dinafem auto

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  1. loftgrowsoldier

    Dinafem white widow auto

    A very forgiving plant to grow, good for a first time grower. My 2 plants were very short as per dinafems description and perfect for a small tent. Yield was ok, 40+grams per plant. The buds were all very dense and well formed, and the smell after a month in the jars is lovley, Hints of pine...
  2. loftgrowsoldier

    Dinafem auto white widow

    A very forgiving plant to grow, good for a first time grower. My 2 plants were very short as per dinafems description and perfect for a small tent. Yield was ok, 40+grams per plant. The buds were all very dense and well formed, and the smell after a month in the jars is lovley, Hints of pine...
  3. LordGreenWood

    Dinafem Solo Cup Competition LGW presents Dinafem Auto Cookies :)

    howdy :pass::bighug::pass: seeds are here :worship: ty a lot @Dinafem-Mark @Mossy to be a part of this :pass::bighug::pass: the cup was here b4 obv :)
  4. hashead

    Dinafem Amnesia XXL "all organic"

    So been a while since I did a journal up on here! Been growing photos the last while but been missing the aul autos! Decided to start running one at a time in the veg tent to help fill it out and add a bit o variety to my smoke. This first post will be a bit of a rant and a ramble, but sure...
  5. Unique

    Unique's XXL Invasion!

    Hey Guy's I'm back again after a 4 week prep, This time we will be running Dinafem's White Widow XXL & Amnesia XXL Autoflowers(also Watch for Dinafem & Little Chief Collabs Photo grow,them threads coming up soon!) Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Born from an Original Amnesia and an Original Amnesia...
  6. Unique

    Dinafem- Sour Diesel Auto

    Hey Everyone, I'm back after a much needed break! I'm running Dinafem's Sour Diesel Auto. I have everything started already, so no waiting on the germ... Sour Diesel Autoflowering DINAFEM A real Sativa, in autoflowering version Sour Diesel Autoflowering is a genuine Sativa that will delight...
  7. Threefootgiraffe

    New g

    Hi First grow! One plant which is dinafem cheese cbd, new growth is yellow, it’s three weeks old today.. treated no differently to the othe others but has been the fastest since seed, and first to head into flower, have fed it cal/mag yesterday and maybe it needs some time to green up, either...
  8. Haze4dayz

    First time growing. Time to say hello!

    Hello everyone, so I recently moved to Spain and decided it was probably about time to try having a go at growing my own instead of paying rip off prices like you would get back in the UK! Admittedly it is cheaper here but still... If I can grow my own why not?! So I've decided to grow outdoors...
  9. Only1Sky

    Amnestic Syndrome - May 2018 GOTY 2nd Leg

    Hi folks, this journal will track progress on my first run with Dinafem seeds and their attempts to compete in the 2nd leg of the 2018 Dinafem Grower of the Year contest. DINAFEM SEEDS (3 germinated): Amnesia CBD Auto - 2 seeds Amnesia XXL - 1 seed SETUP: Amare SolarECLIPSE SE450UVB light...
  10. GreensKeeper

    Critically Acclaimed Critical + 2.0 Auto strain (Dinafem)...1st Outdoor Journal

    Greetings to all you wonderful people! :biggrin::bighug: I hope that you enjoy this journal, I will try my best to keep it short on the text as I ramble loads. Any commentary, advice, criticism and love is welcomed with open arms. This is an experimental grow to try and ramp up my skills for...
  11. S

    Dinafem Mobi Dick XXL auto Coco & Perlite

    Hi guys, I just joined AFN a few days ago and wanted to share my first real attempt at growing real genetics and quality seeds. This is my second attempt at this plant, I had two seeds and screwed the first one up by mistake. We went out to play for the day and the baby girl dried out and never...
  12. Dabber

    What to grow next little help please

    Well my 1st grow is in the books 2nd grow is under way 11 days in and have my tent open ready to start grow 3. Here's what I have in stock and wanting a little help deciding. Mephisto Alien vs Triangle and Sour Hound MSNL Caramelicious, White LSD, AK 47, White Widow max and Lemon Haze Dinafem...
  13. Headbudz77

    Headbudz77 Growz: Skywalker, Top69, SuperLemonHaze & Industrial CBD

    Hi guys, so I decided to start a new jornal for the next batch of 4 strains. This time ill be growing: 1x Super Lemon Haze by Green House Seeds 1x Skywalker by Mephisto Genetics 1x Top69 by Advanced Seeds 1x Industrial CBD by Dinafem My tent is a Homebox Evolution PAR+ 120x90x170cm Extraction is...
  14. NebulaNuggets

    Dinafem Seed vendors that ship to the states

    Hi all I was thinking about an order for some auto CBD seeds from Dinafem. Took a look on their site, and found out they don't ship to the states. Just looking for a recommended vendor where I can pick some up. If you have ordered some, did they come in breeders packs?
  15. jingo

    Jingo grows Dinafem White Cheese, lumigrow pro 325, gh and remo nutes

    This will be a diary for the current whit cheese comp, please no posting for now as this is going to be locked.
  16. Yozhik

    Yozhik Grow #6 - Dinafem Industrial Plant CBD Auto

    UPDATE: Day 1 ... LIGHTING: ... 4 X 600W SCHEDULE: ... 20/4 TEMPERATURE: ... ~ 23°C [+/-5°C] HUMIDITY: ... ~ 45 RH% [+/-10 RH%] POT/MEDIUM: ... 0.3 litre seedling pots with BioBizz Light Mix NUTRIENTS: House & Garden Roots Excelurator @ 0.15 ml/l Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A+B @...
  17. LordGreenWood

    Here we grow again with Dinafem :)

    hello all :coffee: its time too start some new beans :d5: all autos from dinafem :bighug: tent 60*60*1.60 + 200 watt led panel + 1 mobydick xxl in 15 l airpot tent 90*60*180 + marshydro pro 2 160 epistar + 1 haze cbd in 15 l airpot and a blue cheese in 10 l airpot a link to my 200w led panel...
  18. C

    Haze Autoflowering CBD

    This is a test to see how big she gets in a 5.7L pot and to see how high levels of nutrients she can take before i start a 10 plant sea of green style grow. I wish i could start it sooner but i still hve a few weeks left on my current plants so theres only space for one atm. medium is 75%...
  19. TehSnow

    TehSnow's 2nd Grow, Critical + 2.0 Auto

    Hello and welcome to my second (indoor) autoflower grow. I'll try to document my grow of Dinafem's Critical + 2.0 autoflower strain that I picked up at their booth at Cannafest Prague 2016, 5 seeds for the price of 3 <3. I'm going with pretty much the same specs as before: Seed bank: Dinafem...
  20. arty zan

    Northern Grow Lights - Test Team Home - DIY build and Grow

    Hey there fellow AFNers. AFN, Northern Grow Lights & Dinafem have teamed up for a DIY LED Build and grow show. Amit has kindly donated a majority of the parts to build a DIY LED COB grow light and we will supply out own LED drivers and wire. The members of the NGL test team will each be...