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  1. midIN


    FUGUE STATE by @mephisto 2x 3500k autocobs from @BigSm0 Cobshop.net MEGACROP by @Greenleaf Nutrients 3gal airpot Cyco coco recycled 3x3 tent DAY 1 1/24/19
  2. ZKJ


    Hi im trying to work out whether its worth getting a cob led. I have a led (600w mars hydro panel) Already but seen alot about cob ones. This is my led But im thinking of getting this 400w roleadro cob led Do you think it would be worth it? Its mainly for the summer as i use a 400w...
  3. Dichoti

    Blue Streak 99

    Let me preface this by apologizing to @Myroaches because I misplaced 1/2 my seeds when I was cleaning out my fridge, So this one will be the first of the two I grow. I'll pop one of the other strain when I figure out where I stashed the rest of my seeds. NOTE TO SELF: Never re-organize your...
  4. Dabber

    Dabbers MEGA RUN

    What's up AFN FAMILY. My 3rd grow is finishing up and it's now time to plan my next run in my new space. Please join me @912GreenSkell @9bear @trailanimal @archie gemmill @Arthur @Ash-a-Ton @Avalanche Blanch @BigSm0 @blue @Boradan @briman @Bubble Bowls @bushmasterar15 @Cotton46 @DABaracuss...
  5. Peter750

    My first grow,need overlooking

    Please forgive me for my English. My name is Peter and I'm a newcomer in growing, but I need a strong cannabis for my back pain and for a sick girl and im sick off local dealers :) The purpose is to breed 3x DINAFEM White Widow XXL in 120 cm x 120 cm x 200 cm large tent. I will use 10 L Air pots...
  6. Dabber

    1st Cob grow

    :welcome: fellow growers and stoners :hippy: I would like invite you to join me on my 1st Cob grow featuring the Autocob along with the Timber 400 VS Vero 29 Gen 7. I'm a newbie who is still learning to grow this beautiful plant and what better place to learn than here on AFN the best site on...
  7. Mcdee

    1st auto harvest

    I want to thank @BigSm0 for the autocobs! Just harvested 1st autocob grow 3 Fastbuds GSC, LSD25, GG4 in 3gal fabric pots. BigSm0 saw the GG4 she came in at 234g's, yep she was big. LDS was 86, and GSC was 67 coming to 387g's or 13.82oz's which almost doubled my 3 grows. Would have broke 1lbs...
  8. Padawan1972

    Upping my game. New Cobs

    received today, was running 2 300W burble mars hyros...UPGRADED to 2 3500k Cobs, will have 2 more coming soon. Thanks again to BigSmO at Cobshop.net for educating me on the different cobs and explaining things in a manner I could understand. Also, Love the fact that you can take pictures and...
  9. Padawan1972

    Game changers!

    Came in today!..ordering more here shortly..Weird not having to shut off lights to get true color pictures instead of the Burples.
  10. Archiweedies

    Archiweedies III

    What's up guys, I'm back after a disappointing result from my last attempt. Never fear! I am reinvigorated and more determined than ever to grow quality medicine. Real fast, my last two grows have taught me that organization and documentation are awesome tools that I have neglected. This...
  11. Bliciu86

    AutoGlueberry OG 250w diy cobs autopot in 1m/1m/2m

    Room 1m 1m 2m Lights citizen 1212 3500k 90cri 250w Medium plagron light mix Nuts AN bloom voodoo cal mag carboload overdrive guanokalong Light 24h dim to 150w 1ft away They've been in small pots till 7 days couse of waitin for autopot today there r in 10 days Big thanks #2stoned2care who...
  12. Milo77

    5x9 gorilla tent, how many cobs do I need guys?!

    all I need is the lights from @BigSm0's website correct? Sorry If it's a stupid question,I'm new to this
  13. wwwillie

    WWWillie and The COBS

    Hey Now! So here I am, I had been off the site for a bit, life gets in the way you know... Just about 420 day I came back and jumped right in to Live Stoner Chat, the deep end indeed. That's where I ran into @BigSm0 and his "Autocobs". He was having a contest for a giveaway and right then I...
  14. NebulaNuggets

    Nebula Splits the 8x4 - 220 watts of Autocob vs 915 watts of HID

    Let me get this out of the way first 15 days ago I received 4 autocobs from @BigSm0 This Skylar White was 15 days old. Now it won't stop growing! Help me Sm0! You didn't tell me I would have to train my plants :headbang: I have decided to add another 50 gallon tub o' nugs to the tent, with...
  15. Rhubarb Pi

    Rhubarb's Pi #1 - AutoCOB x Mephisto Skywalker & Heisenberg Special

    AFN CREW CREW :biggrin: AND SO IT BEGINS!!: ******************* Rhubarb's Pi - Grow #1 Intention (for this grow & all of my future grows): To produce the best possible medicine for my father, who is in Stage 4 of bladder cancer. Genetics this Cycle: @mephisto - Mephisto Skywalker &...
  16. CaNNaDON420

    6 cbx 3590's in a 4x4x6 tent

    Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks in advance for any helpful advice I may get. So I'm new to the hole grow thing & new to cob led's too. So me & my partner, @headkick420 are wanting to put 6 cbx 3590's in our tent but we have no idea what drivers & heatsinks to use. I've heard a lot about...
  17. budelee

    Auto Warriors Do...BigSm0 3rd Feb 2017

    The And the Auto Warrior Welcome @BigSm0 to The Big Show:worship::cheers: Give it up people
  18. Jupiter

    The Chandelier DIY citizen clu048 test grow!

    The whole purpose of this thread is to document how mine or anyone's DIY light fixture will perform and to actually have data for future reference. I felt as if creating a regular thread wouldn't really bring the emphasis to the most important aspect of the grow ... the DIY fixture...
  19. Jupiter


    I just felt like I had to put this up there because I haven't seen a @mephisto toothless alien this big. It is my first time using coco and also my first time using advanced nutrients. I know it's at the end of its cycle but like I said I felt like I needed to put this out there. Light...
  20. slowandeasy

    3BOG by Slowandeasy

    Hello, just started 10 3BOG seeds! All 10 had nice tails , just soaked in individual cups of,RO water about 36 hours. I planted them in straight Coco, precharged with 5ml of Magical,and 4ML of Voodoo juice. They were put into about 2l of Coco, and will remain there until they show sex...