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  1. Shiva's Mistress

    New Seed Stockers Fast Strains

    New Seed Stockers Fast Strains COOKIES FAST FEM (Girl Scout Cookies x Cookies and Cream) Indoor&Outdoor / Indica - Flower period: 49 days 3 seeds = €19.98 (€6.66 per seed) 10 seeds = €53.30 (€5.33 per seed) 25 seeds = €117.25 (€4.69 per seed) Discover more here BCN CRITICAL XXL...
  2. Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Dinafem's Blueberry Cookies

    These babies are part of my Festivus 2020 prize. Dinafem was absolutely amazing, and so I am giving their seeds prime space in my grow area, so we can see what they can do. I'm so excited about the blueberry genetics. Dinafem was the very first seed I ever grew/ordered, and I can't WAIT to see...
  3. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Festivus 2020 Prize Pack from Dinafem - AMAZING!

    Now, I HAD TO put this out there, because @Dinafem-Mark did me so right on the prize pack. I wasn't expecting but the 5pk of seeds, but to my surprise, I was told to pick two strains. I thought maybe that I would get the two strains split between 5 seeds, or maybe a 3 pack of each. I did a...
  4. Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    Mephisto Forgotten Cookies

    mephisto genetics Forgotten Cookies. The mother of my breeding project. See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  5. Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Forgotten Cookies from Mephisto 2

    Mother of my breeding project See more photos of all types on my twitter @swamplillys
  6. cookies mama side cola

    cookies mama side cola

    SO pretty. no colors on the side, though. it almost looks like a different plant, huh?
  7. cookies mama full shot

    cookies mama full shot

    She was as tall as me.. about 5 ft. VERY open, and thin fingered leaves.
  8. cookies mama main closeup

    cookies mama main closeup

    Mephisto Genetics - Forgotten Cookies Grown in potters Gold, Fed Sensi, and lit with a BloomBeast
  9. NiceOption

    Dinafem Cup Comp Judging Stage Nice Option's Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Bonanza

    Hey hey, One of many that's joining the grand ol' Dinafem Cookies Solo Cup Challenge. Big shout out for @Dinafem-Mark for providing the goodies. Beans got soaking on the 15th August. I messed up already (stoners eh?) and didn't take a pic with the code etc, so I'm probably out of the...
  10. G

    noob greetings to all

    sup , big fanatic of all grow styles and phenos, finally realizing the space for autos has come to be taken seriously finally. thanks to the involved growing my first run of cream cookies from fast buds USA, trying my hand out doors in sunny cali this next 18 hr photo op. :P
  11. Fitzy

    Dinafem Cup Comp Judging Stage @Fitzy presents cookies auto by Dinafem

    So here is a germ pic @Fitzy Dinafem cookies auto 7/19/2019 Solo cup challenge germing 1 for now will pop 1 more in a week or so
  12. MissUniverse

    Girl Scout Cookies Vape Report

    SeedBank : Auto seeds Strain: Girl scout cookies Did it autoflower?: yes Soil/hydro: Roots organic Nutes: Gh maxi duo, xtreme gardening mykos, mykos wp, azos, bonicare calmag, epsom salts Light (kind and schedule): Mars hydro 600 led Mars hydro 300 led From seed to harvest date...
  13. Madness

    Autocob Madness pt.2

    Hey every one. I am glad to be here to share with you my run that I am starting which has got me more focused than ever as a grower.:pass: Before I babble on....pt 1 of my perpetual grow that didn't end up perpetual because of stupid scenarios....fire nugget though let me tell you...
  14. CTb1

    CTb1's DP autoColorado cookies and DP auto mazar journal

    What's up everyone I'm here today to show you my current project. I've never grown autos before and I've never really grown in general. I have 2 mazars and 4 cookies in 5gal smart pots. Here's what my setup is: -Fox farms ocean forest soil -Fox farms trio (grow,bloom,tiger) -GH subculture -4...
  15. Trichome farmer

    The BAM and cookies grow

    hello this is m first journal here so please forgive me for any future errors or mistakes. i am currently growing two auto blue mazars on day 44 and have just germinated two auto colorado cookies i have a 1mx1mx2m tent with a 4" extraction fan and a 600w hps with two 6" clip on fans. im going...