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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Martin Ena

    Tri-Auto strains coco + hps + led

    Hi! Been a long time lurking and leaching all the great infos from all the great growers on this comunity and after my first unexpectedly succesful grow i decided to start my own journal. This grow is kinda different from my first (also more serious) so i need all the help i can sponge on! I...
  2. M

    MrGoat 1st Journal, 1st Indoor Grow

    Greetings all, there is a great deal of knowledge here on AFN, I hope I can contribute a little bit along the way. I have a few outdoor grows, first venture indoors. Tent: Melonfarm Grow Tent 48x24x60 Lights: HI-SDard LED 600 Watt Full Spectrum - Veg, Bloom and Flower modes...
  3. Cheesecakes

    No growth after germination in coco coir?

    Strain: Royal cookies RQS Media: Coco coir 65% Perlite 35% Nutrients: Advanced nutrients coco grow A+B Additives: Advanced nutrients B52, Voodoo juice Light: 600w super T MH , 200w Helios COB Timer: on 20-4 off Temp: day 25c, night 20c Humidity: 65% Ventilation: rhyno extractor + 2 fans for...
  4. i33i

    Auto Lemon from Seedsman by i33i

    Hi all, i finally found some time to start my first grow jurnal on AFN so here it goes, most of my projects are DIY, from box (or closet) to light panel, cause im cheap bastard and i love to build things. This project cost less than 200 $ from scratch to final build (including equipment i had...
  5. theRealDespotic

    TRDFarmer's Photo Flower Tent

    Hey folks, been slow getting going on this thread but the flower room was finally cleared of the autos and the photo flower begun. The last auto run was the first under my diy cob fixture and I'm happy to report that it was a success. The journal is elsewhere on AFN and may be linked in my sig...
  6. J

    True 330 Watt LED/COB Soil Grow First Time Indoors!!

    1/10/2017 DAY 2 AK Auto Fem Canuk seeds & Auto fem blue cheese Royal Queen Seeds Germinated both seeds via paper towel method the AK tap root sprouted in 23 hours and the cheese in 27 hours. Planted the AK in a 5 gallon smart pot, and the cheese in a 5gallon plastic pot with drilled holes...
  7. Druid

    Jack Herer: First time grow

    The first post is always the most awkward.. so: "Heeeyy" I found this board a few days ago and yesterday decided that I wanted to be here too. I've got experience with plants in general (I grow tiny trees and cross breed peppers for fun) but this is my first venture into this area. At the...
  8. Daipot

    First grow: heavyweight fast and vast

    Hi all. This is separate thread for my first grow. In one tent is have 2 super skunk by Sensi,2 amnesia haze (apologies I've forgotten the name of the breeder), one dark purple by sweet seeds and 2 fast and vast by heavyweight. ALL SEEDS ARE AUTO'S!!!! I have an overall thread on my grow so...
  9. Noob420

    2nd grow auto blueberry

    Hello everyone, This will be my second grow in coco, and first with new type of set up. Strain blueberry from ILGM Converted a old dresser lined with panda film. Dimensions 2.5ft x 1.5 ft x 4.5ft. 6in vantech exhaust fan. 250 watt mh/hps light Nutrients: botanicare grow, bloom, ripe, and...
  10. B

    Anyone ever try these pre-packaged fertilizer kits?

    I am growing an autoflower. I have a FastBuds seedling, Crystal Meth, their mothership strain. I'm fairly new to growing and in the process of completing a space bucket. Medium is coco coir in a 2gal smartpot under 4 23w daylight cfl's. I need your guys insight about which fertilizers would be...