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  1. N

    New need advice

    Hey everyone, this is my first time growing anything. Just wanted to see if they are looking good so far. They are around 26-28 days out of the ground. Any advice or input from any of you would be awesome
  2. 20210930_004254.jpg


    Very very tall Anesthesia Auto... main stem twice as tall as her sisters.
  3. 20210918_180152_HDR.jpg


    Very tall Anesthesia Autoflower starting to flower a little
  4. D


    I'm a new grower and I recently noticed that a few of my plants have an extremely bright green color in the middle. I'm not sure if this is a nutrient deficiency or just me looking too much into it. Also, on the GSC I've also noticed some color changes on the leaves I have no idea what that...
  5. DankMcNuggets

    Mephisto Genetics Grow

    Hey guys. Found this forum from listening to a podcast, this is my first post. Not my first rodeo, but still learning a lot. The following list is this grows set up Tent 3x3 Gorilla Grow Lighting 1 Mars Hydro TS3000 18/6 light schedule Genetics/Strain Mephisto Genetics Auto Toof Decay x3...
  6. First Grow - July 2021 Run

    First Grow - July 2021 Run

    Hey all! As the title suggests, I'm new to all things growing. Mid Atlantic region of the US, which means long hot humid summers. This post is going to be pretty picture heavy (though maybe not idk) since I'm dumping about 2 months worth so just fair warning on that. My first four beans (Purple...
  7. Plenty420

    Molasses (Melasse) and EC

    Is anybody of you using molasses? My EC is increasing quite heavily when I mix f.ex. 1 tablespoon of molasses to a ready prepared gallon of nutrients (Floraflex). The nutrients had an EC of 1.7 now in week 3 and a pH of 6.0 before I added the molasses when the EC jumped to 2.4, keeping the same...
  8. A

    Something is wrong with my girl..but what?!

    3 weeks old bubblegum autoflower. It have been growing fast and good until now. Some leaves have got yellow and brown spots. And some other leaves is white at the tip and drooping. 2 days since watering and no feeding yet. Soil with perlite, PH levels 6-7, 25-26 in temp and around 50% in...
  9. Minime2020

    Indoor Grow Minime2020 adventures into the auto world

    Well I'm back This time I will be running two different auto strains, amphetamine from cream of the crop and Auto kush xl from ice seed Bank I will be growing in coco coir in 5gallon fab pots, under the marshydro ts1000, big up @Marshydro I will call this day one 17 Aug 2021, humidity 65%...
  10. Got things up and running

    Got things up and running

    So I figured out my failure point was the humidity domes. I'm growing small scale in my basement (just enough for me to vape and to share with my friends) My setup, MH TS600 on 18/6 (off for peak hours here in Ontario). In an EarthBox that gets auto filled every 4 days. I also have a Wyze...
  11. H

    New Grower Help! New to Coco.sick plant 500 ppm run off but pH 6.2 in reading at 8.0 out ?

    Hi all this is my first post My 3 auto plants are around 3 weeks from germination indoor led lights 240w growing in 3 gal fabric pots 2 are in Coco perlite on the same feed schedule 1x super skunk 1x purple punch. 1 in soil is purple punch also this is my first time using coco at all and with...
  12. RQS Northern Lights Auto - 3 Northern Lights Sisters

    Completed RQS Northern Lights Auto - 3 Northern Lights Sisters

    ok so, this is my second grow, first journal. 3 plants in 3 gallon fabric pots. Tent 80x80x160cm BestVA 600w reflector 2x 15w fans dehumidifier Ana -> Biobiz Lightmix Nina -> Biobiz Lightmix + 50g RQS Easyboost Jeka -> Biobiz Lightmix + Homemade Compost Nutes -> Homemade (household compost...
  13. June Drop Fast Buds(including forbidden runtz)

    Completed June Drop Fast Buds(including forbidden runtz)

    Wassup peeps! If you are reading this, thank you! We appreciate the company, and as always if there are any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out. Welcome to the final blog entry for our “Staggering thru ‘21, Vol 1” Blog. our plan to drop and chop something every month this...
  14. C

    First grow, is it time to harvest????

    Currently we are almost 9 weeks in on growing our first auto flower strain(Critical Purple). 61 days, the strain says typical grow time is 70 to 80 days. We have a 30x magnification on order to see the trichomes better and should be here in a few days but we want to make sure we harvest at the...
  15. Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Double Grape week 3, topping this week on Day 15

    Mephisto Double Grape week 3. Growing so fast. Topped at day 15. I usually don’t top until day 21. I will start lst in a few days when the new tops start growing. I will lst new tops and lower shoots.
  16. Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - Mephisto week 1

    Double Grape - week 1 Topping at day 14. Will begin lst a few days after.
  17. BigBudz2020

    Indoor Grow FastBuds Purple Lemonade Spacebucket Grow

    Hey guys, currently on day 19 with my purple lemonade growing in my space bucket. Planted straight into the soil and sprouted in a matter of days. Was planning on quadlining so the plant is a + shape but she only developed one side branch on her 3rd node.. typical lol however she has been topped...
  18. Professor Autoflower

    Hey Guys! New to AFN

    Hello everybody, I am Professor Autoflower. I have a passion for cannabis and love to grow autoflowers. I’ve had two heart surgeries in the past three years so I’m a survivor like my plants. Here is my latest grow. Northern Lights Auto from Growers Choice. Harvested 163 grams.
  19. A

    Stable strain suggestions for SOG style grow!

    Greetings growers! I would like to know your suggestions for a stable fast strain for a high-density SOG style grow. I have thus far grown a few strains mephisto SODK, unknown Auto Gelato, Buddha seeds Deimos, as well as some freebie Auto Gelato from Mephisto. I have had mixed results with...