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  1. My First Autoflower Grow [INDOOR]

    My First Autoflower Grow [INDOOR]

    My First Autoflower Grow. (Coco Noir - COCO LOCO - Medium) (1) Seedling to Sproutling (2) Sexing (3) - (4) - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/
  2. baked in the bluegrass

    Indoor Grow Forbidden Runtz and friends

    Wassup peeps! This here fancy new journal will be covering the new round of plants starting with Forbidden Runtz from Fast Buds. A ginormous shout out to @Fast Buds Heather and the team at Fast Buds! They’ve been kind enough to sponsor another round of grows with some of their delish newer...
  3. G

    Outdoor Grow Fast buds gelato

    First time orgainic grower here . Looking for some feedback. Autoflowers 9 days since seeds went in the jiffy pellets 6 days above ground 3 days in final pots Seeds. Fast buds Strain gelato Soil 25% perlite 50% compost/moss peat mix 20% worm castings in a 9 little fabic pot. I have...
  4. Son of Hobbes

    Ruderal Species of Plants

    Ruderal Species of Plants "WHAT ARE RUDERAL SPECIES OF PLANTS?" Ruderal species are plant species described as those that are first to adapt to/colonize lands disturbed by either natural forces (like fires, flooding, etc) or human forces (construction, roads, mining, agricultural, etc.)...
  5. MOMedical

    Indoor Grow 5 Grow Show: Grape Dosi Breath SL, Purple Rolex V2.1, Runtz, Sour Apple, Expert Gorilla

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Hey all, first time documenting as I go so bear with me good or bad. These germed 5/2 so I waited to make sure all were healthy a few weeks in and here we are. I love trying all kinds of auto genetics from many many breeders big and small, always 3-4 different each...
  6. T


  7. April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    Completed April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

    I’ve been digging thru old stock and found a bunch of seeds all mixed up in one of my older containers. I decided to drop a handful on a lark, I’m waiting on some new seeds and I needed to keep my year long monthly drop stagger going so I said what the heck. I ended up with 4 lil sprouties...
  8. February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Completed February drop Night Owl Seeds

    Early poppers, we had a mango sunrise and spotless mind, from night owl seeds, break soil on february 3rd. These 2 plants are in 3.9gal autopots with coco loco. we are using megacrop for the base nutes and recharge and Epsom as add ons. these plants are very tall, lanky, and have been trained a...
  9. January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Completed January Drop RBI Purple Dodgers

    Fresh new staggered grow started on January 19th with 2x Purple Dodgers from Rocbud Inc. They are being grown in 5gal pots with coco loco and coast of Maine stonington blend supersoil. they are in a 4x4x6 tent and are being lit up by a couple of 65w cobs. it has been a mostly “water only” grow...
  10. Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    Staggering thru ‘21, Volume 1 Jan-Jun featuring Rocbud Inc, Night Owl Seeds, and Fast Buds

    A record of an attempted staggered autoflower grow. I’m going to split it into 2 parts as the first half of the year has been spent getting back on track and getting back into some sponsored fast buds grows. The grow started in January with a couple of Rocbud Inc Purple Dodgers. February saw...
  11. thedailydose

    Indoor Grow thedailydose: 2021 coco adventure!

    ----- SET UP: tent: 2x4x60" and 2x2x55" grow tents *perpetual attempt* lights: autocobs 3500k (no reflectors) https://www.autoflower.net/forums/forums/cobshop/ 2x2 = 2 autocobs 2x4 = 3 autocobs light schedule: 24/0 intake: passive exhaust: ac infinity cloudline s4 fan (upgraded from a...
  12. baked in the bluegrass

    How baked got his groove back

    Wassup afn. It’s been a hot minute. last year was not kind to many of us but if you’re reading this then bully for you for surviving! I’m trying to get my grojo back on track, let’s see how this goes. Intro: Strain and breeder- spotless mind from night owl Medium- 3.9gal autopot filled with...
  13. The Vault

    Spend over £200 and get 10 FREE Barneys Farm Seeds + Win 10 Seeds

    Hi everyone, Dropping in to let you know The Vault have teamed up with Barney's Farm in our latest promo. This time it's a double whammy! 1 - Spend over £200 at The Vault to get a free Barney's Farm x10 Pack (this is on top of all other free seed offers) - includes Auto Seeds! 2 - Win a x10...
  14. Hemposapien

    Seedstockers: Gelato 41, Cookies and Cream, Purple Punch, & Santa Marta Haze

    High Y'all! I've planted 4 seeds, 1 each of Purple Punch, Cookies and Cream, Gelato 41, & Santa Marta Haze. Surprisingly, all of them germinated! I'll be growing them all for 90 days exactly, I can't wait to see how this grow goes! I'll be updating once every week until harvest. So I'll tell...
  15. Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (Breeding test 4:20 grow)

    Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (Breeding test 4:20 grow)

    This is my OWN cross. Mephisto's Chemdogg x Tyrone Purps (a Mephisto's Tyrone Special x Deep Sea Creature) . I did not like the look of the FC I have going in the battle, So I decided to pop something else, and throw it int he mix, see if it can compete with the pro breeder crosses yet. See what...
  16. Illini4life

    Indoor Grow Illini4life20. Perpetual grow. Primarily Mephisto beans

    Alright guys so I know it's been a minute since my last grow but the cold is passing and it's that time to get this rocking. I currently have two beans dropped in water and getting ready for germ. I decided to run only two strains this go. I will be running two beast mode autos, simply...
  17. Son of Hobbes

    The Autoflower Network welcomes Prescription Blend!

    Good morning everyone! The Autoflower Network would like to welcome the company Prescription Blend to our forum! Prescription Blend is a complete 6 part nutrient kit for growing cannabis. From their own description: COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Can be used in Hydroponics, Coco, Soil...
  18. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Beary White Man Bear Strain

    This strain is STRONG. and i do mean STRONG. It had me eating everything in the house the first couple of days i was smoking it. Typical Mephisto structure, that I pulled to the side with a little LST and ended up with 6 mains instead of 1. Buds were dense, but not the densest. She fluffed up...
  19. *COMPLETE*   Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    Completed *COMPLETE* Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    I try to always keep some of the Chem family in my grow tents, and Chemdogg is one of my favorites. I just harvested one today, and I have one that is just about 3 weeks old. I am starting this journal entry to keep track of my currently growing Chemdogg. As soon as the lights come on, I will...
  20. A Little Family Photo Time

    A Little Family Photo Time

    I just wanted to update the blog with some photos of the mother, and of the only female Tyrone Purps I got out of 9 seeds. I call her Auntie. The mother was the forgotten cookies. So really these babies are 3/4 mephisto genetics, 1/4 deep sea creature. I can't wait to see what they'll do. Oh...