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  1. Binary Selections Nurple

    Binary Selections Nurple

    Heya guys and gals! Here we go with the final plant in the tent for Operation Pounder, Nurple from Binary Selections. Ya know the drill, heres super duper quick recap of setup.... 5gal pot with amended coco loco Combo of autocobs and qb for light 1 shot from nftg amendment for soil Real Growers...
  2. Chemdogging x CDLC

    Chemdogging x CDLC

    Heya peeps! Here we have 1 of the strains in the tent, its a mephisto genetics freebie i received, chemdogging x cdlc. So setup is pretty much exact same across the board in the tent this round, heres the quick recap... *4x4x6 tent *Autocobs and qbs for light, about 370w when everythings...
  3. Megabuds Beastmode Auto

    Megabuds Beastmode Auto

    Wassup peeps? I have been fortunate to get to test Beastmode Auto for our friends at @MegaBuds. Our little seedling just passed the 1 week mark and is looking good, tho i did let her get a touch lanky. Color is perfect, growth has been excellent so far. Lets back it up tho and i'll give ya...
  4. DevilDog_0651

    Feed 2x per day?

    I have an outdoor photoperiod in flower right now, pretty nice size. She is in a 3 gallon fabric pot (thought she was an auto but was mistaken), and growing in fox farms coco loco. I am feeding 1 gallon at sun up before I go to work. By the time I get home from work, the plant is starting to...
  5. W

    Help With Green Crack (Auto) Seedling Please

    Hello, My seedling is looking kind of rough - info and pictures, below. Any help greatly appreciated! Please fill in this form: (copy and paste part is below, this first one tell what specifically to include) -Problem: Green Crack seedling is 12 days old and has isn't looking very good...
  6. DevilDog_0651

    Mephisto Sour Stomper Grow

    I am awaiting 3 sour stomper seeds from @mephisto (in the mail). They will be in solo cups in my shed under a cheap LED until they are big enough to put outside Will be an outdoor grow in 3 gallon fabric pots. Will get light from roughly 6:30 to 8:30 (about 8 hours of direct overhead light)...
  7. DevilDog_0651

    Constant heavy rain in veg

    Hey everyone. Obviously plants love nature...rain, sunshine, wind, etc. But is it bad for a vegging canna plant to get multiple days in a row of heavy rain? That throws off my nute feedings since i assume i dont want to water and feed when the soil coco mix is already wet? I have the option...
  8. Mxrider211

    Coco loco

    Hey everyone im trying to get a thread going on ff coco loco since there is minimal info on it anywhere, so if you've grown in it or have info on growing in it exspecialy on when to start feeding n how much to start with plz share your knowledge!
  9. P

    First Kind Soil, Autopot, Autoflower Grow

    Whats up AFN family! I am new to the forum (been lurking but just recently signed up) and new to autos. I already started a photoperiod grow and it is about half way through the flowering stage at this point. I am currently growing in my shed. The shed is built with a wood frame and has been...
  10. David A Schools

    Outdoor Diesel

    Hello. I think I accidentally stumbled into how to start a thread so we’ll call this one Outdoor Diesel. I’m new to site and trying to figure out this posting thing. Posted a few random pics yesterday from my last outdoor grow of Green Crack that I harvested on 7/6, but will try and keep all...