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  1. Ras Greenthumb

    Outdoor Auto/photo grow, starting indoors

    Bless up everyone, Hope everyone had a beautiful 420 firstly! I’ve got 4 auto’s which are:- Royal Queen Seeds Amnesia Haze auto (Unknown) Silver Haze auto Pyramid Seeds Auto Purple Flash Seeds Lemon Haze auto All my autos are in 8ltr smart pots with bio bizz light mix and eco-thrive...
  2. Ras Greenthumb

    Hi AFN from Northwest England

    Hi Everyone, Just thought I’d sign up here to share my upcoming grow mainly for advise and tips from much more experienced growers. I’ve 2 two grows previous to this so I do know bits and bobs, my first grow was indoors using a tiny tent with 4 very large autos in there which was a learning...
  3. TheMongol

    Seedstockers Grower of the Year 2019

    This Battle will be fought in the Biggest Grow Battle in the World 2019 thread. All members will be Tagged in when it is Opened. Early Jan:d5: Seedstockers are Sponsoring a Battle Team for 1st February 2019.:vibe: The Sponsored Team are... Battle Manger: @TheMongol Team Leader: @Bailey...
  4. TheMongol

    Mon's indoor garden

    Cheers AFN!:smokeout: I start this thread, because i have some photoperiod crossings that don't fit in any commercial breeder section. For this run i'm in my self builded isolated growroon with 3.84 square meter. I have a Think Fast/DP, 1 Superskunk/Seedstockers, but she looks not good on her...
  5. TheMongol

    Cannafest 2018

    Cannafest 2018 Biggest Canna Trade in World in Prague! Date: 01.-02.11.2018 In one the the most beautiful city of Europe with lovely girls, fine beer and canna! https://www.cannafest.com/cs/ @Autoseeds.com Will be there with a big presence and they love to meet and greet some AFN...
  6. Kneehigh85

    Fast buds test grow C.C. strain

    Ok so this journal was totally unplanned! I went to go test a new medium mix I had planned to use for my fast buds test grow but wanted to use a strain I have more beans of but I guess I grabbed the wrong pack so here we are testing FastBuds newest strain C.C., no I don’t know what it stands for...
  7. MaxPowerGrows

    MaxPowerGrows....Tyrone Special

    Hi friends, I'll be using a similar setup to the rest of my grows. 9liter pot Air disc 3inches hydroton then filled with fox farm chunky perlite Nutrient solution is kept at 18Celsius, and at 3 inches deep Fox farm hydroponic nutrient line up Cal mag, hydroguard, sweet berry So the last Tyrone...
  8. MaxPowerGrows

    MaxPowerGrows.....Sour Hound by MephistoGenetics

    Hey guys, I couldn't resist growing out a sour hound, so I rigged a small horse feed can with an air stone, two inches of hydrostone, and filled the rest up with Fox farm chunky perlite. Ill use the FF hydroponic line up, with dose amounts at half strength, for now, and also hydroguard...
  9. E

    First Coco grow. Need some nute help please

    Hey guys, I really wanna do a succesful coco grow. Ive been following @GrowPotCheaply And his results are practically unbeatable. He uses Floranovabloom all the way through, and reccomends the same. I accidentally got floragrow, then got convinced to buy the GH floraseries box! Haha...
  10. E

    Possible deficiency.. Need help please

    Spotting, yellowing. Necrosis on a couple older leaves. I'm thinking Cal/mag. What do you guys think? @Fuggzy @stepside