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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Tyler_Durden88

    Best size Pots For Coco coir?

    Im wondering how small you can go with coco coir in fabric pots and still have great growth and development. I started at 5 gallon and moved down to 3 gallon with no diffrence in growth. But my roots are packed in and coming out all sides and bottom of the pot. Coco coir aint cheap and id like...
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Best size Pots For Coco coir?

    Im wondering how small you can go with coco coir in fabric pots and still have great growth and development. I started at 5 gallon and moved down to 3 gallon with no diffrence in growth. But my roots are packed in and coming out all sides and bottom of the pot. Coco coir aint cheap and id like...
  3. Tyler_Durden88

    Advanced nutrients Big Bud coco

    Does anyone know if your supposed to use big bud as a supplement or a general nutrient. I use Sensi grow and bloom ph perfect. And im unsure if adding it with my other nutes will burn or if its meant to be added as a supplement. Theres no real yes or no on the subject that I can find.
  4. Mxrider211

    Coco loco

    Hey everyone im trying to get a thread going on ff coco loco since there is minimal info on it anywhere, so if you've grown in it or have info on growing in it exspecialy on when to start feeding n how much to start with plz share your knowledge!
  5. Tyler_Durden88

    Bubba Kush aka Suckerpunch

    Heres my suckerpunch by autoseeds. She grown in canna coco coir with advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow and bloom. Under a roleadro 400w cob led. Ill be updating its progress frequently.
  6. Tyler_Durden88

    Skywalker by mephisto

    Good overall strain I did LST and grew one in coco coir and soil. Both grew very similar. The coco one had better trich coverage and odor after the cure. Decent potency like most all mephisto strains. Only downside is yield. Averaged only around 1 1/2 ounces per plant so I wont be growing it...
  7. Natsu

    Natsu's topped 4 strain coco/soil with Advanced Nurients

    Hey guys, this is my second grow, The strains I'll be growing this time is one of each Super Sonic Crystal Storm by Samsara Seeds, Cheese Auto by Canuk Seeds, Pakistan Ryder by World of Seeds, and Fruit Auto by Dinafem. All germinated well except the Fruit, the shell split, but it didn't show...
  8. NiceOption

    New Grower Noob intro: growing for MMJ

    Hey guys, So I'm both new to the network and new to growing. I came to growing due to a recent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (after seeing various docs and "specialists"). I tried various medications and treatments all of which either didn't work or carried side effects which were almost more...
  9. DJ High

    Indoor Grow Round 2 here we come! Fast Buds LSD25 in Coco

    Alright! Ready for grow #2 in light of cannabis becoming legal in Canada in 3 days! Will be growing two LSD-25 in coco/perlite (70/30) under an 800 watt cob led grow light using Remo's Micro, Grow, Bloom, MagNiFiCal & probably AstroFlower. I'll be on a 18/6 light cycle. My last grow was my...
  10. W

    Searchin for the perfect grow (or just not stuff it up)

    Howdy, I’ve lurked for a while and have appreciated your help. I’ve had issues with temps and once messed up ph using molasses. I’ve done ok ,but this time with your guidance and support I’m looking for improvements. Coco perlite 80/20 smart pots 17 litre ( first time using smart pots) 600w...
  11. Gabarram

    Nirvana Sky Super Auto strain

    This Nirvana Sky Super Auto from Flash Seeds (100-120 days from seed to harvest) was growing (indoors) in a 15 L plastic pot since germination. The substrate is coco coir perlite (65/35) and the FlowerPower line as fertilizers (also, I use root excelurator) and Ca-Mg-Fe supplement). When she...
  12. Tyler_Durden88

    Double Grape Coco vs. Soil Grow

    I decided to do some experimenting and grow two Mephisto Double grape Autos one in soil one in Coco Coir. For the record I know that only growing one of each isn't very scientific or anything I know the strains vary in grow characteristics this is just for some fun and to see the diffrences that...
  13. Tyler_Durden88

    Anyone Use Advanced Nutrients?

    Im new to growing in coco and i decided to go with advanced nutrients sensi grow ph perfect for coco. So far ive been very dissapointed with their customer service after several e-mails of asking for more details on how to mix their nutrients correctly not one reply. So im reaching out to fellow...
  14. Jaqen H'Ghar

    Jaqen H'Ghar does West Coast OG in Autopots - Fuelled by Biotabs

    Grow overview: This grow will be 2 West Coast OG Auto by Fastbuds. One will be mine & one will belong to Mrs H'Ghar. The light I am using is a custom built strip light in 3500k which dims from 160 watts to 330 although I am unlikely to raise the power above 240 watts at any point in the grow...
  15. Exivious

    First Grow - 4 Different Auto Strains in Coco

    Last week, I started incubating four different auto strains from Mephisto Genetics. I know that's a little silly, but that's what I did. ;) I purchased three strains from them with roughly equivalent cycle times and expected size. I received some free seeds with my order and rather than having...
  16. Damien50

    Indoor Grow 00 Seeds' Autos HPS 600w DTW - Growpito Sim Mix

    600 watt cool tube MH/HPS w/440cfm exhaust 4x4x6.5 Finether tent w/240cfm exhaust 18"'Box fan 6"' Clip fan Ppm and ph meter Aquarium heater 2 gallon smart pots Cocotek brick coir 00 Seeds' Afghan Mass XXL/Northern Lights/Sweet Soma Autos/California Kush/Kush/Cheese Autos 10 gallon...
  17. DJ High

    New Grower First auto flower to start in a few weeks!

    Hi all! I'm new to growing but am not new to the process as I have friends who grow and I have learned much from them. But my buddies have never done autos so I am planning on making this forum my home before and during and after my first grow. I intend to keep you all up-to-date with pics and...
  18. IceWater421

    Odd bugs that jump

    Hey AFN Icewater here with a question hope I’m posting in correct forum. All start with saying my medium is coco I feed with advanced nutrients and I foliar spray and water in bo kashi bran than I bubble for 2-3 days before using . I’m not seeing any damage being done by these little guys but...
  19. JimCoffeeBeans

    JimCoffeeBeans First time Auto Grow: Blackberry Kush, Sour Hound, Auto Lemon

    Hello AFN! Been reading the forums here for a while as I'm new to autos (and growing weed in general - this is only my second grow and my first had many problems and an early harvest), so I thought I'd hop in here and share my experience. And hopefully get some advice as well. My main...
  20. Slater

    Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion

    Welcome to the Watering times, frequency's, schedule etc. discussion Been meaning to get this thread going for bit and open up this discussion. Try and get the information all in one place, help for the newbies and for me to get better understanding of how every one approaches this... recently...