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  1. woody

    Bubba kush by sanguine

    So ive been itching to grow this strain out for a long time especially after seeing grows from @scally420 @Wile e Peyote and @A-Train recently My set up is as follows -4 pot wilma system -11 litre pots filled with clay pebbles -250-600w hps (still havent upgraded to led) -8 inch rvk extraction...
  2. stepside

    Retired Live Stoners Gossip April May 2017

    AutoWarriors Looking to fill a few entry level positions Please feel free to apply All new hires must complete probationary period. Job description. Contact prospective guests for the Autowarrior show. Be available for interviews and planning Must have a sense of humor Work well...
  3. Mossy

    Live Vendor Interview discount codes.

    Queen City Hemp 28th Jan 2017 thanks for the well wishes! I'll definitely stop by and say hello. for those interested in ordering - use coupon code QCH10NM for an extra 10% off!!
  4. pop22

    Black Domina

    As part of a auto-photo breeding project, I'm growing a few Black Domiona, one of which will be pollinated by a Black Dragon male. I'm calling that cross Black Hammer and have a thread in the auto section on it. The rest of the Black Domina will be documented here. Black Domina is an Indica...
  5. F.N.

    Cannazone testing My Tasty T4-2100 from seed to end journal

    I have just put a Tangiematic from fast buds a sour crack and a hbss from Mephisto and a DP auto Brooklyn sunrise. They are all on Day five Pictures to come. The first picture is the light of course and what comes with it.
  6. sniper

    REMO NUTRIENTS TEST with sniper

    First seed in the dirt today Using black gold coco peat blend with added perlite First seed in is a short stuff jedi kush auto in a 3 gallon air pot and a Dinafem auto white widow is soaking now
  7. stepside

    Indoor Grow Blackdog Phytomax 1000

    I was given the chance to test this light for AFN'DOM and Blackdog LED normally I just take a few pics but my brother @dtrud0h helped me out big time with an unboxing video.
  8. pop22

    DIY Reservoir upgrade

    if you bought a basic, 4 pot system with the 12 gallon res, and you grow big plants, it can run dry in 5 days. Ok, not bad but I like a bigger reserve, and to have the ability to expand the system when I'm ready. I plan to add two, 2.2 gallon pots in One Pot trays. 4 pots is really the limit for...
  9. pop22

    Pop22 Testing Optic Foliar

    Week 1: Received my Optic Foliar package yesterday. The test plants will be two of the four, Dinafem Fruit that are also part of a test grow! I chose the second largest and the youngest plant. The youngest plant was started about 5 day after the other three as one of the orginal 4 didn't...
  10. pop22

    Tyrannosaurus Duck...........

    I had planned to do this eventual, but aq male in the greenhouse did it for me. My Blue Dragon knocked up a Ducksfoot! WOOOOOOO! Now I have no idea what way I'll go with these but I decided to grow out a few and see what I get. I'm excited really! I'm not after an auto duck so much as I am...
  11. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Remo Nutrients

    AFN is pleased to welcome Remo Nutrients for our Live Vendor Program trial and product testing! They have generously donated enough sample nutrient kits for five of our CannaZone Test Group testers to use them for the full 6 month duration of the trial, so we should get two documented grow...
  12. pop22

    DIY Build using Mod420 Frame and Parts From Northern Growlights

    Today I am build a DIY light with parts supplied by Northern Growlights/Photon Labs LLC. Www.northerngrowlights.com. Northern Growlights recently went into business selling COB based LED growlights. They also are selling parts to build your own light. Even better, they designed a custom frame...
  13. Son of Hobbes

    Kind Led

    Coming soon to an AFN near you!
  14. HLG1

    MOD 420 Horticulture COB Lighting

    MOD 420 is a universal frame for assembling a COB lamp with hundreds of different configurations. Developed by @Bobby from Mi and myself. The original prototype was Mod 8 for 8 cobs. We redesigned it to accommodate 4 cobs The final version of Mod 4 comes in 2 pieces can be can be joined to...
  15. K

    DIY COB light

    is this the place that supplies items for cob builds? I may be jumping the gun here so to speak, since there is no post here.
  16. dcat0921

    DCAT does Auto Ultimates in Kind Soil with Amare Solar Eclipse 300

    So since my last kind soil grow did not go like I'd hoped, I figured I'll try again with fewer plants in a little bigger pot than last time. Dropped 2 auto ultimates last week and as of these pics they are roughly 3 days old. Split one 5 pound bag of kind soil between the two 3 gallon pots and...
  17. Hydro_Jack

    Hello, this is my first post here...

    I saw this forum and I thought I would post a picture of my Tasty setup...I spent a ton but my room is rockin..These were way too tall when they went in...I have done a tone of bending and training..I used to grow hydro hence the name.....HJ
  18. DooDahMan

    mars II 400w vs Roleadro 400w COB

    Heya All... I have room in the closet and budget ( soon ) for one more light to fill in a little space. I have boiled it down to these two options. The MARS II 400w - Net Dimensions:340*340*90mm/13*13*3.5inches Led Brand:Epistar(HI-LED)High Intensity Led Quantity of each Panel:80LEDs Led View...
  19. MimTowls

    Mims Platinum Led garden

    Whats up AFN'ers? I guess I'm showing up a little late to the party, but better late than never!! I would first off like to thank Mark and Tom over at Platinum LED for putting me on the team and letting me showcase a couple P-600 panels! I have been growing for about 2 years now, all of which...
  20. D

    BossLed waste of money

    is it worth it as side light?? i need something cheap for side light.. http://bossledgrowlights.com/products/bestva-x5-new-led-grow-light-full-spectrum-grow-lights-led-for-plants-growing-and-flowering-led-grow-lights-for-indoor-plants