looking forward to your feedback!
  11. Cannakisses

    Swollen calyx or herm

    I went to check on the ladies today, and I noticed something, I don't know if its swollen calyx, if its hermed, if its hermed what should I do I have another plant in there. I changed the lights couple of week ago and last week removed dead leaves and a few really yellow ones.
  12. Cannakisses


    I've got a blueberry auto and pineapple gum auto, both in flowering had a slight nitrogen def hopefully that's sorted now. I just wondered if the lighting I have is enough? I'm waiting for my energy meter to come, as I don't trust the "1000w' claim given for the led panel. Lighting consists...
  13. D

    Preflower too early?

    Hello guys, These are auto amnesia (advancedseeds). They were meant to be grown 2-3 weeks inside and be moved to a guerilla spot so i didn't bother with pot size and soil composition. That was a mistake. Because of external factors they can not be moved until 4.5 weeks. Now they are 3 weeks old...
  14. D

    Too small?

    Hello guys, These are auto amnesia (advancedseeds). They were meant to be grown 2-3 weeks inside and be moved to a guerilla spot so i didn't bother with pot size and soil composition. That was a mistake. Because of external factors they can not be moved until 4.5 weeks. Now they are 3 weeks old...
  15. Mañ'O'Green

    Oh Solo Mió

    Under Construction Opening Late August @Mañ'O'Green does a Solo cup grow with @Dinafem-Mark . I think they are here to fill my cup! Coming soon to a warehouse in the sticks. If you think that is big you should see the straw :haha:.
  16. Frogster

    Smoke Report - Zamnesia - Girl Scout Cookies

    Seed Bank:- Zamnesia (Website Link) Strain Name:- Girl Scout Cookies Plant selected for review :- Plant Number 1 & 2 Cut Date:- 14th April 2019 Autoflower ? :- Yes Description:- 2 Plants grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, shared Cob lights in an indoor tent, (6 mixed plants in total)...
  17. Sensi Jay

    Jay's UK Back Garden Outdoor 2019

    High all, and welcome to the 2019 edition of jays UK outdoor. This year running: 2 x DP white widow autos 1 x DP auto Brooklyn sunrise 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds DFG 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Green Golds 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Mighty Golds 1 x hermi seed from previous grows
  18. LancashireBotany

    UK Auto Grower, new to the site! Mainly Mephisto UK Windowsill/Outdoor/Greenhouse grows!

    Hello fellow growers and erb lovers. First time here on the site and I’m glad to be here to share my experiences with you. I’ll tell you a brief little bit about myself and then elaborate on my plans for this summer :shooty: I first started growing autos back when I was a young lad a fair few...
  19. LordGreenWood

    auto sticky beast and auto white widow ;)

  20. RollVerine

    Blue Eye Breeze

    So I have one Blue Eye Breeze in an auto cloth pot. I'm running worm castings 30% organic soil bone meal blood meal perlite and coco coir for fast drainage sea kelp some bacteria ahit and a 300 watt full spectrum led along with a wrap around home design 800 watt LED 20,000 lumin 2700k solar...