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cannazone live product testing

  1. wwwillie

    Folux Solutions Folux Solutions - AFN Communal Fall 2018 Test Thread

    Hey Now! Here we are the test crew for Folux Solutions Helios FH-120K LED Grow Kit! How cool is that!! Please join me, WWWillie, @Prophetiko and @Dudeski as we grow with these lights and give them a good AFN test run!
  2. Mossy

    AFN CannaZone tests Prism Lighting Science CMH!

    Good morning everyone! We're excited to announce that we were offered 10 Prism Lighting Science Ceramic MH lights for CannaZone Product Testing! The kits are coming from Growers House (www.growershouse.com) and we've got 8 testers (two are doubling up) and it sounds like quite a few are taking...
  3. Mossy

    COB first leg LAST PHOTO CALL

    Details to follow..Open for names..
  4. Duggy

    Skyline LED with Duggy

    With thanks to LED Hydroponics for the opportunity to test their Skyline LED. Up for testing are the Skyline 400 and Skyline 200 in Full Spectrum. They arrived well packaged and discreetly marked. Units look clean sturdy, and well put together. Checked everything was operational and my main...
  5. Duggy

    Royal Queen Seeds Duggy Blue Cheese Test

    Germinated 2 x Blue Cheese Auto 24th Sept. One grew nice tap root and was potted to 1L pot of Lightmix. She will be moved to 15L Autopot in 1 week. Nutrients are Biotabs line..Currently under 100w LED. Day 1..
  6. Duggy

    Duggy NL Auto Test

    24th Sept germinated 2 x Northern Lights Auto from Female Seeds. One quickly produced a tap root and was potted to a small pot around 1L where she will remain for a week prior to planting into a 15L Autopot. Nutrients will be Biotabs line. Currently under 100w Spectrum King LED. Big thanks to...
  7. G

    Current Live Stoners Gossip June/July/August 2017

    Love night fishing for channel cats...good times!!
  8. stepside

    Retired Live Stoners Gossip April May 2017

    AutoWarriors Looking to fill a few entry level positions Please feel free to apply All new hires must complete probationary period. Job description. Contact prospective guests for the Autowarrior show. Be available for interviews and planning Must have a sense of humor Work well...
  9. pop22

    TEST: 2Autocobs growing 2 autoflowers

    Well, lets try this again! My last seeds were duds, so I'm back with fresh seed. I'll be growing Sweet Seeds Green Poison, a favorite of mine. Seeds soaked 24hrs, and were planted in starter containers of organic soil this morning. NOW we'll see what can happen!
  10. Son of Hobbes

    Rosin Tech

    Coming soon!
  11. pop22

    Zambesa Lemon Kush and Northern Lights Photo Periods

    Zambesa photo periods planted today. Three out of 4 seeds had radicles, the fourth looked ready to split open. After they sprout, they will grow in this tent.
  12. pop22

    Multi-Test: 2 AutoCobs, 4 Zamnesia Autoflowers

    I've been eagerly awaiting the begging of these tests! The start of the show is the Autocob lights I will be testing. And it should prove very interesting and a learning experience, growing with COBs is a little different I've learned. I'll be growing in coco with GrowMore organic nutrients...
  13. pop22

    HarvestMore Testing the Harvest More Trim Bin, by Pop22

    I've been given the privilege of testing the Trim Bin from Harvest More. This is a tool I've looked at longingly for a long time. Any tool that makes the hardest part of a grow easier is worth considering! I received mine kit a few days ago. It came nicely boxed in a plain brown box, no fancy...
  14. Mossy

    Outdoor Auto and Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017

    Your Host for this Outdoor Auto Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 is @912GreenSkell :d5: Starting May 2017 Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 Welcome to the Annual Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Battle of the Year 2017, where grow gladiators will battle...
  15. Son of Hobbes

    Current Live Stoners Gossip (Feb 2017 onward) Retired.

    Hey everyone, every so often we retired the old Live Stoner Gossip thread due the size of it and start a fresh one and it seems like it's about that time! Good morning, have a toke and welcome to LIVE STONERS!
  16. Duggy

    BLK Seeds Mega Test..

    Welcome to the BLK Seeds test thread where we will grow and show the majority of the BLK catalogue, both autos and photos.. With thanks to @Leo Black Come and join us... The truth is in the pudding...
  17. Duggy

    Zamnesia Communal Test Thread

    With thanks to Zamnesia....Get ready for action as the Cannazone prepare to test Zamnesia Seeds Automatic strains... I'll introduce your test team shortly so stay tuned.....
  18. Mossy

    #Staff Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

  19. Mossy

    #CannaZone Test Team Trophy Cabinet 2017

    #cannazone test team