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  1. O

    Autopots with coco and AN Ph Perfect?

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for an automatic watering system and I am very inclined to use autopots. However, I grow in pure coco with AN ph perfect base nutrients because I love the simplicity of not having to ph and I am getting great results. I am getting tired of watering 5 times a day...
  2. E


    hi guys I’m new to all this only on my second grow with my first being a 50% failure. I’ve gone for biobizz coco as I have the biobizz nutrients line and it says on their site these nutes are compatible. After doing some research I’ve found that some people say biobizz nutes don’t work in coco...
  3. Quentin3176

    Q's perpetual auto/photo grows. Viparspectra/cob conversions, autopots & mills nutrients.

    Now then guys, starting a new thread where I'll keep all my indoor antics in one place as I keep posting other plants/harvests in my other thread, this will be updated with photos and autos alike. I have a small grow area of 2x4 ft where i veg and grow 1/2 autos with my Viparspectra 450...
  4. L

    First Grow SoFem UK Cheese Skunk and Hindu Kush Skunk

    Hello, just wanting to share some pictures of where I'm at with my first grow. I'll keep updating with pictures through flower as I use any advice given. Tent: 32"x32" Light: SpiderFarmer SF2000 Currently at 20 inches 4gal pots Coco Coir/Perlite 70/30% 10inch fan intake, 6 inch fan...
  5. Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Just learned about the pages feature lol)

    So the autopots arrived and I finally whittled the three plants down to two. We're left with the ZE and the HBSS that is 13 days old. HBSS is looking really lovely. Shes a little on the yellow side, so im slowly increasing their feed. Right now im at 2.5G/Gal and im aiming to be at 3G/gal by the...
  6. Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Day 15)

    Zamaldelica Express & Hubbabubbasmelloscope (Day 15)

    Things are going..smoothly? I dont know. ZE is starting to look really funky in the leaves and is growing all kinds of fucked up. Does anyone know if its overwatering? all three plants have fairly light leaves, so i think i need to increase the amount of Megacrop im feeding. Right now im at 1.5G...
  7. J

    Indoor Grow HELP! Starting to flower aaaand...Brown spotting, yellowing and browning bottom leaves

    Coco, 5 gal. smart pots, spyder farmer 1000 ledx2, fox farm trio, and cal mag+. I run my ph at 6.0 to 6.2 and ec has been from .4 to .6 so far. I tested run off once and it was at 6.5. I started off the grow adding 1.5 ml of grow big and 1ml of calmag+ but nothing else. After the stalks beefed...
  8. L

    First Time Grow!! Hindu Kush x Bloody Skunk (Advice Wanted!!)

    Hello all, I just got my own place and naturally had to start something I wanted to do for a long time! This is my first post and just looking for some advice! I don't really know how to add pics so sorry if they're not high quality or too big or two small or whatever. Tent: 32"x32"x63"...
  9. Noideakush

    Am i ready for a flush

    I want to know the easiest basics on how to look for when to start flushing. Hair color etc. Is my plant not ready. Does it still need to fatten. Is it straight back to ph water or do I slowly reduce my flower feed. Any simple info would be great. I'll enter at the shallow end Haha.. Any help...
  10. parsing_trees

    Minimal runoff coco grows?

    Has anybody else here had success with zero/minimal runoff coco grows? What approaches do you use? I started out by hand-watering coco to 20% runoff every time, because the Coco for Cannabis site insisted it was required to prevent salt buildup. That quickly got old, so I set up automated...
  11. Terra Firma

    5 Blackberry Gum Auto's in a SCROG (COBS + Mega Crop)

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever Seed Stockers grow! I normally grow Dutch Passion Auto's. I'm switching over to Greenleaf Nutrients for this grow. My tap water is pretty hard (pH8.6 and EC0.5) and contains a lot more Calcium than Magnesium. I hope that this doesn't screw up the ideal Cal:Mag...
  12. elcoloan

    Please, how should I use beneficials (OG Biowar) in Autopot?

    Hello friends I have a plant that's been on the Autopot system with mostly coco coir for about 15 days now. I've noticed some symptoms that might indicate root rot, so just in case it is I want to apply some beneficial bacteria (Og Biowar Root pack). How should I go about it? From what I've...
  13. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow THE TRICHOME FARM ( HSO fast green crack )

    Hello and welcome to my thread this is where i will gather all of my different grows so lets get straight into it the setup space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights...
  14. The Mugwamp

    Do Si Dos & Nicole Cream - Photo/Auto Grow

    Hi all and :welcome: I'm going to be growing one each of the Nicole Cream Auto and the brand new photoperiod strain Do Si Dos. Kit List Lighting Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 Led Tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Extractor & Filter 4in Swiftair Filter & 5in cheap crappy Inline extractor Fans 1 x 6in...
  15. Mephisto chemdogg completed

    Mephisto chemdogg completed

    This is the 4th plant in my tent with the fastbuds testers and the crinkle in time this one is around the same age as the crinkle in time so coming up on week 3 soon Chemdogg 3rd from the left
  16. Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Day 16 for OG Gorilla and Day 8 for Killer Kush.

    Today's report Auto Gorilla OG Day 16 Killer Kush Day 8 High temp - 83 Low temp - 71 High RH - 65% Low RH - 48% Reservoir PH- Increased from 5.56 to 5.93- I believe that this is caused by the distilled water. Not sure. Reservoir current temp. 68 degrees. First feed as follows 15ml of Armor Si...
  17. T

    First time using coco, how do you get it ready?

    What the best way to treat a 70% coco 30% perlite mix before planting?
  18. Trichome farmer

    LAVA FREEZE sssc

    hello this thread will follow my grow with the super sativa seed clubs new feminized strain lava freeze very excited to grow these legendary genetics passed down through the generations and now being mixed with some new genetic crosses so lets get to it first off heres the growing kit to be...
  19. T

    How do you ideally precharge coco coir?

    I think I used nutes+calmag before. Might buy+use Greenleaf Megacrop for the run, so this will be included as one. You go til it wastes in any size pot you're starting in right? Then leave it for 24 hrs before you plant the seeds for germ? How long must you wait to feed them again when the...
  20. omnious

    Indoor Grow Polar Express in Coco

    I planted two, Auto Seeds, today. In 2 dl solo cups (inside uncut solos) sides and bottom cut for roots to grow free. Transplant will be to 5 litre buckets. Under MarsHydro 96 reflector that has now just one photoperiod to illuminate. Grand plan is to pollinate other with Betty Boo for stock of...