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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. C

    Help with growing medium to use with Greenleaf nutes

    Hey guys First indoor grow, grew a few plants outside the last couple years went ok, so after lots of thought I’ve decided to go with an autocob set up and Greenleaf nutrients. What is everyone using for a grow medium? Also is there any good threads on a feeding schedules people are having good...
  2. Yeatster

    Yeatster runs the Bomb diggidy

    @BombSeeds has offered another showcase here, on AFN. I will start with THC Bomb & Cherry Bomb, autos. 5 gallon smart pots 70% Promix 30% coco coir @Greenleaf Nutrients Mega Crop, Bud Explosion, Sweet Candy @BigSm0 autocobs Seeds are wet & pots are being washed and prepped today. They will...
  3. Yeatster

    Female Seeds with Yeatster

    @Female Seeds has offered another showcase here, on AFN. I will start with an Auto Bubble & Auto AK. 5 gallon smart pots 70% Promix 30% coco coir @Greenleaf Nutrients Mega Crop, Bud Explosion, Sweet Candy @BigSm0 autocobs Seeds are wet & pots are being washed and prepped today. They will...
  4. Johnsdale075

    Indoor Grow 3 Strains, 7 Plants

    Hi there, After my first outdoor journal on here i'm gonna try my best to get some decent indoor results. Strains ; 3 x Dutch Passion - Think Different Auto 3 x Mephisto - Blue Toof sp. pheno (freebies!) 1 x Heavyweight Seeds - Wipeout Express Auto I was planning on doing 5 x Mephisto -...
  5. D


    Hello AFN family, First, I am an amateur grower and have tried several different techniques to growing. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money switching my grow set ups and am not satisfied with my yields. I am obviously doing something wrong but I am unable to figure out what it is. I have...
  6. Yeatster

    YEATSTER 'N' AUTOSEEDS 3 strains, 9 plants!

    One of my faves, I've tested for, @Autoseeds.com STRAINS: Trans Siberian Purple Stilton Gorilla Glue MEDIUM: 70% Promix bx, 30% coco Food: Advanced Nutrients, M/G/B LIGHT(s): Pacific Lights Concept CX300, (AutoCobs) & Chinese blurple shit Tent: 8x4 cheapo, don't buy it. I'll fill ya...
  7. Dichoti

    Blue Streak 99

    Let me preface this by apologizing to @Myroaches because I misplaced 1/2 my seeds when I was cleaning out my fridge, So this one will be the first of the two I grow. I'll pop one of the other strain when I figure out where I stashed the rest of my seeds. NOTE TO SELF: Never re-organize your...
  8. Dabber

    Dabber's Magic Strains Thread

    What up peeps please join me for this run of @Magic Bubba Trouble. This also will be an on going thread for my future runs of Magics Magic
  9. Master_Roachi

    New Grower MasterRoachi's mini Mephisto SCROG ft. Autocobs and Megacrop

    Hello AFN, long time lurker. Some may know me from Instagram where I mainly post. Wanted to give some love on the forum and start to log some of my grows here. I get a lot of cool advice and conversation on Instagram, but now that I am starting to know what I am doing, not a lot there are more...
  10. Green Goblin

    Oscorp Industries - Living Organics with Green Goblin

    What's up guys, figured it was time to start a journal. This will be an ongoing journal for anything and everything I do as well as future grows..Just give me a little time and I'll get you updated on what I have going on currently as I'm mid grow with Mephisto's Double Grape. Thank you.
  11. BigSm0

    !!Anonymous purchase!! Start of summer giveaway.

    Never thought I’d receive an email like I just have. An anonymous Afn member just purchased 2 AutoCobs, then messaged me to say he is buying them to donate for a giveaway. I don’t have any idea what to do for the giveaway part but will gladly hear out any suggestions. What an amazing person...
  12. SoulMan_PeeWee

    First Grow Ever wish me luck

    What's up you all!? As the title states, this is my first grow and I am pretty excited to get it underway. Before starting I made sure to do as much research as possible in order to mitigate otherwise easily avoidable mistakes. Sooooo this is what I've got in the making: 2'x2.5'x5' Gorilla grow...
  13. HemiSync

    Side or bottom lighting?

    Just getting caught up on all the information in this area and still have a few threads to read but I was wondering if anyone had tried using an extra AutoCob for side or bottom lighting? I have had some grows where it was so dense in the tent, even with training, that having a 150w HPS shining...
  14. J

    How many cobs for 2x2 grow tent

    What's up fellow growers, looking for a little input what would be the best setup for a 2x2 tent.Switching from a 600w mars hydro. Looking into either 2 autocobs which would be around 110w A diy 200w cob kit with dimmable driver Or a 135w quantum board kit, Working with about $300 what would...
  15. Dabber

    1st Cob grow

    :welcome: fellow growers and stoners :hippy: I would like invite you to join me on my 1st Cob grow featuring the Autocob along with the Timber 400 VS Vero 29 Gen 7. I'm a newbie who is still learning to grow this beautiful plant and what better place to learn than here on AFN the best site on...
  16. wwwillie

    WWWillie Grows

    Hey Now! Welcome to WWWillie grows. I want this to be my blog if you will. I was recently kicked off Face Book. I had a nice blog going there and was really enjoying myself and making friends and updates. I must have pissed off someone as I came on one morning to find myself shut out. I tried to...
  17. Dabber

    Dabber's Mephisto Grow Show

    What up AFN this is my 1st grow of Mephisto Genetics 3 Bears OG please follow along and make sure I stay on point Thx popped on 12/20/17 @ day 5 @ day 7
  18. Mcdee

    1st auto harvest

    I want to thank @BigSm0 for the autocobs! Just harvested 1st autocob grow 3 Fastbuds GSC, LSD25, GG4 in 3gal fabric pots. BigSm0 saw the GG4 she came in at 234g's, yep she was big. LDS was 86, and GSC was 67 coming to 387g's or 13.82oz's which almost doubled my 3 grows. Would have broke 1lbs...
  19. Dudeski

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal AK and Royal Dwarf

    Royal Queen Seeds have some amazing genetics so i started a Royal AK and a Royal Dwarf last night in 3 gallon fabric pots. I'm using Roots 707 soil with various ammendments. GBD, alfalfa meal, some guanos, Aurora Elemental , potassium silicate and something else I don't remember right now...
  20. SPZ

    SPZ's Ultimate vs. Gorilla Showdown

    Welcome peeps to my next triple automatic grow. My last grow was such as success I'm super stoked to get the next one underway! I am following the same basic formula, just fine tuned a few things which I will try to highlight as we go. I will be growing two different strains that were both...