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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. Newtoautogrow

    First time watering before planting

    Hi everyone need some help... So Im growing autos in 22 liter air pots with light mix soil with added perlite.. Ive pre watered the pots with 5 liters of water @6.5... Its my first time trying by his method so i'm abit sceptical... The soil seems abit compact.. (watered with watering can and...
  2. G

    First outdoor guerrilla grow

    Hello, i want to do my first grow. I cant do it indoors or around the house because i don't live alone... I was thinking about a guerrilla grow somewhere in the woods. I live in the mediterranean climate (Europe), we almost never have snow in the winter. (and even when there is snow, its barely...
  3. S

    New Grower. Need some help and advice.

    Hey everyone. Hope you guys are doing fine during this tough times. I’m new to this forum and also a first time grower. I’m growing 3 autos. (Purple Queen, Royal Critical and Amnesia Haze) They are all 44 days old. and i believe in their second week of flowering. I run them 18/6hr light cycle...
  4. IronGiant

    Indoor Grow 1st Grow - American Pie & Blue Dream under Mars TS1000 (2.3x2.3 Tent)

    Bought two seeds knowing virtually nothing about growing weed. Did a bit of research and started the grow outdoors in two 5 gal cloth pots in Erin multipurpose compost and perlite mix. However coming into autumn and the weather being so variable at the moment got me worried about them and have...
  5. sensizond

    Autoflower strain with low THC (under 0.2 percent)

    Hello guys, This is my first post, but I am regular visitor of the forum. I am a great fan of Autoflowering strains and I am willing to start growing exclusively CBD strains to help my insomnia and other health problems. I am looking for Autoflowering strains with high level of CBD and low THC...
  6. pop22

    Multi Strain Auto Grow by Pop22

    I have seeds, lots of seeds, lots and lots of seeds! LOL! So I've decided to do several multi strains grows just for fun! No rhyme or reason to selection, just whatever strikes my fancy. First up: 1 Sweet Seeds Dark Devil 6 Night Owl Seeds Wizard's Apprentice x Crockett's Tangie 2 Magic's...
  7. J

    Bio bizz

    CCiao ragazza, qualcuno usa bio bizz light mix e fertilizzanti bio bizz? Grazie
  8. High-Dro Mephisto

    The Largest Auto Flowers on Earth (Poll)

    Hello All, I wanted to get some idea of what people are pulling from there gardens so I am making this thread. I am curious as to your largest yield off a single auto flower. If you were impressed by it, please share the breeder/genetics/methods for growing. Were or are you able to...
  9. T

    Autos not flowering

    Hi guys I’m wondering if you can help me I got 36 autos on the go but and all flowering nicely but two are just getting bigger and bigger and no sign of budding!! Anyone help? Cheers guys
  10. Newtoautogrow

    Velokelp for auto seedlings??

    I'm staring a new grow soon with autos in 22lr air pots and I want to maximise the size of the plant...my question is how soon can I give them velokelp to help root development.. Can I give velokelp on the first watering?... If so How much? Help is much appreciated ✌️✌️
  11. Seedstockers: Purple Punch, Gelato 41, Cookies and Cream, Santa Marta Haze (Week 1)

    Seedstockers: Purple Punch, Gelato 41, Cookies and Cream, Santa Marta Haze (Week 1)

    High Y'all! I've planted 4 seeds, 1 each of Purple Punch, Cookies and Cream, Gelato 41, & Santa Marta Haze. Surprisingly, all of them germinated! I'll be growing them all for 90 days exactly, I can't wait to see how this grow goes! I'll be updating once every week until harvest. So I'll tell...
  12. L

    Noob Grower, a few questions which I need answered Plz.

    Hello lads, I have never grown anything in my life before and I decided to start my new hobby of growing with an indoor cannabis grow tent. I have a .8m X .8m X 1.6m grow tent. 600W LED 2 - 15 Litre Pots Nutrients: GHE Flora Grow / Bloom / Micro + CalMag and PHup/down Seeds I am deciding...
  13. O

    Stunted Growth

    Greetings Community, I hope everyone's well during given times! I am currently participating in my first grow with slight issues arrising. The growth of my plant seems to be very stunted to what I believe it should be at this moment in time. Currently at day 25 I believe the images below speak...
  14. MasterTarzan

    Is there a Runtz Autoflower

    I really like runtz but haven’t found any in autos. Do they exist?
  15. H

    Weird 1st auto grow

    Hi there! New member here! I’ve got growing my first autoflower northern light. We are now on day 35. It has been stretched and slightly overwatered in the seedling stage. Now it’s growing weird in the pre flower stage and I really don’t know what to expect from that. Leave color seams nice...
  16. T

    First grow on AFN for gladiator status/ to be a tester

    I only grow autos! And had no $ so I was forced to sue some fem :( sucks! I love autos so what fight me lol! We have some CBd white window, white widow fem, grim white rhinos ripper, (regular 2x), pure kush fem 2x and 2 autos! :) <3 auto flowers would only grow them if I could!! Legal ACMPR...
  17. M

    What is genetic background of "Blackberry Crush" from 'Synergy Automatic Genetics'?

    They haven't listed any info on their advertisement for blackberry crush and WON'T respond to my 10 or so emails now. After searching the net i couldn't find any conclusive info on what blackberry crush is (even despite it being described on popular websites). My previous thread got pulled for...
  18. J

    Indoor Grow HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  19. N

    New grower with some questions

    Hello! This year I've decided to try and grow a couple of plants outside.I find lots of different information on the Internet, but I think that here I can get the most accurate one. So, I own a couple of autoseeds and a couple of regular seeds (Lemon Skunk ; Somango ; Auto Super...