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dutch passion

  1. Shiva's Mistress

    Dutch Passion Interview - Mahmoud Hanachi talks THCV, CBG and Special Cannabinoids

    Dutch Passion Interview - Mahmoud Hanachi talks THCV, CBG and Special Cannabinoids
  2. Colorado Cookies and Glueberry O.G. by Dutch Passion grown with BioTabs under GN Telos 0006

    Colorado Cookies and Glueberry O.G. by Dutch Passion grown with BioTabs under GN Telos 0006

    Hi everyone. It's been over a year since my last grow. The site has changed a lot since the last time I used it so I'm still trying to get my head around the new blog feature. Anyway, after buying a bag recently that seemed like it had been soaked in hairspray I decided (again) that I had...
  3. Willtech

    Indoor Grow Auto Ultimate and Think different

    Hi Guys, It’s been a very long time since I posted on here but thought I’d start a grow journal for 3 plants I’ve just started. I’ll be doing 2x Think Different by Dutch Passion and 1x Auto Ultimate by Dutch Passion. I did a few Think Different a couple of years ago and one of the plants yielded...
  4. scally420

    Blackberry Kush Auto.

    Blackberry Kush day#1.. it's going to be grown in an autopot.
  5. Quentin3176

    Auto ultimate, autopot, under 4xcob viparspectra 450 conversion

    Now then grofo's. Figured I'd start a journal on this grow as it's been a long while since I did one. I'm growing an auto ultimate in an autopot as I've wanted to try the ultimate indoors for a long while now. I grew her a couple of years ago in my greenhouse and to this day she is the biggest...
  6. B

    New Grower Needing Help and Advice

    Hi guys, I think I'm posting in the right section? Apologies if I'm not. I am going to be planting some Think Different Autos from Dutch Passion in my greenhouse as I have heard they do well in the UK climate. I am planting straight into an 11litre pot once my seeds are germinated as I have...
  7. Newtoautogrow

    Strains for new grow

    Sup guys so I'm in 2 minds on what to do on this grow... So I'm in a 4x4 I've 4 20lr air pots and 1 15lr for in the middle... Ive germinated 6 seeds 3 auto orange buds and 3 auto ultimate.... My question is is I put 3 auto ultimate and 2 orange bud will it be too much... Or should I play it safe...
  8. Trichome farmer

    Indoor Grow THE TRICHOME FARM ( HSO fast green crack )

    Hello and welcome to my thread this is where i will gather all of my different grows so lets get straight into it the setup space: secret jardin DS120 120x120x180cm 16inch mounted fan 4inch extraction small dehumidifier lights...
  9. mokums tulip

    mokums tulip

    5 Dutch passion mokums tulip seeds
  10. Mokums tulip & sherbet

    Mokums tulip & sherbet

    Dutch passion & seed stockers My next project a battle of the sherbets
  11. Nosias

    9 Ladies in AutoPots with Coco & Mega Crop

  12. Sensi Jay

    Jay's UK Back Garden Outdoor 2019

    High all, and welcome to the 2019 edition of jays UK outdoor. This year running: 2 x DP white widow autos 1 x DP auto Brooklyn sunrise 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds DFG 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Green Golds 2 x Real Gorilla Seeds Mighty Golds 1 x hermi seed from previous grows
  13. Teetee

    Indoor Grow Teetee's MONSTER Glueberry OG, Toofless Alien, Blue Amnesia and Night Queen Auto grow

    It's time for another Teehee grow, and as usual, I'm in a hurry to get things done. In 3 days time, we have a rental inspection, so the tent is down and the place is tidy.... you'd never guess this has been a cannabis farm for the past 2 years! I finished my last grow about a month ago... a...
  14. Fiet

    Auto Blueberry in Plagron Coco

    Hello it's time to Grow a DP Bean again :yay:the last Plant i have Grown are 2 years Ago it was the "Auto Colorado Cookies" but i have Grown i in 2014 the "Blue Auto Mazar" on my Balcony and it was one of the Best Weed i have ever Grwon. Fist i want to Grow the Original BB from Short but i try...
  15. Terra Firma

    Terra's Blueberry forest in 8.5L autopots

    Hi everyone, welcome to my future forest :biggrin: I shall be experimenting with 8.5L autopots instead of the 15L ones I normally use. I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours and put them between some paper towels. I then sowed 7 Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry's (courtesy of @DutchPassionTony) in...
  16. Mossy

    The Mugwamp Presents Auto Orange Punch by Dutch Passion

    @The Mugwamp presents Auto Critical Orange Punch by #Dutch Passion. Winner of the First Leg General Battle 2019 @The Mugwamp Battle Kit Lights or outdoor: 250w hps dual spectrum(may try 250w mh for veg next time). Room/Tent size: 80x80x160 tent. Ferts or no ferts: Ghe grow, micro, bloom...
  17. Closetflowers

    Lessons Learned- Night Queen Auto

    Starting a new journal. My 2nd new grower thread however the first adventure was not very fruitful. We are now embarking on version 2.0 out of the closet and into the tent. Strain: 3 x Dutch passion night queen auto Containers: 3 gallon fabric Medium: Oregon’s only #4 w/ epsoma seed...
  18. O

    Mephisto or Dutch passion?

    Hi everyone! I wanted to buy a couple of seeds because of the 420 promotions. However, I am having trouble to decide between buying from Dutch Passion 1+1 free or waiting for Mephisto 420 sale. I like mostly heady strains as I use it to fuel ideas and explore my conciousness, so I think Dutch...
  19. Quentin3176

    Quentins country garden round 2....The urban jungle...

    Heeeyyyyyy yooooouuuuu guuuuuyyyyysssssss!!!!!! Weathers turning which can only mean one thing.....back to the outdoors soon :headbang::cools: Anyone that followed my thread last year will know how surprisingly well the garden grew and I'm hoping to replicate that this season with the addition...
  20. Duggy

    Night Queen and friends..

    Auto Night Queen in Lightmix in 60x60 under Telos 0006...More pics once sprouted...