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  1. D

    GSC WK5

    Hey guys, my plant is raising some concerns for me. I’m hoping it’s not a nutrient deficiency and it won’t spread to others. Is this normal in a plant?
  2. Minime2020

    Indoor Grow Minime2020 adventures into the auto world

    Well I'm back This time I will be running two different auto strains, amphetamine from cream of the crop and Auto kush xl from ice seed Bank I will be growing in coco coir in 5gallon fab pots, under the marshydro ts1000, big up @Marshydro I will call this day one 17 Aug 2021, humidity 65%...
  3. LabRat

    Outdoor Grow 3 Strain Auto Grow In N. Alberta

    Thought I'd post a little journal about my 2nd attempt at growing autos outside in the Great White North. Last year out of 4 auto fems, 2 strains, one of each were males that only got about a scrawny foot tall, two grew as photos and when they began flowering in mid-Aug one turned out to be...
  4. twentyeight.threefive

    Seedstockers - Purple Punch Auto

    Soaked two beans for almost 24 hrs and just put them in coco.
  5. M

    RQS Bubble Kush Auto

    2nd try at growing my own :) My setup : 600W LED MARS HYDRO 2x2x4 tent w/ inline fan and carbon filter Humidifier Oscilating fan Grow medium: Biobizz Lightmix Ph range - 6.3-6.5 Day temp - 26-28C Humidity : 65-78% Light schedule : 20/4, now 18/6 due to extreme heatwave we having...
  6. BigBudz2020

    Indoor Grow FastBuds Purple Lemonade Spacebucket Grow

    Hey guys, currently on day 19 with my purple lemonade growing in my space bucket. Planted straight into the soil and sprouted in a matter of days. Was planning on quadlining so the plant is a + shape but she only developed one side branch on her 3rd node.. typical lol however she has been topped...
  7. Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Bubble Kush auto the beginnings

    Decided to go with Bubble Kush Auto from RQC as my first ever grow. I'm expecting to learn a lot along the way. :toke: So i germinated the seed in paper towel method Sprouted real fast within 48 hours. For this grow I'm going with coco/perlite in 4 Gal pot My starter kit is from Marsh Hydro...
  8. Frank56

    LST Day 1 - Day 7. How does she look?

    First time poster, looooooooong time lurker! So this is my first grow, I'm just growing a single plant as I'm a pretty light smoker and don't need much compared to most of you around here lol :smoking:. The strain is Fast Buds: Cream Cookies, and I've decided to take the plunge and use some...
  9. Morningstar_Gardens

    3x3 Auto journal. First time growing in 9 years and looking for advice

    Hey everyone just getting back into the world of growing after a long hiatus and recently updated my gear with a new 3x3 with the Spider Farmer 4000 teamed up with the T6 from Ac infinity. I have 2 stardawg autos from Fast Buds popped and on day 4 as well as 2 Hellbender seeds in germination...
  10. DarKnight

    StarRyder ® grown in soil medium amended with perlite

    StarRyder® grown in soil amended with perlite. Well water with fish emulsion added as a fertilizer at each watering.
  11. S

    New grow

    About to drop some purple lemonade auto seeds from fast bud seeds. I am gonna use roots organic lush super soil throughout the whole grow as long with no added nutrients besides calmag. Any advice or suggestions?
  12. Ga4x4Indoor

    Indoor Grow Lambs Breath Auto. Feb.18,21.

    Hello everyone and it seems its time to get the set-up back together as ill be home for the next year working. I ordered 5 lambs breath autos from CKS. Hopefully they arrive today is what the mail is saying. I'll have photos of how the room is set-up and germ when I get the order in. Stay tuned...
  13. IMG_20210214_124451.jpg


    White widow and Jack herer both autos grown in Coco and canna nuitriants
  14. Minime2020

    New grower

    Week 10 auto jack on the right white widow on the left
  15. First Time Indoor Auto Grow

    First Time Indoor Auto Grow

    Hello fellow friends, I am a new grower looking for some insight on my plant and my grow tent setup. It's coming to the third week since it sprouted and I believe it is not growing as fast as it should. My setup is: - 60x60x160 cm tent - soil is a mix of coco and perlite (pH 6.8) - seed strain...
  16. Newbie grower

    Completed Newbie grower

    Week six, been sticking to the canna nutes feed guide, and have now dialled in rh and temp, This is the result at 6 weeks into a 12 week auto jack, And 6 weeks into a 10 week auto white widow,
  17. Minime2020

    Girls gone wild

    Well 5 half weeks and all of a sudden my girls have really started to really get going Thanks for the advice every one, Any thoughts on Wen to add pk? And thoughts so far
  18. Minime2020


    Hi just thought I would ask wat everyone thinks so far, My auto jack has got a couple yellow spots, but the white widow is clean, IV checked for bugs and all clean, Could this be the start of a nute deficiency? Or maybe from water of the leaf,
  19. B

    Did I flush too soon?

    Hi Guys, Here I have a plant - Orig blueberry auto Dr Rays at day 75 from seed. I started flushing her about a week and a half ago (she looked almost the same as she does now except a lot greener!) but she doesn't seem to be maturing as fast as I thought she would be and now half the plants...