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  • G'Day folks! It's voting time for the 2021 Outdoor Auto-Photo Comp', so please swing by to oggle them womens and pick your favorites!.... *Located at the Live Vendor G&S section*

autoflower cup

  1. Black Hat Genetics

    Sour Crinkle - Organic Soil and Teas

    I'm going to be giving my favorite Mephisto another go, and it will be one of the 3 strains I am using for my first all organic soil \ tea \ water only grow. I will be documenting the other two strains in their own threads as well. I've been using Dutch Pro for the past couple years so it will...
  2. Black Hat Genetics

    Competitor Information

    CAG Autoflower Cup 2019 Competition Information All competitions will be judged in a blind format. Entries will be randomly numbered by non-judge staff and then judged solely on the entry itself. No breeder/grower/genetic information will be provided until after all judge’s have turned in...
  3. Son of Hobbes

    The Autoflower Cup 2019

    Hey good morning everyone! I spend a good amount of time checking out other autoflower groups and sites just to see what people are up to and I ran into these rather charming fellows on a Facebook group called "Cannabis Autoflower Group." Well over the past year I've gotten to know them a...