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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. elcoloan

    Mephisto Genetics in 2x2x4 under BudgetLED

    Hello friends! I'm finally starting this thread to keep a journal of the Mephisto seeds I got thanks to the kindness of @boaty mcboatface . I've really been looking forward to this. I usually only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time in my tent. This first Mephisto run I'll do will be with just one...
  2. O

    AutoPots: Soil, Maybe Amended with Coco? Megacrop with Drip Clean in Res?

    Hello, Very close to buying an AutoPot system for my 30x24x69” tent. Thinking two 2.2 gallon 1Pot systems. Had a question about the grow medium. I want to use soil since I like organic feeding and not needing to pH my water. Can I use that in AutoPots successfully? I would use drip clean and...
  3. Only1Sky

    Mephisto: New Strain & Opti-Foliar Test: Livers Bx-1, S.Stomper-x-S.Nuggs, & Toofless Alien (Only1Sky)

    Greetings folks. This thread will document a test grow of two new strains (Livers Bx-1 & Sour Stomper-x-Strawberry Nuggets) courtesy of the good folks at Mephisto (thanks @stan_mephisto). Additionally, if I can successfully germinate two of each strain, we will be testing Opti-Foliar's products...
  4. V

    autopot coco/perlite, nute deficiency or lockout?

    Hey guys! Happy to finally join AFN and get in on the action. My first grow was hand watered FFOF+Promix soil in 5 gal fabric pots, 4 plants, CKS White Widow photoperiod, 500g-ish dry. Great experience. This is my second attempt, switched to autopots because I was tired of hand watering and...
  5. B

    In res or top feed: ReCharge & Great White Mycorrhizae

    I’ve seen some growers say they top-feed a little bit of Recharge (not enough for runoff) and/or top feed Great White...and some growers put it directly into the res (usually they’re running Hydroguard to control clogging lines). What are your thoughts and advice? Recharge has molasses, so it...
  6. Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    So the autopots arrived and I finally whittled the three plants down to two. We're left with the ZE and the HBSS that is 13 days old. HBSS is looking really lovely. Shes a little on the yellow side, so im slowly increasing their feed. Right now im at 2.5G/Gal and im aiming to be at 3G/gal by the...
  7. scally420

    Blackberry Kush Auto.

    Blackberry Kush day#1.. it's going to be grown in an autopot.
  8. O

    Water Temp experiences (Autopots)

    Advice/ Thoughts please. Room temp 80-84 leaf temp 78-81 Rh 58-65%. Trying to maintain a condusive VPD. However water temp in Autopots is 78-81 . Has me concerned. Ladies look good but don't want any issues. Thoughts ?
  9. elcoloan

    Please, how should I use beneficials (OG Biowar) in Autopot?

    Hello friends I have a plant that's been on the Autopot system with mostly coco coir for about 15 days now. I've noticed some symptoms that might indicate root rot, so just in case it is I want to apply some beneficial bacteria (Og Biowar Root pack). How should I go about it? From what I've...
  10. Frogster

    Champion's Final - Auto Gorilla Bigfoot - Frogster Grow

    This will be my Official Grow Journal for the "Final Leg - 2019" ShortStuff Battle. I already have the seeds for this grow. Waiting for the "Pre Germ" Date before wetting seeds. This will be a 3 plant grow 1 x "Short Stuff - Auto Gorilla Bigfoot" will share a tent & environment with 2 other...
  11. Mañ'O'Green

    Grow Battle Show Case 2019 St. Tom is Light Grower 2019 Champion

    Vote for 3. Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the Championship Round. These are the potential Gladiators: Top 5 2018 Champion Growers COB 1st @F.N. 2nd @Mañ'O'Green 3rd @bushmasterar15 4th @Feenix 5th @Only1Sky 5th @Jibblerjoe LED 1st 2nd @Only1Sky 3rd @St. Tom 4th...
  12. baked in the bluegrass

    On to the next one(perpetual thread)

    Heya afn! We are back for the next round of grows. Thisll be the first boring deets post, and if afn lets me upload my pics ill add a few of those as well. Setup- *Space- 4x2x6 tent *Medium- roots organic original *Pots- 1x 3 gallon autopot, 2x 2 gallon rootmaker pots *lights- 1x 160w qb, 1x...
  13. Terra Firma

    Terra's Blueberry forest in 8.5L autopots

    Hi everyone, welcome to my future forest :biggrin: I shall be experimenting with 8.5L autopots instead of the 15L ones I normally use. I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours and put them between some paper towels. I then sowed 7 Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry's (courtesy of @DutchPassionTony) in...
  14. Mañ'O'Green

    Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the second of two qualifying legs 1st May. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where...
  15. MassMom

    Mom's AutoCob, AutoPot, AutoMazar, MegaCrop Grow :-)

    Well, here we go again, fingers crossed! Veg Area: 30”x18”x36” Vivosun Veg Tent 6” Comfort Zone Clip-on Fan (1) DuroLux 96w HO T5 Grow Area: 48"x36"x72" Hongruilite Grow Tent 4" VenTech Fan, Filter & Speed Controller 36” Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan (2) 15L Autopots with AirDomes (3) BigSm0’s...
  16. Clarky

    DIY Filter Warning!

    Just a heads up for anybody using this for a filter. I am using megacrop and this diy filter completely clogged in about 30 days. I tried this after reading about it on these forums so I figured I should post here about it. I used it on my first grow with no issue and replaced it for my second...
  17. MassMom

    Does anyone use soil in their AutoPots?

    Hello!! I am currently using coco, but was really thinking about using the Mephisto Amendment and soil for my next grow. Anyone have luck with soil in the auto-pots? Do you need to mix the soil with a lot of perlite, or even coco?.....would love to know your results. XOXO MOM
  18. Mossy

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the first of two qualifying legs 1st February. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored...
  19. cdnBuddy

    Autopot res. questions

    Weeks away from first ever grow! I've read just about ever post here and blown away by this setup. I've decided on coco from the start, but been battling over smart pots, and now Im completely sold with getting this! Purchasing - 4 pot (4gal pots) 47l tank, pump for res, autopot Tent ...
  20. P

    First Kind Soil, Autopot, Autoflower Grow

    Whats up AFN family! I am new to the forum (been lurking but just recently signed up) and new to autos. I already started a photoperiod grow and it is about half way through the flowering stage at this point. I am currently growing in my shed. The shed is built with a wood frame and has been...