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  1. stoney 91

    LAVA FREEZE sssc

    hello this thread will follow my grow with the super sativa seed clubs new feminized strain lava freeze very excited to grow these legendary genetics passed down through the generations and now being mixed with some new genetic crosses so lets get to it first off heres the growing kit to be...
  2. T

    How do you ideally precharge coco coir?

    I think I used nutes+calmag before. Might buy+use Greenleaf Megacrop for the run, so this will be included as one. You go til it wastes in any size pot you're starting in right? Then leave it for 24 hrs before you plant the seeds for germ? How long must you wait to feed them again when the...
  3. omnious

    Indoor Grow Polar Express in Coco

    I planted two, Auto Seeds, today. In 2 dl solo cups (inside uncut solos) sides and bottom cut for roots to grow free. Transplant will be to 5 litre buckets. Under MarsHydro 96 reflector that has now just one photoperiod to illuminate. Grand plan is to pollinate other with Betty Boo for stock of...
  4. Fitzy

    Seedsman and Royal Queen Seeds by @Fitzy

    So I'm running a skunk#1 from seedsman and a Bouble kush from royal queen seeds both are in 2 gallon fabric pot with bottom 3rd a super soil mix as well as a few other organic nutes for liquid nutes I will be only using kelp me kelp you, kangeroots,and calyx magnum under a DIY bridgelux...
  5. Fitzy

    @Fitzy and Blue Toof illuminautos#29 stilton special x 3Bears og and 4assed monkey

    So I've grown these a few times now and really like them I've selfed 2 so I have more and recently crossed to a silverback crack so any way I'm using a combination of 3ml per gallon of calyx magnum, 10ml a gallon of kangeroots, and 3ml of kelp me kelp you. In a 2gal fabric pot of coco with...
  6. MassMom

    Mom's FB Gorilla Shizzle, AutoPot, MegaCrop, Coco Grow :-)

    Veg Area: 30”x18”x36” Vivosun Veg Tent 6” Comfort Zone Clip-on Fan (1) DuroLux 96w HO T5 Clear Plastic Solo Cups & Coffee Cups Beer Can Chicken Roasters (for cup stability) Grow Area: 48"x36"x72" Hongruilite Grow Tent 4" VenTech Fan, Filter & Speed Controller 36” Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan (2)...
  7. stoney 91


    hello this thread will focus on the seed stockers nicole cream and fruit cake we are just getting started germinated 5 of each strain with 100% success one or two slow starts but all healthy with no issues iv picked the best 6 after 2 weeks or so they will get around a 4 week veg topped around...
  8. Fitzy

    Dinafem Dinamex

    So I'm growing this in the dinafem 2nd leg battle but this plant is gorgeous and I can't help but show it off. So some background on everything she was left to grow naturally it's in a square 9inch tall fabric 2gal pot filled with hydrofarms coco, I'm using advanced nutrients 3part organic with...
  9. The^Dude

    You can grow this?!

    Hi everyone, Long time stoner first time grower. I'm just getting back into the sweet leaf after not having any for about 5 years, and I'm crazy excited to grow some myself. I wanted to do this in my 20's, but it was a lot more complicated then. Now I can just put it out in the garden! Times...
  10. Quentin3176

    Critical 2.0+ & blue kush sponsored outdoor UK grow.

    Here we have critical +2.0 & blue kush from dinafem growing outdoors in the east of England. Last year was a pretty good year for growing in the garden/greenhouse and I'm hoping this year will follow suit. Here's where we're at so far.... ^blue kush (top2) Critical (bottom 2) All on day...
  11. O

    AN ph perfect on coco

    Hi everyone, I used the Tangs schedule for my last grow and I quite enjoyed it. However, I had a lot of problems with soil compaction. I was thinking of either adding 20/30 coco to the soil or going coco altogether this time. My question is: if I go all coco, do I need to buy the coco specific...
  12. Kushalotti

    New to Autos

    I've done a fair few photoperiod grows in coco, but never done an Auto grow. I'm hearing some say give autos a weak EC feed and others say give them the same EC as you would with photoperiods! There reason being that new generation autos are able to match photoperiod strength feed! How true...
  13. keineth00

    5 tangerine dream auto in coco/perlite hempy buckets, 1800w (300w) led cob, 4x2.5 ft

    Title explains most the variables. 5 tangerine dream autos from growers choice. (First time ordering seeds went very smoothly from this seedbank). Coco/perlite about 8:2, bottom of buckets are filled with 2" of perlite with a hole for run off. 5 gallon buckets that seeds went straight into 10...
  14. The Mugwamp

    The Mugwamp Does - Seedstockers - Thin Mint Crack Auto

    Hi all and :welcome: I am quite a newb starting my 3rd grow and will be growing 1 Seedstockers Thin Mint Crack Auto for the Seedstockers G.O.T.Y 2nd leg battle :headbang: For the grow i shall be using: Lights 250w mh and 250w hps Dual Spectrum Ballast Ikon Hacienda 600w Digital Dimmable...
  15. LordGreenWood

    First timer with Mephisto :)

    Heya , trying some Mephisto seeds :d5: atm GWK :d5: in 10l smartpot with coco , vegged under cob , now under mars hydro pro 2 160 :pass: tent is 90*60*1.80 :pass: the lady is now 50 cm in height en width :bighug: day 37 , that was yesterday :pass::bighug::pass:
  16. NiceOption

    Nice Option's Garden of Intergalactic Delights

    Good day fellow growers, stoners and autoflowering enthusiasts :toke: Welcome to my new thread. This will be an attempt at something that resembles a perpetual(ish) rotating(ish) tent of medicinal flowers. Previous efforts can be viewed here This tent will differ slightly as previously I was...
  17. Fitzy

    Royal Queen Seeds Royal gorilla

    She just told me she is a lady so here she is setup is 2gallon square fabric pot 1 air dome Coco coir Samsung/eb strip light build
  18. arty zan

    Indoor Grow Arty Grows: Rainbow Stone & Citrus Noir

    Arty Grows: Rainbow Stone & Citrus Noir 2 strain from The Autoflower Portal It has been a while since my last grow as I only grow for myself and my family and my missus. I'm a vaper and only then in the evening after the day's work and chores are done and any time I chooses on weekends and...
  19. MassMom

    Mom's AutoCob, AutoPot, AutoMazar, MegaCrop Grow :-)

    Well, here we go again, fingers crossed! Veg Area: 30”x18”x36” Vivosun Veg Tent 6” Comfort Zone Clip-on Fan (1) DuroLux 96w HO T5 Grow Area: 48"x36"x72" Hongruilite Grow Tent 4" VenTech Fan, Filter & Speed Controller 36” Lasko Oscillating Tower Fan (2) 15L Autopots with AirDomes (3) BigSm0’s...
  20. HighnDry

    Grapey Walter, Autopots, Ecothrive Coco Lite, Greenleaf Megacrop

    Third grow, first Mephisto, first journal, first time Autopots and also first coco grow. Winging it with this Ecothrive/Dutch Pro combo so shout if you see me cocking anything up! Lights are 1 x Bestva 1000w and 1 x Generic 1200w LED panels. In a 3'x5'x7' tent with 5 other plants. She's in...