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    Welcome to The Vault's British themed 420 promo for 2021 - Win Seeds On this Post.

    Hi All Happy 420 folks (nearly). We decided to do a British theme to let everyone know we are very much the same company as before Brexit making sure we get your seeds sent to the UK and most other countries of the world despite the challenges of coming out of the EU. We have multiple things...
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    Happy MacPaddys Day - Win A 5 Pack Of Phoenix Seeds At The Vault

    Hi All, Don't worry you're not seeing things - it is in fact the day after St Patrick's day and we are launching our promo - with a twist. It's MacPaddy's day here in Scotland as sponsored by Phoenix Seeds! As ever, we are offering up some free seeds to you so fire over to the blog and check...
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    Win a 5 pack of Female Seeds in this weeks Vault Promotion

    Hi All Gary Eff here with this weeks Vault promo' - read on to get involved... We like to put the spotlight on some of our regular supporters of The Vault so this time around we are checking out our friends at Female Seeds. Read all about them and the seeds in the blog post - in the...
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    Win a 5 Pack of Monster Genetic Seeds on The Vault Blog

    Hi All, We've got another promo live over on The Vault Blog > . This time our friends at Monster Genetics are offering up 4 chances to win a 5 pack of: Monster Pebbles Fem Monster Gelato Auto It's simple to...
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    Barney’s Farm Freebie’s Promo + Win Seeds

    Hi All, Gary EFF here with yet another new promo! We've got more Barney's Farm prizes for you this time to celebrate the fact they've re-stocked our freebies up again. This means if you buy any seed from The Vault you will get a Barney's Farm seed + if you spend over £50 you will get another...
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    Win 10 Kannabia Kaboom Seeds in Our Valentines Kaboom Boom + 14% Discount

    Hi All, Gary Eff here back with our Valentines Promo which is live for 7 days. If you fancy some Kaboom Boom in the next few days enter our promo to see if you could win x10 Kaboom Seeds from Kannabia (+ watch out for the discount code). Entry Terms can be found on this blog post...(And...
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    Show Us Your Grow Promo – £1000 Worth of Seeds and Merch to Be Won

    Hey everyone, We’re ramping up the frequency of promos at The Vault in 2021, which is great news for you all! This is also one I’m personally looking forward to as it involves some social media fun (Or email if that's not your thing). So let’s get moving! This time, we’re going to get you...
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    Brexit Notice from The Ceo at The Vault

    Hi All, Just dropping in with a notice from our CEO, George, about the impact of Brexit. To read it, just go here > Thanks, Gary Eff #TeamVault
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    Barney's Farm Promo - 4 Chances to Win a 5 Pack

    New Year - New Offers here at The Vault! To kick us off in 2021 we’re going to give up some seeds via our long time friends at Barney’s Farm! Barney’s consistently support the Vault and if you’ve bought from us over the past few years you’ll have received at least one Barney’s Farm seed in your...
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    Merry Seedmass – Win a YEARS supply of Cannabis Seeds + 500 Seed Give-Away & 420 Clock Up For Grabs

    Merry SeedMass Promo 2020 *WIN a Years Supply of Seeds* +14 Prizes with over 500 Seeds Up For Grabs 420 Clock As a Unique Prize Xmas Discount Closes Early January Goodies and Merch Enter on The Blog...
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    10 Packs of 10 Seeds to be Won In Our Choose Your Own Seeds Promo!

    Hello forum members, We've just launched our latest promo at The Vault and it's a corker! We're asking you to let us know your favourite strain that's on The Vault Website, then let us know what that is in the BLOG COMMENTS section by dropping the link. You can of course comment here, but...
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    The Vault’s Halloweed Promo closes next Thursday 12th November - Win Up To 50 Seeds + Special Prize

    Hi All, We launched The Vault Halloweed promo last week but due to the popularity of the initial launch we didn’t have time to share it in the forums, so we extended it by a week to let you guys enter. Simply head to this blog post on The Vault Website and guess how many seeds are in the tub...
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    Free Kannabia Seeds if you spend over £100 + Win 5 Seeds Promo

    Hi Everyone - Gary Eff here with another promo: A Big shout out to the Kannabia Seed Company as they have made another 2 amazing cannabis seed strains available for The Vault customers to try out, for FREE! Simply order over £100 at The Vault and you will qualify for no less than 4 free seeds...
  14. @hibredseed photo run

    @hibredseed photo run

    Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 2x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 1 oscillating monkey fan Medium: 2gal air pots cannacoco bricks plus perlite 3gal air pot kryptonite soil from nextgensoil Nutrient: dynomyco with both sensi coco bloom for the coco pots...
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    Spend over £200 and get 10 FREE Barneys Farm Seeds + Win 10 Seeds

    Hi everyone, Dropping in to let you know The Vault have teamed up with Barney's Farm in our latest promo. This time it's a double whammy! 1 - Spend over £200 at The Vault to get a free Barney's Farm x10 Pack (this is on top of all other free seed offers) - includes Auto Seeds! 2 - Win a x10...
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    Win Paradise Seeds 'Chongs Choice' Auto Kong 4

    The Vault has teamed up with the good guys and gals of Paradise Seeds to bring you this cannabis seed competition where you can win some of their awesome Auto Kong 4 seeds! It’s also part of their (Tommy) ‘Chong’s Choice’ collection! A promo fit for a King we feel! To get involved, simply head...
  17. [IN PROGRESS] [MARS HYDRO CUP] NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud" [SEASON 1]

    [IN PROGRESS] [MARS HYDRO CUP] NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud" [SEASON 1]

    :growing: NucksNugs "Bedroom Bud":growing: A Washington State Medical MJ Patient :meds: Disabled Veteran \ PTSD Patient :meds: Welcome to my first Medical Marijuana Grow and also my First ever Grow Journal on AFN or any other Cannabis Forums. If you read the title of this Blog you now know...
  18. IMG_3764.JPG


    This is the same bud as the previous CDFC photo. I did a complete trim before i took this one, and you can see the bud color a little better now. It always amazes me once im done trimming them, what the flowers look like without all those leaves. She did have a TON of leaves, and took 4ever to trim.
  19. Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    Chocolate Diesel Fire Cookie

    just delicious. I only had one of her. the other 2 didn't grow. but boy oh boy was that one plant worth the price of the pack. it really tasted like chocolate. this is an overhead closeup of a pre-defoliated top.
  20. Son of Hobbes

    The Autoflower Network welcomes Prescription Blend!

    Good morning everyone! The Autoflower Network would like to welcome the company Prescription Blend to our forum! Prescription Blend is a complete 6 part nutrient kit for growing cannabis. From their own description: COMPLETE 6 PART NUTRIENT KIT - Can be used in Hydroponics, Coco, Soil...