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  1. J

    Indoor Grow HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  2. Wclazerdub

    photoxauto breeding shortcut?

    breeding shortcut? 1. take feminized autoflower pollen to a photoperiod. 2. grow out some seeds till you find an autoflower. 3. hit that autoflower with colloidal silver 4. pollinate an autoflower 5. stable feminized photoxauto seeds in 5 steps too easy right? Let me know!!!! Check out my...
  3. S

    The Sideshow FastBuds GrowBattle Entry

    @Ripper @Green75 @Mossy @Prophetiko @MARLEY. @FastBuds @budelee @sonny @[email protected] @autobeast @Dudeski STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS, GATHER 'ROUND! I must warn you all, this attraction IS for the faint of heart, IS for the weak in spirit, and I will not be responsible for how ANY of you come...
  4. AutoJam

    1st Grow, FastBuds - Blackberry & Girl Scout Cookies, 250w HPS - Wish me luck...

    Hey guys, :WTF: After months and months of reading and watching you pull off some fantastic grows, I have decided to take the plunge and give it a go for myself. Now enough fucking around, here's a bit about my setup... :gary: 60x60x150 Grow Box 250w Dual Spec HPS With Cooltube...
  5. iampepe

    I get high on speed... Blackberry and Green Crack

    When I get high, I get high on speed... The FastBuds way FastBuds and the Crue rocking up this place today, the old Carver amp is a bit warm shaking the shit out of this old house while I work with my ladies today. I love living in the countryside doing what I want, when I want and as loud as...
  6. Majestic_ryder420


    Hello everybody im new here. This is my first autoflower experience. I thought id share it with you all. I grow organically only no bottled nutes. Im a legal patient and caregiver. I purchased these fast buds seeds thru herbies . Next ones up will be a 10pk of the buddhas autoflower mix. I also...