cfl lighting

  • The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

  • The Holiday Recipe 2nd place winner is the green bandit.

  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.

  1. Splitty37

    Think different UK first time grow

    Hi all, Started a TD grow in soil on my window sill/garden in the UK and all has been going well, I'm using poundland hydro Coco nutes (bloom and PK boost) and gro more with added seaweed extract. As the weather was shite the other week I built a cupboard with 4 X 20w CFL's in which she seems...
  2. W

    Auto CFL setup

    Hey all, Just about to grow some G14. Have a 3x3 secret jardin, 1x 400w dual spectrum cfl, 1 x dws pot. Only growing one at a time as this is my first dwc grow. Never used a dual spectrum light but thought I’d give it a go. Will a 400w cfl have enough power for the one plant? Will I add...