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  1. Strainly

    Protect your genetics

    IMPORTANT The Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) confirmed that they are willing to accept Hemp varieties under their Open Source Pledge! (Cannabis varieties will be considered upon federal legalization in the U.S.). If you have Hemp varietals you’d like to formally pledge as open source, wait...
  2. Strainly

    Cannabis breeding and ethics: what should you do and not do when breeding cannabis

    Hey everyone, Many of you have expressed some interest in breeding. You are not always sure what is (and is not) acceptable to do when breeding from someone else's seeds. Matt from Riot Seeds has put an article together = The Golden Rules of Cannabis Breeding Do you agree or not?
  3. Strainly

    Need your LOVE

    Hi Everyone! We are currently working days and nights to upgrade our site and give you more of what you asked for. In order to facilitate and accelerate the process, we are doing a crowdfunding campaign = HERE Please don't hesitate to support. Their are rewards in the form of Premium plans...
  4. Strainly

    A dedicated platform to offer your varietals

    Hi everyone, This is WHAT Strainly is about, HOW it works and WHY we do it. We're based in Montreal but the majority of our members is in the US. We've been operating for 2 years and have been recognized for offering a safe platform for preservationists, breeders, growers, seed banks and...
  5. Tyler_Durden88 Community Grows and Strain Reviews

    Im making this thread for Growers who grow autoseeds strains and are looking to show off and give feedback and opinions on their strains. I have alot of autoseeds grows under my belt and theres only a couple strains of theirs I havent grown yet. So show what ya got and keep negative comments to...
  6. puffy

    Non-auto photos breeder section?

    I have no idea where to put this suggestion so I might as well do it here. How about a breeder section for the breeders not auto exclusive? You have a lot of breeders coming out with 'quick' editions of their plants these days, with 6-7 week flower time. Timewise they are not far off autos...