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  1. puggle6

    Consolidated Hydro FAQ and Stickys!

    Hi guys! Here you will find some links to helpful posts and frequently asked questions! If you would like to see a thread sticked or included here please @puggle6 or report post to admin and we will see what we can do! Quick links! Growing Mediums - Hydroponic Autoflower Infirmary for Sick...
  2. TheMongol


    What's up guys and gals!:smokeout: So, this thread is a Showcase of SUPERFOOD: FLORGANICS!! a personal friend of me, whos a professional gardener and spend the last 5 years to create it! It's a water only and ph-selfadjusting system! The package: And maybe the most important thing: It's...
  3. TheMongol

    Golden Lemon Haze topped, supercropped and schwazzed

    The Strain: Soaked 2 wonderfull looking beans this evening... by... to be continued...:amazon::amazon::amazon::amazon:
  4. Ripper

    Rippers full tent

    I have started a grow in a 5x5 tent. The tent will be outfitted with 15 4 foot grow bars from Vividgro. Each bar draws 30 watts so 450 watts total. The color spectrum is 4000k. A little info on the lights Powerful, light-weight and energy efficient with extremely low heat, the new Grobar™ is...