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  1. T

    Help ! Mystery strains mystery sickness

    So these 2 mystery autos are outdoors uk, in soil and fed on a mix of homemade organics and chem boosters. This has been a quick and budget grow which I'll fill everyone in about on my next grow diary. The pics are of both plants as they are both showing symptoms
  2. UncleJesus

    1st Time Grow Results + Custom Build

    1st time grower here. Take a look at my build I made plus some flowering pics! Close to harvest. Will update you all on results! 2x2x4 Custom Grow Cabinet WHATS INSIDE? Links included - 110 CFM Computer Fan (AC INFINITY AXIAL1238) $21.99 - Parfact Works 250 Watt LED $86.00 - Parfact Works 1000...
  3. X

    New grow

    Hey check out my new grow and tell me how it looks Blueberry kush
  4. CanadianStorm

    Pure Ukrainian Ruderalis landrace.

    Sup guys! So yeah , it's that time of the season ^_^ I've decided to certify my pure ukrainian rudys The seeds were planted approximatively 20 days ago. here is the grow journal of a canadian adventurer! Today I've noticed the babies were getting a little pale so Ive decided to get that Plagron...
  5. Forgotten Cookies (Mephisto) 4:20 grow

    Forgotten Cookies (Mephisto) 4:20 grow

    Here she is. First couple of photos. Her first leaves look a little odd. She was a helmet head, and shes a little ruffled from the surgery. But it was successful, and I am hopeful that she will recover nicely. FC has usually been a pretty fast strain for me,

    00 Seed bank

    Has anyone had great success with 00 seeds? Im currently growing their GG#4 in soil/perlite she has taken the LST great with 8 colas and bud sites everywhere! Thanks
  7. Denzul

    Favorite Indica Auto?

    During this recent lockdown I have grown to truly appreciate a nice indica as I have spent much more time locked into my couch. This got me wondering what my favorite indica Dominent auto has been. Actually turned out to be a mystery mix from mephisto that did it for me which does nothing...
  8. U


    Hi guys this is my first ever post here I'm from the UK and planning a guerilla grow, exited to join this forum! I've built a small growbox with a cardboard box, tinfoil some led's and a small fan to start them off with to get them to about a month old before I put them at my spot. Anyways I...
  9. B

    New Grower Needing Help and Advice

    Hi guys, I think I'm posting in the right section? Apologies if I'm not. I am going to be planting some Think Different Autos from Dutch Passion in my greenhouse as I have heard they do well in the UK climate. I am planting straight into an 11litre pot once my seeds are germinated as I have...
  10. Denzul

    Best Tasting Auto?

    One time back in my college days I recieved a bag that was allegedly maui Wowie. It was by far the best tasting buds I had ever smoked. The fruit flavors were about as strong as the actual thing. Since that day I have been on the search again for a similar experiance but never coming close...
  11. Wclazerdub

    photoxauto breeding shortcut?

    breeding shortcut? 1. take feminized autoflower pollen to a photoperiod. 2. grow out some seeds till you find an autoflower. 3. hit that autoflower with colloidal silver 4. pollinate an autoflower 5. stable feminized photoxauto seeds in 5 steps too easy right? Let me know!!!! Check out my...
  12. 20200129_164325_HDR.jpg


  13. 20200131_165918_HDR.jpg


    GG#4 week 10. Getting closer
  14. 20200131_165821_HDR.jpg


  15. Newtoautogrow

    Autos look sick

    Hey everyone my autos look abit not too good they are about 11 days old 20liter air pots in soil just giving ph water at [email protected] 25°-60%rh using 600w hps and 20/4 light schedule
  16. Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Completed Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    This is a strain i have held onto for a long time. I wasn't sure the seed woould pop, but i managed to get it out of its shell with a little soaking and some surgery. She's going a lot better now, so lets put her in the blog and see how she does, shall we? here's a few closeups of the one I grew...
  17. Newtoautogrow

    Do my seedlings look okay??!?!?

    Sup guys my seedlings are about 5 days old... (from first true leaves) and they don't look right... 20-4 lighting 600w hps 25°---45-65%...20lr air pots.. And just been using pH water at 6.5.. Also using light mix soil (orange bud auto)
  18. Newtoautogrow

    Is my weed dry???

    Sup people.... Can anyone please help me out here... I harvested my 3 plants 4 days ago and a friend of mine asked for the trim for edibles so I wet trimmed and put all my buds (destocked) in my drying net and all the trim in the bottom rack... The trim was dry today so I put it in a plastic zip...
  19. Wclazerdub

    Cal/Mag leaf color?

    Problem: light discoloration on some top leaves Medium/grow method: coco/peat moss/vermiculite Feed: and supplements used: dr earth grow and bloom amended at less than 1/2 strength. cal/mag/iron water source: tap water not ph'ed Strain/age: c4 and blackberry 3 weeks old light used: 14 100...
  20. GG Auto & Critical Purple Auto LED Grow

    GG Auto & Critical Purple Auto LED Grow

    Toke here, decided to start a journal for those who want to follow me and my ladies on our journey for the next 2-3 months. First time with LED so any tips or tricks will be gladly appreciated! Current Setup: Tent: 2x2x6 Light: LED Nutes: Dyna-Gro “Grow” & “Bloom” Strain: GCS - GG Auto /...