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barneys farm

  1. chubby.nuggz

    Chub grows Barney’s, Fastbuds, Mephisto and Twenty20

    Hey y’all Wanted to share this grow with the community as this will be my first attempt to complete a journal here.
  2. The Vault

    Barney’s Farm Promo – Win a 10 Pack of Fems – 4 Prizes

    Hi folks, We know we know... here we are again. And also you might have noticed, but this is a huge one. Our friends from Barney's Farm have restocked us with a lot of new freebies and we wanted to share this with you. This time we’re giving you the chance to win a 10-pack (yes buds, 10-pack)...
  3. MOMedical

    Indoor Grow 5 Grow Show: Grape Dosi Breath SL, Purple Rolex V2.1, Runtz, Sour Apple, Expert Gorilla

    :welcome::welcome::welcome: Hey all, first time documenting as I go so bear with me good or bad. These germed 5/2 so I waited to make sure all were healthy a few weeks in and here we are. I love trying all kinds of auto genetics from many many breeders big and small, always 3-4 different each...
  4. Grimmus

    Growing For Broke

    4 Mars hydro ts1000s & 1 generic 150 watt 1 growcraft x6 600watt 2 1000 cfm outtake fans 1 450 cfm intake 16 five gallon smart pots Bottom 40% is ocean Forrest Top 60% is happy frog Advanced nutrients ph perfect base & cal/mag this should be a good one. I’ve got my room dialed in and tracked...
  5. The Vault

    Barney's Farm Promo - 4 Chances to Win a 5 Pack

    New Year - New Offers here at The Vault! To kick us off in 2021 we’re going to give up some seeds via our long time friends at Barney’s Farm! Barney’s consistently support the Vault and if you’ve bought from us over the past few years you’ll have received at least one Barney’s Farm seed in your...
  6. gradolabs

    Barneys Farm Genetics Fox Farms Soil under Leds

    Hiya all. Its been ages since I've been on here but I'm back with a new grow! Hope you guys have been well. The world can be a very difficult place these days. But here we go! 2x Barney's Farm Dos Si Dos Auto Purple Punch Auto Sweet Tooth Auto 3 gallon air pots with a 35% mixture of fox...
  7. Gorilla Cookies and Purple Punch

    Gorilla Cookies and Purple Punch

    New auto grow. Potted up in Plagtron Light mix RO water with 20% added tap water (very hard water in my area) Barney's Farm Purple Punch auto, FastBuds Gorilla Cookies The bonus plant is a blueberry auto of some kind however the seeds got switched. So it's either a Dr rays auto blueberry or...
  8. Trichome farmer


    HELLO this thread will follow my grow with the barneys farm LSD space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights: GN TELOS-008 v1.1 GN TELOS-008 V2 nutes: SHOGUN COCO A+B calmag katana roots silicon pk 9/18 sumo boost dragon force...
  9. The Vault

    Spend over £200 and get 10 FREE Barneys Farm Seeds + Win 10 Seeds

    Hi everyone, Dropping in to let you know The Vault have teamed up with Barney's Farm in our latest promo. This time it's a double whammy! 1 - Spend over £200 at The Vault to get a free Barney's Farm x10 Pack (this is on top of all other free seed offers) - includes Auto Seeds! 2 - Win a x10...
  10. E

    New outdoor grower advice/tips needed

    Hi guys I’m a first time grower and just joined this forum. I purchased seeds from barneys farm (Wedding cake auto and zkittlez auto) and I have them outside in 15 litre pots. I used a mix of clay pebbles and biobizz all mix. I also added some vermiculite. They were planted 4 and a half days...
  11. GMAW

    Purple Punch outdoor

    Hey. Been a long time. Figured to give it another shot. 10 Purple punch Auto feminized from Barneys. 3x freebie feminized seeds. Forgot the freebie strain names. Who cares. 15 day old plants. First 12 days inside, in the window. Sunlight only. Last 3 days outside. 58N. Cool summer's here. We...
  12. New grower Zkittles OG and Malana bomb

    New grower Zkittles OG and Malana bomb

    Hi this is my first grow! I’m growing Zkittles OG auto and Malana Bomb auto from Barneys Farm. 8x Zkittles OG and 2x Malana Bomb, I know this is prob too many for my tent but I didn’t expect them all to germinate and can’t bring my self to kill any ha. I’m using a Budbox lite 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m...
  13. Zkittles OG and Malana bomb autos from Barneys farm

    Zkittles OG and Malana bomb autos from Barneys farm

    Hi this is my first grow! I’m growing Zkittles OG auto and Malana Bomb auto from Barneys Farm. 8x Zkittles OG and 2x Malana Bomb, I know this is prob too many for my tent but I didn’t expect them all to germinate and can’t bring my self to kill any ha. I’m using a Budbox lite 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m...
  14. Newtoautogrow

    Indoor Grow New indoor grow (blue dream/glue galeto/sour diesel)

    Hi everyone so I've started a new grow of 5 autos in my 4x4 currently growing 2x glue galeto 2x sour diesel and 1x blue dream. Growing under 600w hps in 4x20 litre and 1x15 liter airpots in plagron light mix soil with added perlite. Will post weekly updates
  15. Grimmus

    New Grower Barney’s farm autos ( Glue Gelato, Critical Kush)

    9 day old glue gelato autos, 7 day old critical kush autos. Growing in a 3x3 tent with 1 Mars hydro ts 1000 and one bloomspect 1200 optical series at 36 inches with bloomspect switched to veg. Using 5gal fabric pots filled with a 50/50 of fox farms ocean forest/ happy frog. I pre wet soil with...
  16. The Vault

    FREE Barneys Farm Seeds at The Vault

    Barney's Farm just keep giving more and more to The Vault customers. They already give a free seed to all customers and a 2nd to all that spend over £50, now you can get another 10 Barneys Farm seeds if you spend over £200 at The Vault. This is just insane! Read the post, get a 15% discount...
  17. Frostiest AYP ever

    Frostiest AYP ever

    get in close to that photo... don't you just want to shove your face in there and take a bite? me too.
  18. SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    SUPER-FROST ayahuasca Purple

    This is one of the frostiest photos ive ever taken. look how THICK those trichs are! The only plant ive grown that comes close to it is my Glue Breath. But this one is a bit darker. It's like it's been coated in powdered sugar, almost.
  19. Ayahuasca 2

    Ayahuasca 2

    Another green cola. one of the 2 in that tent was more green than the other. Not sure why, because they were the exact same cut. They grew next to each other their entire lives, but when they were in veg, they had different lights. I think the greener one had a generic LED. Maybe that was it
  20. Ayahuasca 1

    Ayahuasca 1

    one of the colas on the first SCROG of my AYP. Pretty, but this was one of the greener buds. Most of them were black-ish purple, and a sea spray green color. Very pretty plant