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dinafem mark

  1. IceWater421

    Ice water grows again

  2. The Mugwamp

    Dinafem Cup Comp Judging Stage The Mugwamp Proudly Presents Dinafem Auto Cookies

    Hi all and :welcome: I'm gonna be growing 1 Dinafem Auto Cookies for the Solo Cup comp to start with and depending on space will start another in a month or so. Kit List Lighting 250w mh for the first 15 days then the Mars Hydro Pro ll Epistar 160 Led for rest of grow Tent 80cm x 80cm x...
  3. Gza

    New leaf growth bunching/stacking up?

    Hey guys, need some advice please. Growing outdoors in 20Ltr fabric pots here in sunny South Africa. I have one plant, auto white widow xxl from Dinafem which has been doing really well however what is concerning me is that the new leaves don't seem to be opening up but rather stacking up or...
  4. Mossy

    Dinafem First leg LAST PHOTO CALL

    Dinafem will be hosting a #Dinafemgroweroftheyear2018 battle.:amazon: Anyone with #dinafem seed is Welcome to join in. First leg starts 1st Feb 2018.
  5. F.N.

    BUBBA KUSH auto

    Here is my nice example of a Bubba Kush auto. It is in a five gallon airpot, She is being fed Green planet Hydro grow and bloom a/b vitathrive root builder tea, liquid W8 massive, pro cal, dense and mammoth p
  6. Tricycleofdoom

    Dinamed CBD (25:1) - my first photo grow

    Hi. I've just grown a few auto's over the last 2 years and been trying different strains for my mental illness (moderate to severe anxiety/depression). I tried CBD oil a few months ago and I was amazed at how it changed my physical and mental state; without getting ripped in the process. It...
  7. Biggz

    come check my journal out click my signature dinafem

    dinafem roadrunner blue critical amnesiaxxl autos of course if you check out my signature you will see my firstgrwjournal first time auto grower but bout 15 yrs exp with photos my ladies are 25 days at oldest and seedling as youngest the blue and amnesia have started showing sex so the stretch...
  8. IceWater421

    IceWater Does DinaFem (White Cheese Auto)

    I will be doing a grow journal for DinaFem's White Cheese (Auto) I will be vegging under a T5 fluorescent 8bulb fixture in a Dr60 grow tent. I will be doing them in Coco Hempy Buckets using Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Line with R.O water . When the girls show sex I will be than putting them...
  9. budelee

    Dinafem Kush-n-Cheese Smoke Report

    Howdy everybody..Here is a smoke report for the Dinafem kush-n-cheese that was part of the communal grow but first a Great Big Thank You to @Dinafem-Mark for letting me be part of the team: Seedbank: Dinafem Strain: Kush-n-Cheese Did it autoflower: Yes around day 18 both started shooting...