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  1. Newtoautogrow

    First time drying/cure

    Sup everyone.. So I may have run into abit if a problem... I harvested my plant wet trimmed and placed into my wedryer and 4 days later the buds are dry I've put the dry herb into jars about 3/4 full.. Only problem is my buds do not smell desirable at all... Kinda smells like hay/hint of...
  2. elcoloan

    Advice About Drying For Vaporizer Use, Please

    What drying and curing steps should i take for a harvest meant to be consumed in a vaporizer only? All the same as with weed for smoking? I don't care for white, thick, milky clouds as most... just flavor and effects.
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Boveda - Welcome & Contact Information

    Boveda The Autoflower Network would like to welcome Boveda to the forum! Boveda makes a quite popular desiccant pack that some of you may be familiar with one of our recent cVault tests on the forum; they've agreed to come on the forum and talk about their products and hopefully we'll see...
  4. icmoon

    Oh man Have I screwed up or what? Burnt weed going cheap!

    Ever seen a grown man cry? I still can't believe what I have just done. I deserve to be shot at dawn. In a nutshell:- I started my grow of nine plants last june. After many mistakes I at least managed to get 14 Litre sized jars full of lovely dried and cured buds (4 were trimmings actually...
  5. icmoon

    Have I screwed up this grow with mold?

    Hi there all. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I have made a monumental srew-up after just harvesting my buds (just one plant). I had just cut down and trimmed my first ever autoflowerer and was just finishing trimming when I had to drop everything and attend another family...
  6. icmoon

    Drying your harvest underwater, Does it work as well as I've read?

    Hi all. I've just read about 'drying' your harvest underwaterfor 7 days minimum to flush out the crap and then quick dry after the 7 days. Has anyone tried this and does it work? It would suit me down to the ground because I don't really have anywhere to hang my plants but I do have a load of...
  7. Ripper

    Desiccare Integra Boost packets massive test thread

    FAQ WHAT IS BOOST? INTEGRA BOOST uses patent pending technology that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity at 55 or 62 percentin a contained environment. WHY USE BOOST? Integra Boost will prevent over drying and mold growth by achieving the R.H. level at 55% or 62%...