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  1. Son of Hobbes

    Son of Hobbes Does Kindsoil Live Testing for the Cannazone

    Alright, unpacking the 2nd set of autopots and then going to open up the these bags of super stinky super stank haha! Just want to say, this is my first time ever using a supersoil type product and I've never actually SMELLED something like this before. And if you've never SMELLED something...
  2. Bromeo

    Bromeo Does Kindsoil Live Testing for the Cannazone

    I'll get started as soon as they fix my plumbing. I've got repair dudes in and out every 30 min right now.
  3. P

    Vertical Heisenberg Special Auto

    Strain-Heisenberg Special Auto. Pot size-1 Gallon. Medium-Dr.Earth Pot of gold soil. Plant Count-110. Lighting-Three 1000 watt Barebulbs. Room Size-10x10(100sqft)...
  4. Son of Hobbes

    Kind Led

    Coming soon to an AFN near you!
  5. HLG1

    MOD 420 Horticulture COB Lighting

    MOD 420 is a universal frame for assembling a COB lamp with hundreds of different configurations. Developed by @Bobby from Mi and myself. The original prototype was Mod 8 for 8 cobs. We redesigned it to accommodate 4 cobs The final version of Mod 4 comes in 2 pieces can be can be joined to...
  6. K

    DIY COB light

    is this the place that supplies items for cob builds? I may be jumping the gun here so to speak, since there is no post here.
  7. dcat0921

    DCAT does Auto Ultimates in Kind Soil with Amare Solar Eclipse 300

    So since my last kind soil grow did not go like I'd hoped, I figured I'll try again with fewer plants in a little bigger pot than last time. Dropped 2 auto ultimates last week and as of these pics they are roughly 3 days old. Split one 5 pound bag of kind soil between the two 3 gallon pots and...
  8. Hydro_Jack

    Hello, this is my first post here...

    I saw this forum and I thought I would post a picture of my Tasty setup...I spent a ton but my room is rockin..These were way too tall when they went in...I have done a tone of bending and training..I used to grow hydro hence the name.....HJ
  9. dragondust

    350w cheap led

    I bought 350 wat led 128wat draw it's labled as 150 x 3 watt chips of ebay in 2014. I never used it. I current have 2 mars 300w leds. Here are the pics Can this be moded with current drivers. There are 3 drivers each powers a bank of 50 leds. Tested voltage under load. It reads 120v dc...
  10. HLG1

    Vero 29 DIY Build

    Making a 190W Lamp with cheep Meanwell LPC 100W drivers and Bridgelux Vero 29 3500K 80 CRI COB LED and Khatod Silicone Optics for a even coverage in a 2x2.5 tent List of Parts 2x Khatod 90 Silicone 2x Bridgelux Vero 29 3500K 80 CRI 2x Meanwell LPC100-2100 Junction box and PG7/PG9 cable...
  11. DooDahMan

    mars II 400w vs Roleadro 400w COB

    Heya All... I have room in the closet and budget ( soon ) for one more light to fill in a little space. I have boiled it down to these two options. The MARS II 400w - Net Dimensions:340*340*90mm/13*13*3.5inches Led Brand:Epistar(HI-LED)High Intensity Led Quantity of each Panel:80LEDs Led View...
  12. MimTowls

    Platinum LED Mims Platinum Led garden

    Whats up AFN'ers? I guess I'm showing up a little late to the party, but better late than never!! I would first off like to thank Mark and Tom over at Platinum LED for putting me on the team and letting me showcase a couple P-600 panels! I have been growing for about 2 years now, all of which...
  13. hecno

    So many questions .

    Great info guys , I will have a number of questions , but the main one that stumps me at the moment and I can't seem to find the answer for --- how do you work out the number of cobs for your room size , I have a 4 foot by 4 foot area . :thumbsup:
  14. D

    BossLed waste of money

    is it worth it as side light?? i need something cheap for side light.. http://bossledgrowlights.com/products/bestva-x5-new-led-grow-light-full-spectrum-grow-lights-led-for-plants-growing-and-flowering-led-grow-lights-for-indoor-plants
  15. mjau

    DIY Cree CXB 2530

    Just saw this section and decided to post here. I rebuilded my CXB 2530 panel yesterday to improve cooling. First one was sloppy made and fast, I was in a hurry. This one is better but also fast made so not very clean but who cares. It has 4xCXB 2530 3000K T4 bin cobs on Meanwell...
  16. Son of Hobbes

    Need a DIY thread moved in here?

    Have a DIY thread somewhere else in the forum and want it moved here instead? Post the link to your journal in here and we'll have a moderator/admin make it so!
  17. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome to the AFN DIY LED Building Forum!

    Due to the increasing amount of requests for a DIY LED building section, we decided to create a forum specifically for it! @arty zan will be assisting with the LED moderating and has been doing a stand-up job since we've invited him on to help with LED material, let's give him a warm welcome...
  18. dankle

    Custom COB Liquid cooling design

    Hi all. I just ordered parts for my first COB build. I'm going with a Ctizen CLU048-1212 3000K LED chip paired with a 50W 1500MA driver from here. I will be mounting this on an Arctic Alpine 11 GT Rev2 heatsink (75W heat dissipation). Was shooting for the 100w version but was limited with a...
  19. BigSm0

    Mars vs hps vs efficiency

    I'm a huge fan in efficiency. It's one if the main factors in lighting besides spectrum. So from my reading and reading I came across credible documentation stating kind led were 22.5% efficient. Now that's 22.5 X wall wattage which equals the par watts which is the key number. The remaining...