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  1. MikaelAndréasSöderberg

    More frost with AC,?

    Anyone tried to use an AC the last 3 weeks of bloom and bringing temps down to 16-17°C during lights off and around 21°C during lights on? I want some really potent buds and i believe this is the way to go.
  2. IMG_3546-1.jpg


  3. Glue Breath Clone Only-1-3.JPG

    Glue Breath Clone Only-1-3.JPG

  4. cookies mama-4122.jpg

    cookies mama-4122.jpg

  5. cookies mama-4113.jpg

    cookies mama-4113.jpg

  6. cookies mama-3585-2.jpg

    cookies mama-3585-2.jpg

  7. cookies mama-3585.jpg

    cookies mama-3585.jpg

  8. cookies mama-3555.jpg

    cookies mama-3555.jpg

  9. cookies mama-3211.jpg

    cookies mama-3211.jpg

  10. cookies mama-.jpg

    cookies mama-.jpg

  11. Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

    Ayahuasca Purple-3242.jpg

  12. 220-1-10.JPG


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  14. 220-1-3.JPG


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  19. BLACKdestroyer (123).jpg

    BLACKdestroyer (123).jpg

  20. P R O P H I S

    NCH X Dreamweaver (my own) Fem Seed Run

    Hi from Vermont! I haven't posted in a while, been busy doing the work. Just wanted to share these beautiful buds