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  1. Cloning Alien Rock Candy Day 1

    Cloning Alien Rock Candy Day 1

    Cloning day 1.
  2. P

    Transplanting Clones Into FFOF

    I wanted to see if anybody here could share an experience they had when transplanting a clone into Fox Farms Ocean Forrest. I have not had very good results myself, but I also don't have too much experience on this particular practice. Here is a quick run down of an experiment that I am running...
  3. Glue Breath 2 full

    Glue Breath 2 full

    this is what she looks like right before i cut her. this one was supported by a bamboo grid that i took out, then slid her into a tiled area to photo. VERY different from the plant i put in the tent. Buds are like lead ping pong balls. see that one branch point at the floor?
  4. full Glue Breath View

    full Glue Breath View

    Her leaves start out light, and she gets stressed w/too much light, but once you drop the hours below 14, she starts to shine, and the leaves turn a deep, glossy evergreen. they look like they're made out of wax at the end, when i cut her. amazing plant.
  5. Glue Breath 2

    Glue Breath 2

  6. Glue Breath 1

    Glue Breath 1

    does she really need a description? She is a plant i grew at random, one of the first solo grows i ever did. (I grew as part of a team for several years before trying it on my own) She came when a plant (think a GG. ) hermied and pollinated a motorbreath. i got a bud, and 4 seeds out of that bud.
  7. Ayahuasca Purple and Me

    Ayahuasca Purple and Me

    this thing is so huge! this is the same size as the other two were when i stuffed them in the tent with the scrog screen. This one is about to go through the same process, and go into its OWN tent. I'll post another photo of the one im about to cut down to put THIS one in its place. #barneysfarm
  8. Glue Breath  (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Completed Glue Breath (my White Rose) last 3 seeds!

    Here I have my last 3 glue breath beans, just popped their heads up this morning. I do not know if these seeds are fem or not. Like I mentioned before, these seeds came from a female plant that hermied, and pollinated a motorbreath. So I have no idea what I am about to get. I have a bit of an...
  9. Qupid

    Photoperiod Grow Hunting for the creme de la chem

    Dinachem Planted these girls in the tray about 3/4 days ago and perked up nicely after leaving them root bound in 3 inch cubes for a little too long. Plans for the grow are to take cutting for each of the 10 chems and root them in my veg tent while these flower, once everything is nice and...
  10. HemiSync

    COBShop.net Side or bottom lighting?

    Just getting caught up on all the information in this area and still have a few threads to read but I was wondering if anyone had tried using an extra AutoCob for side or bottom lighting? I have had some grows where it was so dense in the tent, even with training, that having a 150w HPS shining...