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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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cannazone team


    which led

    hi guys my budbox is 1 x 1 x 1.8 what size led should i be putting in there or would 2 x 300 be ok or would you go with ones with reflector etc? I have seen different brands that can go from 300w 400w 600w 700w etc I am on a small budget but would really appreciate your input. I more or less...
  2. sey420

    Best LED light for 2x2 grow tent

    Hi guys I've just purchased a Jardin DS60 measuring 60cm x 60cm x150cm. Looking at growing 1 at a push 2 autos using auto pots. I have a budget of around £150 for a led grow light and so was after some suggestions. Thanks in advance Sey
  3. Headcell

    Mars Hydro 600 (new old stylee)

    Hello fellow Auto enthusiasts, would like some advice as to weather the mars hydro led light I've purchased is enough to illuminate a Secretjarden DS 90, im growing 3 plants in 11ltr pots, actual draw of the light is 272 watts + 5% I believe , I've stuck a couple of Mephisto beans in, auto blues...
  4. Wile e Peyote

    Wile-E-Peyote (mis)adventures with Amare LED SS 150x2/ SE250(Autopots and Bubble Buckets)

    Grow Equipment Tent:Secret Jardin DS150 cut down by 2 inches Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 8 inch carbon fresh filter Lights 2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE https://www.amaretechnologies.com/collections/solarspec-high-intensity-led-growlight-technology/products/solarspec-ss150-1 1...
  5. Rubbers

    First Closet Grow - Mars 400W LED

    Last pic was taken during sleep time. 18/6 Cycle So this Narcotic Kush is on Day 25 so far. 3Gallon Pot Mars II 400 LED FoxFarm Ocean Soil
  6. doobydoobydo

    Trying out LEDs

    I am thinking of trying out one of these. I would like to grow 6-8 plants Anybody got any feedback on this company, or these lights? Cheers A
  7. Autonugs

    Tasty LED

    Didn't see much around here about them so I just wanted to review them slightly. First off I had/have 2 Mars Hydro Reflector 96x5 in my 2' deep x 4'wide tent. Talking with @Atulip for a few days and we came to the conclusion I will DIY my mars to use Cree cob chips 1 light at a time. In the...
  8. tony mcstoney

    waste of $$$$ or .......

    Switched to led mars hydro 150w reflector a few months ago......plants veg great not so great in flower.added a bunch of cfls...anyhooo was thinking about buying a cheap screw in sm led 24w light....says 9 red 3 blue leds. 3 band wave length........gonna get another mars when i have $$$$ but...
  9. Atulip

    DIY Mars to Cree Cob conversion

    To start, credit goes to growmau5 for the idea and just rediculous amounts of information on DIY cob leds. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCPSwmwj8ZLXObtBJmz-76rw If you have any interest in DIY COB LED check him out on YouTube. There's also a 6 part series on DIY LED Basics, very informative...
  10. K

    COB LED INFORMATION check it out!!!

    amazing info on COB led building and concept info on youtube, please checkout these 2 guys... GREENGENES GARDEN GROWMAU5 (their youtube user names) these guys just recently dumped a bunch of well needed info on you tube for our advancement!! pardon me if it is already on AFN. I could not...
  11. Magic

    Magic's Basic LED Guide

    Growing with LED (Know The Basics) Distance: From my observations keeping your led light at the right distance can highly effect the growth of your plants. Too Close you can stunt your plants and possibly burn them. Too Far and you can cause your plants to stretch and have elongated internode...
  12. Tenacious Trichomes

    TT's Sticky Autos

    What's up AFN!! New guy on the block who's dipping his feet into the auto water. Done a few photo runs and pulled in a nice harvest IMO for a noob and his first few attempts. Anyways, with those runs under my belt I am now running an auto to see what the fuss is about. I've seen some of you...
  13. Ozone69

    Monsters in my closet, my ongoing grow thread

    Now that the first grow in my closet is wrapping up with the last plant blooming away, my thoughts have turned to "what to do next". I think that three plants is a good number for the space I'm working with. Since the first two plants took about 95 days from starting to germinate until...
  14. bubblekarma

    B.K's Growing Adventures

    Starting a new thread to contain all my updates on all the projects and adventures I'm involved in. Cab setup: MARS Hydro 144x3W Reflector Series // Filter/Fan exhaust // Dual circulation fans // ~45" Grow Height Will be growing misc things... Cannabis both Auto and Photo, Poppies, Mushrooms...
  15. arty zan

    The Next Number Challenge

    Rules are simple post a picture with the next number. Numbers follow in numerical sequence 1,2,3,4,5 etc :D I'll start this off :D the higher the numbers get, the harder it will be to find a nice pic showing that number, how High can we get? :jointman:
  16. stepside


    This might not be the place for this but... I like jokes, doesn't matter what kind as long as I get a laugh. What's the difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral thermometer?? The taste!:holymoly: To anybody reading this thread.... Sorry if you find any of the material offensive...
  17. A-Train

    where did YOUR user name come from?

    Many times on AFN you can read someone's user name and it's very self explanitory, but others you read and say wtf does that mean, or maybe others have a different meaning to the user than you think... Here is where Atrain comes from: Anyone here who is prior army should understand. But in army...
  18. TaNg

    LED and CalMag discussion.

    The other lighting mods and myself thought it would be a good idea to get a discussion going about the issue of calmag def most LED growers get. There are a few theory's out there but nothing concrete,a recent theory's form Canna shared by DP Tony is that LEDs don't create as much heat as HPS...
  19. Groff

    LEDs direct from china

    LEDs direct from china - This thread was started and created by copying over posts from the blackstar thread due to them causing confusion. This thread is for any members who have purchased there LEDS direct from china.we know that buying direct is quite alot cheaper,but iv read good and bad...
  20. Northern Grower

    What Are You Smoking Right Now?

    Hey everyone! I want to see what you are smoking right now. Auto or not! This is what i just grabbed. All ready had some, but this only stays around for hours! So I had too. Raskals OG Kush. Once again, you can SEE why OG's are running all over the canna world these days. Usual lemoney...