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Cannabis Seeds
  1. 1

    Question about colloidal silver and pollination

    Ok let me start this out with I'm new to creating my own seeds, now I do know that the object is to collect pollen and cross with a different plant, however I only have one seed for my auto ultimate left, it's being germed as I am writing this, I guess my major question is if I start the...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Black Dog LED

    Coming soon...!!!!
  3. P

    Vertical Heisenberg Special Auto

    Strain-Heisenberg Special Auto. Pot size-1 Gallon. Medium-Dr.Earth Pot of gold soil. Plant Count-110. Lighting-Three 1000 watt Barebulbs. Room Size-10x10(100sqft)...
  4. P

    Ripleys OG 3000 Watt Auto Grow

    Strain-Ripleys OG Autoflower from Mephisto Genetics Lighting-Five 600 watt HPS Medium-5 Gallon Viagrow Plastic bag pots/Soil Room Dimensions-10X10 aka 100 Sqft Plant Count-50 Nutrients-Humboldt Countys Own Full Lineup this website made me grow only autoflowers lol growing 250 total @mohawk...
  5. P

    SuperNatural OG 3000Watt 50 Plant AutoGrow

    Strain-SuperNatural OG Autoflower from Mephisto Genetics Room Dimensions-10X10 aka 100 Sqft Lighting-Five 600 Watt HPS Lights Pot/Medium-5 Gallon Viagrow Bag Pots in Soil Plant Count-50 Nutrients-Humboldt Countys Own Full Lineup Building out the grow room this week along with Three Others so...
  6. P

    Heisenberg Special Vertical Hydro 150 Plant Journal

    Hey Guys. I'm going to have 4 Different Grow journals going at the same time. Strain-Heisenberg Special Seeds from Mephisto Genetics Grow Style-Vertical Hydroponics-Drain To Waste Lighting-Three 1000 Watt Barebulb HPS Plant Count-150 Medium-4 Inch Mesh Pot/Perlite Nutrients-Humboldt Countys Own...
  7. Son of Hobbes

    Son of Hobbes grows Crystal Meth with Fastbuds!

    Hey everyone Son of Hobbes here! I'm going to be kicking off my grow journal and will start a video series for it soon for my Fast Buds Crystal Meth, courtesy @FastBuds . Here's some information on the strain from their site: Crystal METH Taste: Hazelnut Room: Indoor | Outdoor Gender...
  8. D

    First grow! Newbie! Lol

    closet grow, 600 watt led in a 46x24x60 grow tent. Have a 6" inline and 6" carbon filter. 2 7" fans for 4 5 gallon autoflowers, one is fast buds Girl Scout cookies, second is fast buds west coast og, third is a freebie auto lemon ordered from gorilla seed bank and fourth is a cream of the crop...
  9. Son of Hobbes

    Multiple Males and Pollen

    Hey guys I have a few questions about pollen I was hoping maybe someone could answer. How close is too close for a male plant and your female plants? Do you guys let males grow out in a separate room all together? Is it safe to keep the plants on the same level of the house? Should I move my...
  10. Son of Hobbes

    Vapor Potter and the Sorcerer's Stoned: 3rd Grow (11 Auto Strains!)

    Hobbes Potter and the Sorceror's Stoned: 3rd Grow (11 Strains - All Auto) I have learned a lot from my 1st and 2nd grow; as I'm sure I will learn much from this 3rd grow. So buckle up, light one up, and come along for an assuredly interesting ride! Hobbes Potter and the Sorcerer's Stoned...