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  1. L

    Too late for auto outdoor?

    Hi:), absolute first timer here, been researching the topic for a while now and decided to start it anyway, i have 3 auto seedlings(1, 2, 3), all of them 1" tall currently. MY question is, is it too late for outdoor growing, will the flowering have problems with the cold, when can I expect...
  2. P

    Ovules Anyone?

    Been closely watching my plants, all autos, no pollen anywhere. I looked at every single plant as carefully as possible, but I’ve been finding small green little beans. The more mature plants have the same size as the ones that just started flowering. It’s in the calyx and I cracked open a bud...
  3. R

    Gorilla glue auto

    Showcasing my Gorilla Glue auto in week 2 of flower from fast buds
  4. R

    Previous Jack Herer Auto

    Just posting some previous content of mine.
  5. R

    Autos outside

    Hello all, general question, do autoflowers typically take longer to finish outside vs inside under controlled lighting? General thoughts/experiences
  6. Nite Blood

    Nite Blood

    2 week old Nite Blood by Magic
  7. Jhouse09

    Indoor Grow 3rd Grow - Star Dawg, Auto Skunk, Cream Cookies & Green Crack

    Starting off my third grow this evening. Just got done with our second and just waiting on a few to dry for final harvest #'s. Heres a link for our first grow starting off at day 44 and just ended yesterday...
  8. Jhouse09

    Second Grow - Blue Dream, Cream Cookies and Green Crack Auto's

    This is our second Grow on day 44 using the following equipment. - 3 - MARS HYDRO TS 3000 FULL SPECTRUM 450W MEANWELL DIRVER LED GROW LIGHT. - Autopot 12 pot system w/60 Gallon flexitank 2.2gal pots (have 3.9 for the next round) - 80gph submersible pump in tank - Cloudline T6 by AC Infinity...
  9. G

    Yellow leafs and brown spots on autoflower

    Hello, I have a problem, my white widow autoflower is at day 47 and my leafs are getting brown and yellow. I don’t know if the plant needs nutrients or not. I gave her some BioBizz fertilizer yesterday. I grow in Plagron light soil. The grow was stunted for a week because I had no light, that’s...
  10. F

    Having some trouble with this girl

    I need a little help. Tryna figure out what’s wrong
  11. K

    Fav auto seeds and why?

    Hi there Im new here but thought to get to know you all through this. Whats your favourite auto seeds and why? And also where do you get them from?
  12. O

    Rainbow mix pro ratios for auto flowers

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought the rainbow mix pro grow (8-6-3) and bloom (2-14-2) to amend my soil for easy gardening since I work a lot and liquid feeding wasn’t the best method for me and was difficult to explain to my wife when I wasn’t home. I was wondering if anyone has had any...
  13. ItzSticky

    2nd grow. Mephisto Double Grape & Strawberry Nuggets.

    Here goes my second grow! As the title says this will be 3 Mephisto Double Grape and 3 Strawberry Nuggets. 5 Gal pots. Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Happy Frog soil. Mostly Fox Farm nutes. I added perlite on top of the soil to keep gnats away... Fingers crossed lol.. Broke soil 2/9, 2/10 I...
  14. S

    New grower having problems

    First time grower doing autoflower gorilla glue barneyfarms. 5 weeks in and experiencing problems, doing 3 plants each in 4L tubs. 2 of the plants originally grew very good nice colour and size they grew fast. The other 3rd plant grew slow, had dark leaves with pointy leaves which generally...
  15. V

    Royal dwarf - yellow leaves while flowering

    Hi, first post here. A bit worried about my plant today. Hopefully someone can tell me whats going on. Problem: The leaves on my royal dwarf is turning yellow. The plant is in week 8 now. From what i can read its quite normal that leaves turn yellow around this time, but i just want to double...
  16. theBroGro

    First grow help, Week 1, stretch and Seedling droopy? (New pic)

    Hey again! I might be bit over eager, but I'm yearning to learn more every day. I've gotten myself to the seedling stage, Day 3, happy times :biggrin: Got 2x RQS Sherbert Queen automatic in 11l (3gal) fabric pots. I was thinking of doing a diary too, but first.. I've only used pH'd water...
  17. C

    Possibly over watered bruce banner??

    9 week mark of Bruce banner auto from rocket seeds. no bud formation noticed yet, idk if that’s normal for this plant or not. Growing in FFOF only recently started using some 2-8-4 1/2 strength in tap. Also started using some light cal mag. I think my soil runoff is slightly alkaline, I can get...
  18. D

    Epic Starting material....

    K guys, so I made a few trades and have a decent little stash of seeds to start with. I gave some away before I knew what I had but now that I've put int the time learning I'm realizing I"m decently lucky. I was a commercial photo grower for years and kinda lost the passion when I couldn't...
  19. TenderSlug

    *First Grow* Double Grape Auto by Mephisto Genetics(Autopot XL)

    Wassup growmies!? First time grower here, and first time posting after creeping on AFN for at least a year, lol. Posting my first grow here in real time in case anything goes wrong or if anyone can help perfect my methods. Grow Space: Spider Farmer 2x4x6 grow tent Light: Spider Farmer SF2000...
  20. Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    Northern Lights Autoflower, First ever grow

    This grow is held indoors under a Phlizon 1500W LED Light. There are 4x 5 Gallon Fabric Pots filled with a Light Soil Mix from my local grow shop. The seeds are from SensiSeeds Amsterdam. We planted the seeds on the 27/11/2021 directly into the soil an watered about 100ml. The temperature for...