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  1. Boveda

    Take the Boveda Challenge!

    Hi friends! I'm so excited to show you this. We're all about harvest & would like to once again thank you for all of the feedback to the Boveda Questionnaire a few months back. Haven't tried Boveda or wanna try again? Go here:
  2. Boveda

    How Goes Harvest? Are you using humidity control?

    Hi friends! As someone who's bud tends to dry too quickly, I do see the benefit of humidity control regardless of my affiliations with one of the manufacturers. I also believe that cannabinoid biosynthesis happens better and more completely when proper humidity is present. While visiting some...
  3. J

    curing with leaves

    Hi, I would like to know, if cannabis can be cured with sugar leaves, after drying, do not perform any trimming. just put the buds with sugar leaves in the jar Is there a risk of fungus or any problem? considering that humidity its going to be controlled
  4. G

    Novice Cure, is this hay smell normal ?

    I'm two and a half weeks into my first ever cure and I'm getting a dry hay smell from my bud. This has me worried. Should I be worried ? And is there anything that I can do ?
  5. Boveda

    Boveda technology & Temperature

    Hi friends! Many weeks ago we had a discussion on here about humidity control. One of you had a question about the connection between temp and RH. My apologies for not answering this. I awoke with it on my radar and so I'll post this video that somewhat addresses this...
  6. Boveda

    Boveda Wants to Hear From YOU!

    **EDIT** - Week 1 has started follow the info here: Boveda Wants to Hear From YOU! Hi everyone! Announcing a 5 week series of feedback requests from you the many growers here. The series will be on the topic of “Harvest”. In my eyes, the harvest has 5 steps & so for the next 5 weeks I will...
  7. Ripper

    Desiccare Integra Boost packets massive test thread

    FAQ WHAT IS BOOST? INTEGRA BOOST uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55 or 62 percentin a contained environment. WHY USE BOOST? Integra Boost will prevent over drying and mold growth by achieving the R.H. level at 55% or 62%...
  8. GCase

    The Art of the Cure

    Howdy Have used many methods of curing over the last few years. This time I decided to try bags. Best quality to date--aroma, appearance and texture. What I did: 1. Followed and modified Cervantes' cure by first giving buds/cut branches a water bath with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes...