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  1. iWumbo

    Photoperiod Grow Photo breeding/making fems

    Hello everyone, here is my current grow log. Dont know if i should have it here or breeding section Medium. Espoma seed starter mix for photos, and coco coir for the autos. Pots. 1 gallon pots with espoma seed mix and mephisto dirt layered in. Nutes. Mephisto super soil and some cheap flower...
  2. E

    Sati-dom Auto Reg Seeds - where to find them?

    Happy 420 day, AFN familia!! Sati-dom Auto Reg Seeds - where to find them? Seems like most companies that do autos have only fems. For a person like me thinking of breeding, we need males. The CS and STS options seem ... possible, but ... some work. Those smaller breeders that do have regs...
  3. Saint Skinny

    Best way to get auto stock for cheap

    Hey all, I haven't been very active on this site so far, but some of you may know me from the DGC, on the Dude Grows Podcast, Growbuddy Case Files, THC Farmer, or maybe you've heard my emails on the Grow From Your Heart Podcast. For those of you that don't know me, probably most of you, I'm a...
  4. pop22

    Pop22's Breeding and Random Grows and Projects Thread

    This thread will cover my small tent and my 2 cabs. They'll be used mostly for breeding and growing plants that don't quite fit in with my current grow cycles, like a photo taking up room that's not ready to be put into flower, a male that needs to be isolated for pollen collection, etc. Right...
  5. pop22

    Pop22's Breeding and Experimenting Tents and Cabs

    I'm consolidating threads to simple things. My three base threads will be continuous threads, based on specific grow tents, with my cab in the growroom and the small (32"x32"x60" ) tent as one thread, my two 4x4 tents will each have a thread, and one for my ongoing breeding projects, currently...
  6. pop22

    Pop22's Shout Out!

    Anyone here who reads my stuff, knows I'm always up to something new, digging for dirt... ( pun intended lol ), and just plain finding excuses to keep busy. But sharing what I do is difficult because I'm like a pinball machine, bouncing around from subject to subject. I'm the poster boy for...
  7. pop22

    Pop22's Continuous Photo Period Tent

    As I have often had many threads going all at once, I want to do some consolidation. I wish we could have sub topics within a single thread. The only thing I can see to do, is to create 3 main threads and reference them in alternate topics, to keep the concept separater from the threads. An...
  8. pop22

    Ducksfoot Project, Round Three!

    I've had a ducksfoot just vegging for 6-8 month now... she's been in the way as I've not had the chance to breed her. I decided to take 20 clones in hope of 3-4 good plants...... duck's bitch to clone! I average 30% with them... I took a couple branches and chopped them down into clones. Being...
  9. jeff wright

    Can you hermaphrodite a autoflower?

    Can you hermaphrodite a Autoflower? If so how is it done. How long would it take for the seeds to fully develop into usable seeds? Will the seeds that come off that be feminized? Will they be Autoflower? Or will they be photo.? @Waira @TheMongol if either of you know please chime in. Or tag some...
  10. D

    Ruderalis Indica breeding project

    so im trying to stabilize the auto flower gene in Sensi seeds ruderalis indica so that I can use it in future breeding projects. Sensi estimates only 50% of the seedlings to show the auto gene dominantly, but all seedlings should be carriers. The seeds are not feminized so there is a chance of...
  11. pop22

    Feminising Dragon's Blood and Blue Dragon, and Other Breeding Projects

    I've begun a project to create fem seeds of my favorite strains and my personal strains. I'll be starting with @Mossy 's Dragons Blood and my Blue Dragon. The whole purpose of this is simply to give me fem seeds for growing bud. I'll continue to refine both strains in regular seed, with an...
  12. IceWater421

    IceWaters Pollen Project

    Hey Afn I was hoping some of are knowledgable members can chime in for me and help shine some light . I'm interested in pollen collection best practices how to. Plus storage and when to know if it's ready to be collected . The strain is Deep Purple from TGA genetics and I will be crossing...
  13. pop22

    Setting up my breeding lab

    I've converted one of my cabs to use just for breeding. I found a tray that will hold 20, 4 inch pots and fits well in my cab. I replaced my DIY light with a Horticultural Lighting Group QB 288 COB in board form. These are powerful, thin and light weight lights that are perfect in height...
  14. iWumbo

    DP Duck o matic

    This will be the journal for my auto duck by dutch passions. She is growing in Ffof One gallon fabric pot. I plan on putting it on top of an 2.5 gallon pot so I can grow it's roots farther out Nutrient , nectar of Gods line as needed Lights. a cheap cob panel until I order my autocobs I...
  15. J

    The New Era of Autoflowers - need advice

    Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've visited here. I signed up again to get some advice of you people out there. Let's start off with some things about myself, just to get to know each other some better. You could skip this part if you're more interested in the title. - 26 years old and...
  16. iWumbo

    ☆☆Grape Crinkle ☆☆

    Ordered grape crinkle seeds. Just have to wait for order to come.
  17. Micron Creek

    Micron Genetics Experiment

    I will be experimenting with Regular Dwarf Auto and photoperiod crosses. I will be combining varieties that span four decades, were all common in their heyday, but never directly combined. Traveling through time is a given, as Cannabis has been around for several millenia. Medicating is...
  18. O

    Anybody breeding spacey/pencil bud autos in the pnw?

    Hello! This my first post on here! I've been growing for a year or two now and I was wondering if anybody else In the pnw has thought to breed Strains like Ed Rosenthal's Dr.Grinspoon with autos? The small buds are suppose to be pretty good at keeping from mold and mildew. I'm currently...
  19. C

    A bit of everything!

    hello family, long time no see.:jointman: I thought i'd get a thread started right away since im doing a lot better the last couple months than i have in the past couple years - so im pretty sure ill be around for a good while. Im sorry to say I do not have any pictures at the moment since my...
  20. pop22

    Indica Dominant Photo Period Projects

    I've been working with autoflower/photoperiod crosses for a while. I've now decided to work with just photo period breeding projects for a while, then maybe make auto crosses from them, make everything truly my own crosses. I have a preference for Indicas and Indica dominant crosses, Any cross...