1. Rebel

    AFN's PhotoPeriod 2 Liter Bottle Grow Off -- 2017!!

    IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Since we had to shut down PotPros and reinventing the PhotoPeriod Section here at AFN once again... Your fearless leaders (@Rebel, @912GreenSkell, @pop22, @dankstyle J, & @Discretepete2676) have decided to kick off a fresh 2 Liter Pop/Soda/Cola Bottle Grow Off...
  2. pop22

    Testing Autoflowers from Zamnesia

    Got one about to break soil. As soon as they all sprout, they'll go into the tent. for a few days, I'll only use one COB to light them. Here's their new home:
  3. Ripper

    Welcome to the Living organic soils section

    I wanted to see what interest we could get going on making our own super soils. I will be posting some recipes I have found from a few reputable growers and I encourage others to do the same.
  4. Eekman

    REMO Nutrients first time Nute user

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to Uncle Eek's Cabin. We received our Remo package about four or five days ago. We immediately dropped two 2fast 2vast feminized seeds into 10 gallon of coco soil sold at a local hydro store, in Smart Pots. We have two LED lights, one a solar flare 220 and a Platinum...
  5. Waximus

    The Remo Nutrients Cannazone Test, by Waximus

    Howdy, Peeps :smoking: Hard to imagine, but 'Ol Waxi is SWITCHING NUTES! :yoinks: The good folks at Remo have set me up with their product line, and I just flipped a tent area to flower, so.. Let The Fun Begin!! I'll put up the start up pics in a few... they're on the phone... Here's the...