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  1. pop22

    Quantum Board 120 Cab Light

    All right! I've been running a single QB288 board in this cab but the dimensions are too big for a single board. I bought 2, QB120 boards to replace it. The QB 120 is a 24volt, 60 watt board. They need NO heatsink! So at $29 a board and a $16, @$ volt, 5 amp driver, I put this 120 true watts...
  2. H


    Hi guys, i want to build this project and i really need your help. -I have a 60x120x150 tent (2x4x5) and i would like to fit 3 dwc 21 L buckets with 3 autoflowering. -Due to height problems i could only go with the QB linear strips and anyway these together with COB's are the best type of light...
  3. i33i

    Auto Lemon from Seedsman by i33i

    Hi all, i finally found some time to start my first grow jurnal on AFN so here it goes, most of my projects are DIY, from box (or closet) to light panel, cause im cheap bastard and i love to build things. This project cost less than 200 $ from scratch to final build (including equipment i had...
  4. Senseimillan

    Carbon Filter White Paper

  5. BigSm0

    COBShop.net The new DIY Section

    I'd like to thank afn for the platform and members/staff that helped me build what is now a successful business. My passion for cobs and helping others will never end so I decided to offer a bit more assistance in the lighting world. Being a conflict to post in the main forums leaves me...
  6. D

    Ruderalis Indica breeding project

    so im trying to stabilize the auto flower gene in Sensi seeds ruderalis indica so that I can use it in future breeding projects. Sensi estimates only 50% of the seedlings to show the auto gene dominantly, but all seedlings should be carriers. The seeds are not feminized so there is a chance of...
  7. L0wbob2017

    L0wbobs legal adventures

    So after some time in researching a lot about all types of cannabis, light and soil i wanted to start something with the knowledge i collected in my brain. Since @TheMongol is growing some very nice auto-strains and also some pretty good chilis, i decided to start growing legal plants at my...
  8. wwwillie

    WWWillie - COBs on the cheap or Such a deal!

    Hey now! This is pretty cool so I just had to share it with you guys. I just got into COB LED lighting on 4/20 this year and it's all @BigSm0 's fault. He was on site with a contest for one of his AutoCOB lights. I did not win but I did fall in love with them. So much so that I jumped on the...
  9. Jimmyclone

    Fastbuds Green Crack, DIY Cobs, and Jimmy

    Hello everyone Next run under the cobs will be fastbuds green crack.. So lets get to it, Lights are diy cobs spread across 2 panels 16x vero 29s mixing 2 spectrums 12x 3500k 80cri and 4x 2700k 90cri Giving the reflectors a shot this time, had great success last run without...
  10. Z_Burp

    Some things in mind for a DIY COB build

    I've now decided to join the ranks of DIY light building. I've done a bit of research and just wanted to run by my list of things to see what everyone thinks. I think it's going to be around 200W. I'm mulling over this setup that I've put together that fits my budget. I think it's the best...
  11. wwwillie

    WWWillie builds himself some COB lighting.

    Hey now! Going to start a build journal. I have almost everything I need to build except the time. Hopefully starting this journal will provide some motivation to find the time! Here's what I have. 4 Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI (got these on sale as they are a bit off spec.) 1 Meanwell...
  12. Meehi

    Retail Store DIY CFL/LED Coir Hempy Grow 2 x Plants (White Cheese)

    Hi Guys First ever grow happening here so thought I'd share my Progress. Below are the specs for my grow. Environment: 18x25x63 inch Greenhouse tent. I lined the entire inside with white panda film, installed 4 x 2.8 inch PC Fans exhausting air from the roof and 1 x 3.2 inch Intake PC Fan at...
  13. wwwillie

    COBShop.net WWWillie and The COBS

    Hey Now! So here I am, I had been off the site for a bit, life gets in the way you know... Just about 420 day I came back and jumped right in to Live Stoner Chat, the deep end indeed. That's where I ran into @BigSm0 and his "Autocobs". He was having a contest for a giveaway and right then I...
  14. bichon+buzz

    Bichon_Buzz's ongoing wardrobe grows

    Hi Folks, I'll be using this thread to document the grows I'm doing in my wardrobe. A little background first: While I've been a smoker for years, it was the onset of my wife's chronic pain condition and the relief provided by weed that led me to exploring the option of growing our own rather...
  15. L0wbob2017

    DIY watercooled photosynthetic-research COB-LED-Lamp completed build, tell me what u think

    Hello all thread-viewers, my idea was to build a DIY-LED with COB's and make it kinda special. So i decided to watercool the COB's which some of u alrdy guessed, get pretty warm. Since the COB's are more efficient when cooled better, watercooling was my only option to go. These COB's are all...
  16. MoreBerry

    MoreBerry's First Grow Journal/Photos! Sour Crack and Stomper

    Hey everyone, I finally decided to start documenting at least part of my first grow! So far I am at day 49-ish with my Sour Stomper #1 and day 48-ish with my Sour Crack #1. I also have 1 Sour Crack at day 34 and 2 Sour Stompers at day 34. They are being grown under 8 Citizen 1212 COBs (mix of...
  17. Druid

    Moby Dick - the one with the CBD

    Hey, so this is going to be my next grow log. Components: Space: Mars Hydro Tent - 1m² (3.3ft²) Substrate: Terra Exotica - Cocos Ground Pots: NiceGrow 11 Liter (Plastic air pots) Watering: Drain to waste hydro (potVolume * 0.05 /day) Overflow: 1m² flex-tray with spacers (so nothing gets swampy...
  18. pop22

    4 Quantum Board Light build and Test

    This project has been a long time coming! I've had the all the components for weeks, but was un-decided about how to build the frame. I wanted a somewhat modular design for some future experiments. I was in Lowes a few days ago looking at aluminum stock for a frame and a design idea finally hit...
  19. Jimmyclone

    DIY COBs 1000w or very close 2

    Hello AFN, Im finally starting my build, i have been lurking around at others projects for a while and tring to decide what i actually needed... Or wants vs needs... Had looked at timber, pacific lighting concepts, northen grow lights, etc, etc.. Then i stumbled onto "rapid led".. They had...
  20. budelee

    Finally building my COB

    Hey everybody!! I am jumping on the diy train with the rest of yaz!! I'll try and document as thoroughly as possible so that if anybody has a build in mind,they can see every part of the process,first off if it wasnt for @BigSm0 @arty zan @pop22 @The Elvis and @Ripper coaching me i prolly...