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  1. Mcdee

    Cob hieght?

    Hey gang, doing my 1st cob grow and 1st Fastbuds grow. Big thanks to @BigSm0 for the cob job lol. Got GSC,GG4, and LSD25 at day 15 today. Cobs are at 28" from tallest girl (GG4), what should they be at this age? GSC had little light issue with my platinum led p150 so turned off for now. 2...
  2. Mcdee

    20 or 24?

    Hey growers, just ordered 2 autocobs from BigSm0, and wanted to know what other autocob user's light schedules are. I have always used 20/4, but going to be cold for good part of next grow so wouldn't mind the lights on to keep temps up. Plus I am new to cobs all together so 24/0 maybe a better...
  3. Archiweedies

    Archiweedies III

    What's up guys, I'm back after a disappointing result from my last attempt. Never fear! I am reinvigorated and more determined than ever to grow quality medicine. Real fast, my last two grows have taught me that organization and documentation are awesome tools that I have neglected. This...
  4. mintberrycrunch

    One Tent to Rule Them All ~Shablagoo!~

    What uppppp AFN So I've got about a dozen grows under my belt now. Started in CFL's- moved to mars hydro LED's, considered HPS, but am now going with @BigSm0 's killer AutoCob's. Currently purchasing all my hardware for a tent that's finally done the right way. Previously I ran 2x 150w mars...
  5. wwwillie

    WWWillie and The COBS

    Hey Now! So here I am, I had been off the site for a bit, life gets in the way you know... Just about 420 day I came back and jumped right in to Live Stoner Chat, the deep end indeed. That's where I ran into @BigSm0 and his "Autocobs". He was having a contest for a giveaway and right then I...
  6. SPZ

    Stay Safe

    Hi all, Another New England native here! Now that recreational is legal in my state I'm setting up an indoor grow. I've been stalking the AFN forums for a few months compiling ideas for a balls out setup... I finally decided on an AutoCobs/AutoPots in a 4x4 tent. I figured I'd better get my...
  7. NebulaNuggets

    Nebula Splits the 8x4 - 220 watts of Autocob vs 915 watts of HID

    Let me get this out of the way first 15 days ago I received 4 autocobs from @BigSm0 This Skylar White was 15 days old. Now it won't stop growing! Help me Sm0! You didn't tell me I would have to train my plants :headbang: I have decided to add another 50 gallon tub o' nugs to the tent, with...
  8. DH22

    First Grow Auto Cobb 55w Mephisto No Till

    First-time grower here and I'm running 4 Autocobs 55w @Rebel @BigSm0 in a 3x3tent. @iampepe @Fairlynew @Yeatster @autobeast @TD300 @912GreenSkell Im running 4 @mephisto 2 sour stomper 1 skylar white 1 3 bear og in 7 gallon geo pots This is a no till soil run so Ill be feeding only compost...
  9. B

    Blue Mystic under BigSmo's cob lights

    How you like me now?
  10. Rhubarb Pi

    Rhubarb's Pi #1 - AutoCOB x Mephisto Skywalker & Heisenberg Special

    AFN CREW CREW :biggrin: AND SO IT BEGINS!!: ******************* Rhubarb's Pi - Grow #1 Intention (for this grow & all of my future grows): To produce the best possible medicine for my father, who is in Stage 4 of bladder cancer. Genetics this Cycle: @mephisto - Mephisto Skywalker &...
  11. jelly0

    First Grow! Closet AutoCOB/CFL

    Hello Everyone! I've always dreamed of doing this and it's finally come: my first ever grow! I've been doing a lot of planning and research getting ready and I feel quite prepared for what's to come, but please feel free to give me advice. Setup: 2x4x6 tent, 4 inch filter and fan, two 40W...
  12. FullDuplex

    Current COBs Available from Cobshop.net