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  • Hey everyone, I'm doing some testing on some things and will have the Live IM chat add-on disabled for the time being. Appreciate your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience! - Hobbes (7 pm MDT 2/13/2020)
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  1. Cosmic_haze

    Bruce Banner #3 Auto

    Ok new member here... Well, kind of lol this is actually a newly created profile account... Anyway thought I do a grow over here since I haven't did one on afn in long time... So here's my setup and what Ive got going on... Week 1 (Day 1) Not much to see at the moment but I'm doing a run of two...
  2. Ripper

    Ripper runs the GrowMax

    I am very excited for this test grow. If these new lights from Vividgro are anything like the Light bars from my last test then they are going to grow some trichome packed buds. I am running 2 4000k Growmax units in a 5x5 tent. I will be running 6 Auto Pots in this tent and maybe a few regular...
  3. Unique

    FastBuds New Strain- Lemon AK-47

    Hey Everyone, I'm back with more FastBuds this time we have an Unreleased Strain L.A Currently I have ZERO info about this, no clue what cross or anything.. I will update once I find out whether it's sativa or indica dom..While strain's are in testing we are not giving much info about them...But...
  4. Unique

    Unique taken a Ride on The Fantsamo Express

    Hey Everyone, Well I finally have an opportunity to grow out some Mephisto and My Favorite Strain at that! The Famous Ghost Train Haze in Auto form I am very much looking forward to see how much like the photo version this is...These seeds were gifted by Two friends on here, so Guy's this Grow...
  5. Son of Hobbes

    AFN Communal Autopot Test Summer 2018

    Hey there AFN, we're doing a communal autopot tests courtesy of Autopots! We've got a host of growers all over the world that are testing them out for the first time or continuing on with their autopot growing skills, so check it out and happy growing! @CannaZone Tier 1 @CannaZone Tier 2...