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  1. Frogster

    Frogster takes a "Leap into the Unknown"

    Hey, Hey, Hey All... Just decided I want to try my hand at this "Makin Rosin" lark, with the intention of turning most of my home grown bud (and a little kief) into the following:- a) 80% into some kind of usable Vape Juice. (also open to the thought of maybe a rosin pen type vape in addition...
  2. Ripper

    Little press video.

    I will start posting my press pictures and videos here.
  3. Egzoset

    DIY for vaporism, possibly e-Cigs (vaping) too.

    Salutations everyone, Lets start with the bar set high, for example i found this video earlier in the summer: YouTube: Induction Heating Titanium Nail (2016-Jun-18) Good day, have fun!! :peace:
  4. Dr. Babnik

    Dr. Babnik invites - Stoners Tea Party

    Welcome to the Stoners Tea party Here we drink tea, smoke canna, eat cakes and talk about tea, everything related to tea, cannabis pleasure and whatever gossip we have on our minds and hearts. Ahh...not only canna...I love the exotic shrooms my dear friend @tripaholic88 cultivate. So let's take...