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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Mr.Greenthumb

    First grow Crop King White Widow Auto (with Pics)

    Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum and I’m needing some help with my first grow. They seem to be stunted or growing slowly because I’m on day 14 since first true set of leaves and they’re small. I think it could be me overwatering but I water every other day. I tried a little nutrient mix the...
  2. I

    How are these ladies looking?

    I think they look pretty healthy I have topped all 7 of my autos and trained them, this week I defoliated them, so light can penetrate deeper into the canopy I am using 3 LED lights with a a total of 600 true watts , hopefully the buds will start to develop and fatten up I am now day 44 from...
  3. VonBraun

    Auto COB vs Optic 1 COB vs MarsHydro Reflector 48

    If you had a choice to use only one, which one would it be?
  4. frgrower

    CBD Lemon Potion Auto & Fast Bud 2 (all in one journal)

    Hey Folks, apologize for my last journal ( didnt finish it , had mold , didnt had time coz of real life etc... turned me mad ... ) Guys , im back for some new seeds (and second apolozige because my grow journal are bad, in bloom right now , skiped the grow part) Setup (30 days from...
  5. LordGreenWood

    Blow Mind Auto

    SeedBank : SWEET SEEDS Strain: Blow Mind Auto Did it autoflower?: Y/N yes , around day 20 ish Soil/hydro: soil biobizz light mix , 10 l air pot Nutes: easy Tang shedule , advanced nutrients Light (kind and schedule): led hans panel 150 w From seed to harvest date: __days 75 ish...
  6. Sweet Seeds Jay

    Sweet Cheese XL Auto® [New 2019]

    Sweet Cheese XL Auto® 3rd generation autoflowering strain. Tall-stemmed version of our Sweet Cheese Auto® (SWS33). Sweet Cheese XL Auto® (SWS77) was developed through a recurrent selection programme of tall-stemmed and high production specimens of Sweet Cheese Auto® along multiple...
  7. Bandana

    1st Grow - Ethos OG Kush R5 Auto

    Hello This is my 1st grow, the plants are 3 weeks old from sprout. I have 1 Cherry Wine Reg Seed and 3 OG Kush R5. I am using Coco Coir, General Hydroponics trio and a 69.99 ebay 1,000 Watt LED Light :haha: I have made some mistakes on the way, I believed some received some wind burn in the...
  8. Gonnagrowmore

    Day 12 flower new grower

    Here are some pictures of my current scrog. I have 10 plants in total 8 in scrog at 2.4m x2.6 x80 cm. using skyline200/600, Helios 6 mars and Chinese castnoo. I have about 7 hps I can use. But prefer to do a led grow. Water is dechlorinated by evaporation. 24 hours. I keep condensed water...
  9. RollVerine

    3 little autos

    14 days in I have Blackberry Cobbler, blue eye breed, and Fyre In the Sky. Soil from foxfarm, perlite, blood meal, bone meal, worm castings, and coco. The lights are as follows 250 actual watt high bay white light led. 5000k pushing 20,000 lumens 4 X 56 watt self ballasted lamps. 2700k 4000...
  10. Autoguy420

    Popcorn nugs

    Hello everyone, so I have 4 auto under a 600 watt hps in a 4x4 tent. It it got a little to jot for a few days and my nugs are barely getting bigger. Is there a way to plum these bad boys up? I have the temp back under control but the buds dont seem to be growing much. I included some pics let...
  11. jigz

    THINK BIG AUTO - Loosing my virginity

    Hi everybody. I’ve been stalking you guys for quite some time and I finally decided it was time I tried my hand at a auto grow. I have been constantly reading grow journals and tips and tricks and to be honest my head is hurting. So much to learn and so many contradictions. Anyway, I’m currently...
  12. M

    Plant not flowering day 60

    What is the most time your autos took to start flowering? this is my first grow. I have 2 plants, both should be autos (northern lights from vision seeds). One looks real nice and started flowering at around day 30. but the other one isn't showing any signs of that. is there a way I could force...
  13. papykush

    S.O.D.K.....the buds !

    9 weeks ! :pop::yoinks:
  14. Crazydiamond

    Another confused newb (Dimamed auto) watering? Light burn?

    Hi fellow auto growers. Affraid to say, weeks of reading and watching videos and now I'm even more confused than when I 1st started. My girls are around 12 days since they broke surface. Growing in Coco coir under LED At first I had a 125w HPS and they were a little leggy so ordered a 800W...
  15. Frogster

    The Return of Zamnisia Auto Caramel - A Frogster Grow

    It's been a while since I posted a journal - but I have still been growing (and smoking the results) :baked: So I thought it time to throw/post a grow journal in here (AFN) again... For this grow I return to one of the nicest plants I have grown before, the delicious "Zamnesia's Auto Caramel"...
  16. Roll-itt

    New Grower (Biggest auto)?? First time dr krip choc- orange bubbleponics grow.

    Hello everyone. Iv been wanting to share my grow journal with you all. It's been a tricky stressful road. But I think it's starting to pay off.. . I'm not sure how to start really. But. Here she is. Dr krippling chocolate orange auto, day 84 Through bubbleponics.
  17. papykush

    sour livers

    I got a male auto or a hermi. 5 weeks in
  18. Medimadness

    Indoor Grow Medimadness’ rotating garden of lunacy.

    Hey AFN, Long time lurker, medical and occasionally recreational cannabis user and horticulture student/ landscaping assistant. I have a fair amount of practical knowledge and experience with quite a few edible and display plants including cultivation via a permaculture format. Sadly while all...
  19. Tumbleweed59

    Seedsman 2 Kush 1 seed, RSQ diesel, D.P. glueberry OG

    Hello fellow AFN farmers. This is my third attempt to get my journal written. I have one in New Growers that’s coming close to completion if you want to check it out. But first I want to give a shout out to all the members that gave me advice and positive comments on my current grow. Especially...
  20. Canadijuana

    New Grower Canadijuana's first Grow, 4x4 tent, Critical + 2.0, Moby Dick XXL, Samsung F strips

    First grow! Hoping to use this thread to document the journey, and for assistance when the need arises! Looking for some wisdom! I've tried to read quite a bit before getting started but I feel there are a few things I could be doing better so feel free to provide some constructive criticism...