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  1. M

    Another go! Autopots/megacrop

    My previous grow went south when I left for a family emergency. So here’s another shot! Goin with 2.2 gal pots this time instead of 4. Goin with a pinkish Led instead of my HLG strips this time. Royal gold tupur mix instead of canna coco. 4cosmic queens from Mephisto only 4/6 germed. Day 9 2...
  2. Cosmic_haze

    Autopots and Live Soil

    Ok guys I'm fixing to get my 2 single autopots system up and running... I'm thinking on doing an organic grow with live soil since all I'll need is just water in the Reservoir... Has anyone got any experience using live soil (super soil) in these pots and also, should I use a layer of Perlite...
  3. M

    So I hopped aboard the autopot/megacrop train

    Alright finally made the move from dwc to coco/autopots. AN 3 part nute line has been good but so many different bottles and the PRICE is whats turning me to megacrop and the extras. Dwc is great but it’s become too much work for me now. I’m also still a pretty crappy grower but am diving in to...
  4. Frogster

    Smoke Report - Autoseeds - Purple Stilton

    Seed Bank:- Autoseeds ( Tag:- ) Strain Name:- Purple Stilton Plant selected :- Plant Number 1 Cut Date:- 13th April 2019 Did it Autoflower ? :- Yes Medium:- Soil/hydro - Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite (20%) & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles. Description:- 1...
  5. L

    Indoor Grow Micro sub irrigation White Widow autoflower grow

    The tent is 2’X3’X4’. Lighting is two ViparSpectra 300W LED lights with a total of 600W on an 18/6 schedule. Irrigation is by sub irrigation through deep 10” plant pot saucers for wicking beds. Ventilation is by a vaunted 6” exhaust fan to a carbon filter tied to an Inkbird Temperature...
  6. St. Tom

    st tom running bubba kush

    hi this will be the beginning of my journal i will be running 3 strains off different vendors this one with thanks to @HSO-Mark will be my 1st run with hso and im hoping to put on a great show she will be in an autopot with 47l res and be grown under my sanlight q6w what im testing also...
  7. G

    Autopots green crack photo

    Trying autopots in coco for the first time here is the set up.
  8. E

    Eatstone 1st grow. White Widow, Autopots,Coco,Fotop 800+LED,2x4 tent

    Im a new grower from Canada. Trying to keep things simple to start. Autopots w/ coco and 2” hydroton on bottom, GH Floro nutes + calmag. 2x4 gorilla tent, 6” smart fan, small humidifier,and Mejiu Fotop 800+ 1’x3’ 320w led with dimmer 18/6-12/12 timer. Seeds are from true north seed bank, Canuk...
  9. E

    WWphotos, Autopots, Coco, GH 3bottle nute, Fotop800

    Hi all, Im a new grower from Canada. I have a 2x4 tent set up in my man cave, and gonna try for 3 ladies in there. Space may be tight, but I’m hopeful scrog will help. So far I’m at day 35 and things are growing smooth. Keeping things as easy as possible with GH floro/micro/bloom and calmag...
  10. L

    Advice on smartpots/autopots

    Hi all I am about to set up my 4 foot by 4 foot grow tent and want to run smart pots in my auto pot system. There will be 4 single 5 gallon pots. Will be using seed stockers northern lights Auto beans. Using 1 meizhi 600w led and 1 4x90w cob led. Fan in/out. If all goes well is that enough...
  11. Terra Firma

    6 Colorado Cookies in a SCROG (Autopots + DIY COB lights)

    Hi everyone, I've cleaned my growroom and am all set for a new grow :biggrin: This will be my 2nd SCROG grow. My last grow was 4 Auto Brooklyn Sunrise in a SCROG under DIY COB lights. They went for 118 days and produced top notch buds: 2.2g/W. (see the pic below). My goal for this grow is to...
  12. cdnBuddy

    First time sprouting

    Hey Gang, This is my first time trying to grow anything! Pretty happy I got this far, now just trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Day 6 Setup: Autopots 3.9L pots Lights: Solstrips 180watts @ 20" from top Tent: 4x2x7' Medium: Coco Nutrients: Remo Nutrients Temperature: 82.4°F Lights on...
  13. cdnBuddy

    Auto Mazar / Ultimate - Autopots - Coco - LED

    After months of research and a few bumps in the road with selecting all the components I'm finally ready to go! Tent is all setup, and have my fans/humidifier/lights all running to test things out and make sure I can maintain the right temp/humidity throughout the grow. Out of my seed stash I...
  14. jrok

    Autopot PH issues...and lockout?

    Hi All, Around day 65 and I've run into issues with my setup... Both are the same strain (GCS Tangerine Dream), popped on the same day... Medium is "RootFarm" (a soilless mainly coco mix) with about 30% added perlite. AN PH Perfect 3-Part nutes AN Calmag 2ml/l Day 74/Nite 70 40-45% RH Light...
  15. scally420


    Got an OG Kush Auto in a autopot!
  16. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow PHOTOS/CLONES/AUTOS 2019

    hello all this will be my main thread for 2019 so what have we ahead of us alot of different strains and breeders dutch passion .seedstockers. mephisto.ripper seeds. and super sativa seed club just to name a few there will e a couple more il add as i pick them up later in the year not to mention...
  17. Blamo

    New Grower Blamo’s first auto grow...

    So made it back from vacation and was super excited that the same day I got home my Mephisto genetics order arrived. I was going to plant other seeds If they didn’t arrive by the time I had got back. I have to say dealing with Mephisto is a treat from order to my door in less than 10 days and...
  18. NewDream

    SubCool supersoil vs biotabs in autopots

    I was considering using biotabs and biobizz on my next grow, but since I’m in the US it might be more cost effective to use this organic super soil concentrate from Amazon with roots organic soil.: Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength . Was wondering if anyone has tried this before Or...
  19. Son of Hobbes

    AFN Communal Autopot Test Summer 2018

    Hey there AFN, we're doing a communal autopot tests courtesy of Autopots! We've got a host of growers all over the world that are testing them out for the first time or continuing on with their autopot growing skills, so check it out and happy growing! @CannaZone Tier 1 @CannaZone Tier 2...
  20. Son of Hobbes

    Growpito Growpito Technologies LLC - Welcome & Contact Information

    Growpito Technologies LLC Hey everyone we'd like to introduce Growpito Technologies LLC! Growpito makes an interesting grow medium product that is an alternative to rockwool and we asked if we could have some of it tested in the hands of our growers on site! We'll have a communal thread...