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  1. D

    Sick autos 2 weeks old

    Sup guys my 2 week old autos have some spots any idea what's causing it.. Temps and humidity 20-25 50-55% Light mix soil PH 6.2-6.8 5 gal pots Strain mobydick xxl Light schedule:20-4 Have not fed yet just plane ph water answers much appreciated
  2. D

    Indoor Grow Yellowing in late flower

    Hi guys so I'm on week 10 moby dick xxl and I'm getting really bad yellowing and I have no idea what's causing it.... Ph is 6.7..using remo nutrients
  3. HazyTrichomes

    New Grower Mephisto Sour Crack +bonus seed

    Location: DIY Closet in Garage (R14 insulation) Ventilation: AC Infinity AI-CLT6 Cloudline T6 w/Controller and matching Carbon Filter Added HVAC ducting from house HVAC to garage closet. AC Infinity exhausts back to entry way of house from garage via attic and ceiling vent. Didnt want the house...
  4. Mistajim

    Sour Diesel Auto - Humboldt seeds - DWC - First Timer

    Hello everyone. This has been such an exciting adventure over the past three months. I have went through what I imagine everyone grower does his or her first time. The excitement of that first germination process which starts building from moment your seeds have been purchased. I couldn’t wait...
  5. D

    One of my plants smells weird

    Sup guys and gals.. So I'm currently going 3 mobydick xxl autos and I'm at week 9... 2 of my plants smell dank and very sticky and one of them smells weird(not like weed at all).. Even when I squeeze a bud my fingers are not much sticky or don't smell like weed.. Growing in 5gal pots with soil...
  6. woody

    Woodys THC Bombs

    This is my second time growing @BombSeeds genetics. One of these plants will be in the running for bomb seeds grower of the year. I have until day 30 to pick a plant. I have 3 plants potted into 11 litre pots and 2 in 18 litre pots. All filled with canna professional coco. Nutrients will be...
  7. C

    Feedback plz 1st grow

    I think i am close to harvest but still have a lot of white pistiles? Any feedback on when to harvest? Are they still too white,? It is an Autoflower called Shot Adrenaline
  8. woody

    Woodys seed stockers run

    Howdy everyone :welcome::smoking: Going to start this grow off with a new ss strain - purple punch auto. Purple punch is an indica dominant strain Grandaddy purp x Larry og Lets hope those red/purple phenos show out. Normally im a hydro grower but im bored and want to try a new grow style...
  9. A

    I thought I knew something, but I did not! Any help appreciated please!

    Hello everyone. I have been lurking here for the few weeks soaking up any information I can. I am new to indoor growing, and am struggling to dial my tent in correctly. Was wondering if anyone could lend a hand or ear to hear out what I am doing, and maybe correct me where I am going wrong...
  10. D

    Yellowing leaf Edges

    Looking for help on the pic below with the circul around the pic... The edges of the leaf seem to be going yellow and I have to idea what's causing it... All answers much appreciated
  11. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Tests The New Bomb Seeds - Cosmic Bomb Auto -

    Hi all and :welcome: I will be losing my Bomb Seeds virginity by testing the new COSMIC BOMB AUTO Type: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa Plant Height: Medium (90-140cm) THC: High (16-20%) Yield: High (500-600g/m² - 200g/plant) Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Flowering: 65+ days from seed...
  12. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Grows The New - Purple Punch -

    Hi all and :welcome: I will be growing 1 of the new Purple Punch Autos from Seedstockers for the G.O.T.Y Final Leg. The parentage of her sounds like a nice mixture; Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG, two strains I must admit I haven't tried but looking forward to. Kit list for the grow will be...
  13. woody

    Dinafem Solo Cup Competition Woody presents dinafem auto cookies

    Hey everyone this is my journal for the dinafem auto cookies solo cup competition. The rules are simple enough use any medium/nutes and any lights you want but the whole root mass of the plant must stay inside the solo cup (its less than a pint) This isnt anything like my normal growing style...
  14. D

    Indoor Grow Feed every water

    Sup people... So I'm currently coming up to the end of week 4 with my autos (mobydick xxl) and was wondering if I should feed every water I'm using the remo supercharged kit and already done 2 feeds with watering in between and they seem to be doing okay just curious to should I water every...
  15. NiceOption

    Dinafem Solo Cup Competition Nice Option's Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Bonanza

    Hey hey, One of many that's joining the grand ol' Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Challenge. Big shout out for @Dinafem-Mark for providing the goodies. Beans got soaking on the 15th August. I messed up already (stoners eh?) and didn't take a pic with the code etc, so I'm probably out of the...
  16. Narkomando

    Indoor Grow Not flowering Auto Mazar?

    Hello i have 3 auto mazars 36 days from sprout and im wondering if its still on veg and not even preflowering or its an half-autoflower or what... maybe i Will change light from 20/4 to 12/12? Never had an issue like this with autoflowers. Also they have So many colas and nodes. Light problem?
  17. AutoMania10

    Automania's DWC "Auto NYC Diesel" & "Girl Scout Cookies"

    Automania is in the building !!! I will be running "Barneys Farms Auto NYC Diesel" in DWC 12-16 gallon tote. I will give you guys a full run down once I get it up and started. Any knowledge is glady appreciated so sit back and roll one up. Feels good to be part of the Auto family
  18. The Mugwamp

    Dinafem Solo Cup Competition The Mugwamp Proudly Presents Dinafem Auto Cookies

    Hi all and :welcome: I'm gonna be growing 1 Dinafem Auto Cookies for the Solo Cup comp to start with and depending on space will start another in a month or so. Kit List Lighting 250w mh for the first 15 days then the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 Led for rest of grow Tent 80cm x 80cm x...
  19. D

    Hermies in general

    Sup guys so I had 5 mobydick xxl and 2 went hermie on me and now a possible third... They seem happy out with no signs of stress.. My question is are there auto strains that are more likely to not turn hermie on me.. Ive done a few grows from Dutch passion and had no probs with hermie
  20. T

    Best manual feeder for runs?

    Trying to find an adequate feeder in case my 1G pesticide sprayer can't feed properly. I still have to see if I can take off it's nozzle. In case it won't let me, I'll get a feeding tool. Any suggestions guys?