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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Need a DIY thread moved in here?

    Have a DIY thread somewhere else in the forum and want it moved here instead? Post the link to your journal in here and we'll have a moderator/admin make it so!
  2. BigSm0

    Mars vs hps vs efficiency

    I'm a huge fan in efficiency. It's one if the main factors in lighting besides spectrum. So from my reading and reading I came across credible documentation stating kind led were 22.5% efficient. Now that's 22.5 X wall wattage which equals the par watts which is the key number. The remaining...
  3. Northern Grower

    Mossy's PurpleAK under Amare 150CR

    Getting it in there. I will add more commentary when I can. Happy with the panel so far! Nice tight nodes. Fit perfect into the fridge I am using for a stealth cab, Which i haven't finished building. The cpu fan on the panel isn't how it comes. Just a temp mod until i get the inline and filter...
  4. BigSm0

    Amare se-450, hubbabubba and big sm0

    Hello again guys, gals and Victor. Doing a strain I have been dying to run for ages. The all mighty hubbabubbasmellascope by mephisto. Lighting- 3 Amare technologies se-450's Maybe some side lighting if they get out of control. A new bar I just built. 7' long and holds 6 Cree cobs. Soil-...
  5. diverdown

    Is this normal

    First time using Led is the light to close it's 12 inches away
  6. E

    ? About my new LED fixture. 600w Wellpar

    Hello does anybody in here have any feedback on this light I purchased on eBay. http://m.ebay.com/itm/WELLPAR-600W-LED-Grow-Light-Panel-Spectrum-Indoor-Hydro-Veg-Flowering-Plant-Lamp-/271838168118 I would like to find out how many plants I can grow with this led light. And if it's a good...
  7. Finessedagrower

    What type of led

    Sooo currently doing some eBay shopping for my first auto run I plan on getting this 48X24X72 tent and running anywhere between 4-6 plants what type of led should I get?? What would cover the area well enough to support Atleast 4 plants and costs less lol only reason I'm getting a tent so big is...
  8. iampepe

    Pep's Solar Eclipse 450 lights up some Gorilla Glue

    Hey AFN here goes my first journal under my brand new Amare. I've been wanting to upgrade to cob's for sometime, I spent many hours studying LED tech. and I nearly made my own. I may still attempt it at some point, it isn't cheap, it isn't pretty, no customer support and no warranty so I...
  9. turtle360

    Is California Lightworks one of these problem children? If so......

    Well known blogger says and boy ain't it the truth: When LED grow lights are not made for a plant like cannabis, they can cause leaves to turn brown and crispy, or show nutrient deficiencies for no reason, especially in the cannabis flowering stage Could this have been at the heart of the...
  10. dcat0921

    Question on new LED for my stealth cab

    Ok everyone I'm looking to update my LEDs in my stealth cab. Running Mars 300s in there now but want to upgrade. I have 2 in mind but won't mention them just to see what others says. Entire height of space available is 38", once I add in the pots I use it drops to 30". Then I have to remove the...
  11. F.N.

    CANNAZONE Testing tasty led t4 2100 My GRAND UNVEILING

    This light is SOLID extremely well packed here is pictures of what came out of the Box as I type my son in laws are hanging it. It is basically getting half my tent they will not be any light pollution from my other light why I have them angled a tiny bit.
  12. iampepe

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing

    SolarEclipse-450+UVB Unboxing: A shout out to @AMARE-TECH-Vic for making this happen! Thank you The outside of the box has on it the shipping label (under the fox farm feeding schedule), DHL paper in plastic, DHL inspection sticker and SE450 sticker with bar code on the side. The bottom of...
  13. Gunnerboy76

    Thc bomb auto

    Growing 3 of those now couple pics of the one already in veg
  14. Think

    When to switch veg and bloom on?

    Hey guys, How many days would you say to switch the bloom on with the platinum LEDs?
  15. A

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Amare SolarPro 400

    All i can say is that this light is impressive!!!!! Here are some pics: This is amazingly bright, i will be using this on 2x4 tent. Im concerned on the hight because i only have 4 feet, should i buy a taller setup?any recommendations??lenses or no lenses? Im so anxious to start using this...
  16. Waximus

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Photo Tent Takeover by Waximus

    Howdy, Peeps :smoking: The folks at Tasty LED have provided me with one of their T4-2100 LED panels, and I decided to dedicate it to my auto tent for a few runs, so we can see the results, together:coffee: Here are a few unpacking shots, for y'all to see the packaging: First...
  17. Son of Hobbes

    Tasty LED T4-2100 Grow by Son of Hobbes

    Hey everyone I'm going to be starting a grow with a new test light from Kevin with @Tasty LED. The shipping was incredibly fast and I just received the light today, so I thought I would start this off with an unboxing. The light arrived in a very discrete cardboard box. I know there's a lot...
  18. Son of Hobbes

    Tasty LED Introduction Thread

    I'd like to welcome Kevin @Tasty with Tasty LED for coming on to our site and allowing us three panels to review and test for the community! We have three testers for these lights: @Waximus @Fairlynew and myself, @Son of Hobbes The lights being sent are the T4-2100 units, which I'm sure...
  19. Think

    Led glasses

    After buying 2 panels I'm on a tight budget now so method seven glasses are a no go for now lol. Was thinking of these welding glasses. Not sure which shade I should go. Shade 1.7 for shade 3? 1.7 3
  20. Son of Hobbes

    Cannazone Test Team to review Bomb Seeds strains!

    @BombSeeds was generous enough to allow our Cannazone testing team to test ALL of their autoflower -and- photoperiod strains over the course of the next year or so. We are prepping our team and in a few weeks we hope to be starting with the grow and shows! Keep your eyes on this spot and check...