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  1. Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients

    Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients

    This one is a week old this will be first time using mantis won't be using anything else
  2. Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Today's report Auto Gorilla OG Day 16 Killer Kush Day 8 High temp - 83 Low temp - 71 High RH - 65% Low RH - 48% Reservoir PH- Increased from 5.56 to 5.93- I believe that this is caused by the distilled water. Not sure. Reservoir current temp. 68 degrees. First feed as follows 15ml of Armor Si...
  3. T

    yield predictions for me?

    gonna do 10-12 photos, veg'd for a month under 1x1000w MH/HPS growing in coco coir. just wondering what I should expect since I yielded 1.4lb for my 5 photos for my first grow. I veg'd those for 3 months. also, would i yield more doing that with photos or growing autos?
  4. D

    When do you start feeding nutes in Coco and how much?

    Hey Fam I recently started a 2x4 tent with 6 plants, I didn't fertigate for the first 8 days. 3 plants came out with major Cal-Mag issues that they have not ever fully recovered from. Massively stunted growth. Questions: Coco has no nutrient properties at all, when do you start fertigation...
  5. IceWater421

    Seed Stockers Run Through The Jungle

    Hey AFN I’m going to be running a journal for seed stockers doing updates weekly. I will be growing there Amensia Haze , Purple Punch , Sticky Fingers (Autoflowers) & PhotoPeriod Purple Punch. I will be growing with cmh & cobshop cobs,in hempy buckets using Coco .
  6. What's in the tent

    What's in the tent

    Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 1x #optic2 1x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 1x oscillating monkey fan 1x 6in fan Medium: 2gal air pots canna coco bricks plus perlite Nutrient: cangenx mantisbufferednutrients .
  7. The Mugwamp

    Mars Pro ll Epistar 160 Review and Grow by The Mugwamp

    Hi all and :welcome: I will be reviewing the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 LED, which I was lucky enough to win on one of the many Mars Hydro giveaways/competitions. So firstly I would like to thank @MarshydroTina for this wonderful opportunity to hopefully grow some prize winning beauties...
  8. Okie4

    Coco coir help. New grower!

    I am wanting to begin my grow soon ! I have gotten everything in order and have my seeds germinating right now. I have Mother Earth coco +perlite (70/30 ratio) for my medium. And herbal hydroponics and cal mag for nutes. This is my first grow and I am not sure if I need to wash my coco coir? Or...
  9. NiceOption

    Dinafem Cup Comp Judging Stage Nice Option's Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Bonanza

    Hey hey, One of many that's joining the grand ol' Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Challenge. Big shout out for @Dinafem-Mark for providing the goodies. Beans got soaking on the 15th August. I messed up already (stoners eh?) and didn't take a pic with the code etc, so I'm probably out of the...
  10. T

    My first auto run in 1 month. Laying out a plan. Advise appreciated.

    Lights: t5 fluorescent, 1000w MH, 1000w HPS Growing space: Tent 5' by 5' by 2m long First off, thanks to anybody that helped me on this forum. You guys have been amazing and I've learned so much from everybody here. As it stands, this is the info I have: I'm going to start in 3G plastic pots...
  11. T

    How do you ideally precharge coco coir?

    I think I used nutes+calmag before. Might buy+use Greenleaf Megacrop for the run, so this will be included as one. You go til it wastes in any size pot you're starting in right? Then leave it for 24 hrs before you plant the seeds for germ? How long must you wait to feed them again when the...
  12. Mañ'O'Green

    Grow Battle Show Case 2019 St. Tom is Light Grower 2019 Champion

    Vote for 3. Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the Championship Round. These are the potential Gladiators: Top 5 2018 Champion Growers COB 1st @F.N. 2nd @Mañ'O'Green 3rd @bushmasterar15 4th @Feenix 5th @Only1Sky 5th @Jibblerjoe LED 1st 2nd @Only1Sky 3rd @St. Tom 4th...
  13. Wawashell

    Wawashell Runs BLo in Coco

    i will be running @Magic Strain Breeders pack BLo x1. Just so I can get the feel for her. Including after learning my mistakes with the Binary Genetics BlkMrrr. Extra precautions and prepping were taken, :smoking: Alright the Set Up. Roots Organic Coco (ph’Ed and rinsed) in 1 gallon...
  14. Tyler_Durden88

    Humboldts OG Kush & Bubba Kush

    I'm doing this thread for the two Humboldts autoflowers I got. First one being OF kush and the other pre 98 bubba kush. They will be grown in a coco/perilite 50/50 mix. Drain to waste with Advanced Nutrients PH perfect Sensi grow and bloom. And AN supplements as well Sensi calmag Xtra, Voodoo...
  15. Ozzie Greenthumb

    Growers Choice Seeds??? Pros and cons???

    Got a question for all you experts... Have any of you ever used seeds from here and namely the Tangerine Dream and Sour Kush autoflowers?? Also in a good climate controlled environment what's the time from seed till harvest on such said autos? In this pic the white on leaves is diatomaceous...
  16. FullAuto245

    FullAuto245 Constant journal

    Welcome all and thanks for stopping by! This is my second grow. I will be running a king plus 2000w led in a 2x4x5 Vivosun tent. Using General Hydroponics trio with cal mag and flora kleen 3 gal. fabric pots with coco coir mixed with perlite. Using RO water! Just set up a new system it’s...
  17. NiceOption

    Seedstockers Super Skunk & Fruit Cake GOTY 19 2

    My first battle and this one didn't get off to the best start but after starting three of the Super Skunk seeds, one finally showed herself above ground. She'll also be alongside a Fruit Cake which cannot be entered into the battle due to timing but I figured I'd document her here as well...
  18. Mañ'O'Green

    Light Grower of the Year 2019 Leg 2

    Lighting Grower of the Year 2019 will start the second of two qualifying legs 1st May. Any seed as long as it is grown under light of Any kind. Standard Battle Rules apply Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 . Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers. Sponsored Growbattles..where...
  19. L

    Mephisto Genetics in coco | First time grow

    Hi everybody, I'm growing 25 Sour Cracks and 12 Chemdogging - AF SOG style. I'm experiencing some problems with Sour Crack babies. Coco/Vermiculite/Perlite - 80/10/10. I've used this coco (Superior Light Mix) and added a bit of vermiculite and perlite. There is guano added to coco, so it is...
  20. FTF_damien50

    Photoperiod Grow 480CobsGPFDPerpEB2

    Last grow went less than satisfactory and then I smoked a landrace and decided I wanted a grow Pure sativa. Ordered 6x Malawi x Panama from Seedsman and got a bunch of freebies. I believe Led lighting has come far enough that I should invest in it so ordered 12 Bridgelux EB2's in 3000k @ 44"...