coconut oil

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  1. Mcdee

    Coconut oil gummies

    So, I just popped these out few mins ago. The 1st set of gummies I made with oil from decarbed material from the lift decarboxylator. Bought mold special for coconut oil off Ebay need to get 1 more maybe 2, had to do last few with different mold lol. Got 37.5 but hearts are just a little bit...
  2. Mcdee

    Rosin in my Magical Butter Machine...

    This may be a silly question, but could I just press like a 1oz-1.5oz, decarb that and put that in my mbm with coconut oil? I am not a fan of the sludge that needs to be strained (if you strain it out) and would be a lot less messy process. Seems that it should have the same potency but less...
  3. Mcdee

    What temp?

    @Root I was going to make peanut butter cookies tomorrow and it says 350 for 8-10 min. What temperature and time would you use? I think I normally do like 245 for like 14 min. Anybody else have temp and time chime in please. Thanks.
  4. Mcdee

    Has anyone tried this?

    Was going to try this stuff, has anyone used it? Found it at the store hope it's ok to use.