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  1. Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Completed Mephisto's Sour Orange Diesel Crack by Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    This is a strain i have held onto for a long time. I wasn't sure the seed woould pop, but i managed to get it out of its shell with a little soaking and some surgery. She's going a lot better now, so lets put her in the blog and see how she does, shall we? here's a few closeups of the one I grew...
  2. PhenoX

    1 auto, 1 pound challenge. RQS diesel

    64 days old, Just started to flower, im aiming for a P wish me luck. I'm using my own home made liquid ferts. Because I don't believe in spending cash on plant food. Im using a HPS+LED Combo for maximium light exposure and coverage, THE led is a cheap entry level 600W LED (vipaspectra PAR) and a...
  3. vladoma420

    Autoflower -Super skunk by Sensi, Blue Cheese by Barney"s, Kush by Seedsman, Diesel by RQS

    BOX 75x75x200cm Light : Mars Hydro Pro II Epistar 160, 18/6 bloom from start VENT: Ventilator Vents TT 100 2 speed (145/187m3/h), CAN filter 150 SOIL: BioBizz All mix POTOs 8-9 L NUTES: BioBizz (BioHeaven, BioGrow, TopMax ,BioBloom) Atami Root stimulator Day 21 Temp 27 R 31 % Bio heaven 2ml...
  4. Noob420

    Ming’s Perpetual Fun Grow

    Starting this summer I wanted to give organic a go but did not have time to cook up a recipe, a so with having a busy summer lined up really wanted something that will be truly a water only grow, so that I will have a little more flexibility goes if someone needs to look after the girls...
  5. Dr. Babnik

    Zamnesia Doc Grows Zamnesia Diesel and Cotton Bud for CannaZone

    Doc Grows Zamnesia Diesel and Cotton Bud for CannaZone Hello and welcome to this show case! This is my first product test, commissioned by CannaZone. Here I will document the grow of Diesel https://www.zamnesia.com/zamnesia-seeds/3335-diesel-automatic-feminized.html Cotton Bud...
  6. Tetra9

    "Mystery Diesel" 5 Gallon DWC (S.S.S.)

    I still have some Promo seeds from the re-worked Himalayan Blue and Orange Diesel Strains. Somewhere along the line I got them all mixed up. Hopefully we can figure it out soon enough! Regardless, there's no such thing as a bad Diesel strain right? Lighting will be 600 Watt MH and HPS...
  7. I grow my own

    1st auto Dwc diesel

    5weeks from seed 5gallon Dwc 600w has GH nutrient
  8. I grow my own

    Auto Diesel by speed seeds

    Two days old under 150watt hps for the first week of seedling stage will be switching to 600 watt in a week or so..