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  1. Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    This is a strain i have held onto for a long time. I wasn't sure the seed woould pop, but i managed to get it out of its shell with a little soaking and some surgery. She's going a lot better now, so lets put her in the blog and see how she does, shall we? here's a few closeups of the one I grew...
  2. Ripley's  from Mephisto

    Ripley's from Mephisto

    So I have a little Ripley's growing, in a 2 gal pot. I love this strain. It has, so far, gotten taller than me by a good 3-4 inches every time. Tall for an auto, and she stacks those golfballs, too. A lot of mephisto strains seem to throw more individual nuggets than the larger, condensed...
  3. N


    sup guys so I've ran I to another problem... My set up is the attic at 18/6... When the lights are on I'm getting 25°-28°...when the lights are off I'm getting as low as 12°...i have a 45w tube heater going in there.... When the lights go off the exhaust fan also turns off to try keep heat in...
  4. N

    Weed smells bud dosent??

    So my weed was drying on a rack for 5 days then I put it into paper bags in my wardrobe.... When I walk into my room I can smell it whne I open the wardrobe the weed smells dank... But when I open the paper bag.. I can't smell anything.... Like the bud dosent smell at all... Can anybody help?
  5. IMG_3764.JPG


    This is the same bud as the previous CDFC photo. I did a complete trim before i took this one, and you can see the bud color a little better now. It always amazes me once im done trimming them, what the flowers look like without all those leaves. She did have a TON of leaves, and took 4ever to trim.
  6. Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    just delicious. I only had one of her. the other 2 didn't grow. but boy oh boy was that one plant worth the price of the pack. it really tasted like chocolate. this is an overhead closeup of a pre-defoliated top.
  7. Moby Dick XXL Auto

    Moby Dick XXL Auto

    High Y'all, This my first indoor grow but I've grown outdoors for a few years. This is my set up. Lighting: Mars Hydro TS1000 (150W Full Spectrum) + 2 Additional 30 W Clip on LED lighting from Amazon will be added when flowering starts. So in total 210W in total. Ventilation: -AC Infinity 4"...
  8. Shuman9

    *Help* Seedling with yellow tips?

    High Y'all! I've started 4 Moby Dick XXL seeds by Dinafem. So 2 of them look great, 1 went limp and died for some reason so I replanted another seed in its place. The one I have a question about is 1 of them also has yellow tips. I guess I have two questions, How can I fix this? And Why did it...
  9. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Beary White Man Bear Strain

    This strain is STRONG. and i do mean STRONG. It had me eating everything in the house the first couple of days i was smoking it. Typical Mephisto structure, that I pulled to the side with a little LST and ended up with 6 mains instead of 1. Buds were dense, but not the densest. She fluffed up...
  10. Biic

    having issues in late flower, first grow!

    hello community, i'm back again with even MORE issues to my Northern light auto grow. or so it seems, I noticed this morning some of the leaves have spots on them. This plant has had its fair share of illnesses but after giving it flower nutes a week ago i slowly started to see it progress as...
  11. Not totally new but pretty much

    Not totally new but pretty much

    So I am starting a 3rd page in here so that I can keep track of all my little ladies inside 1 place! Easier for a stoner to keep track that way! So these are technically at days 61/69 but only went in 6 weeks after my 1st 2 seeds ever. I can easily say that unlike my other 2 gelato that I...
  12. Mephisto + Cultured Biologix

    Mephisto + Cultured Biologix

    Ok hoping to figure this out sooner than later but for now we’ll add an entry to make sure I am doing this process correctly! 1st up are 2 from the batch of seeds I ordered Black Friday! This grow may wind up being experimental in nature since I am swapping to cultured biologix sample pack I...
  13. S

    Hi new grow need help flower time

    How can I make these buds bigger and juicer by harvest time?? Currently on week 8 from seed.. I assume 3 weeks left
  14. 3 Bears OG by Mephisto Genetics

    3 Bears OG by Mephisto Genetics

    So I have been so busy with the others, I have not had a chance to get her in here till now. She's the same age, within a few days, of my two Chems, but with her I'm doing a little LST. Last time I did this with her was the photo's I've posted on here with the same name. I've got her in a 5 gal...
  15. Mephisto Sour Hound

    Mephisto Sour Hound

    I just had my Sour Hound pop her head above ground yesterday evening, and sonow she gets to join the ranks of all the lovely ladies in my blog. Right now she's still under my baby light, with a heat mat under her. I'll keep her there for another day, then she's going in the auto closet, with all...
  16. 15 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    15 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    this was her most colorful bud. Not even a main. a satellite. BEAUTIFUL PLANT!
  17. 14 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    14 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    well I guess there were 4, not 3. Thick ass buds.
  18. 13 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    13 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    another closeup. I couldnt stop taking pictures of her. 347 photos, both before and after defoliation.
  19. 12 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    12 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    closeup 2nd tallest main after defoliation
  20. 11 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    11 Creme de la Chem Nov/Dec 2019

    full body defoliation. can't even see the central stalk