• Best AFN Outdoor Auto Grower of 2020: 1st: 420Forever 2nd: 4d-Rock 3rd: Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • Best AFN Outdoor photosensitive Grower of 2020: 1st Kyote 2nd Dankstyle J 3rd Jean-O CONGRATULATIONS
  • BOMB Seeds: 1st: JohnEMad 2nd: pop22
  • DinaFem 2020 second leg: 1st: Only1Sky 2nd: St. Tom 3rd: Feenix
  • Zamnesia 2020: 1st: HighnDry 2nd: Only1Sky
  • Auto Seeds 2020: 1st: MesaBoogie 2nd: Only1Sky
  • FastBuds 2020 1st: Chronic_passion 2nd: St. Tom
  • Female Seeds Autos 2020: 1st: HighnDry 2nd: pop22 3rd: Boognelson87
  • Female Seeds Photos 2020: 1st: pop22
  • Seedstockers 2020: 1st: JohnEMad Chronic_passion


  1. L


    Has anyone tried akadama here? I've been doin bonsai for the past 4 years, and overall akadama is the best choice for almost any bonsai, so i thought i may try it on cannabis. Sadly the plant was a male, so i had to cut it off but i had amazing results, and look at these roots! I also used an...
  2. MissUniverse

    Fast Flowering Green Crack Bonsai Mother and Clone Run

    Light: 1x Mars Hydro 300 new series (in 2x2x3 clone/mother tdnt) Grow Space: 24*24*36inch tent (clone/flowers) Container: 1gallon airpot(bonsai mother), whatever for clones Seeds: Fast Flowering Green Crack by HSO Nutrients: General Hydroponics Maxitwo step ( MaxiGro MaxiBloom) Xtreme gardening...