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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Frenjamin Banklin

    Megabuds, Rosin and Tinctures OH my!

    Yeah so it’s time to start a new grow journal so you all can shake your heads at my silly growing antics. First post is going to be the technical mumbo jumbo. I’ll keep referencing it when anyone gets lost or confused along the way. So grab your lunches. Make sure you got your permission slips...
  2. AutoMania10

    Automania's DWC "Auto NYC Diesel" & "Girl Scout Cookies"

    Automania is in the building !!! I will be running "Barneys Farms Auto NYC Diesel" in DWC 12-16 gallon tote. I will give you guys a full run down once I get it up and started. Any knowledge is glady appreciated so sit back and roll one up. Feels good to be part of the Auto family
  3. ColoradoDreaming420

    Ebb and flow to a Continuous Flow NFT/DWC

    Alright gang. So I am finishing up my first successful grow (2nd effort) and I am beginning to look at all the pros and cons of my current setup and look at ways to improve. With brainstorming and tinkering I have came up with a rather good idea in my mind at least lol. But before I show it to...
  4. steelcap956

    Polar Express DWC Day 20

    Some new growth. Slow but steady. Still no roots out of the 6in net. Water temp 62-64f Room temp 76f Humidity is low but no reading pH 5.9 Ec 1010 Ppm 501 No slime in res. "Knock on wood" Using my water chiller made from a water cooler.I have tap water recirculating in a closed system. Consist...
  5. steelcap956

    Opinions on root growth for 18th day in DWC. Polar Express.

    Res temp 63 64f pH is questionable because the meter is frakfrea garbage but it's all I could afford at the moment. Last reading was 5.5. Using AN pH perfect MicroGrowBloom nutes. It's supposed to have a balanced ph. Cal mag from Botanicare 12mls every res change for my 5 gallon set up. Spay...
  6. Dublegendz

    Deficiency...HELP!! Ripley's OG by Mephisto

    So this was yesterday.... 20181215_174524 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM And now this was this morning... 20181216_091115 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM I changed her res last night...always use ro water w/1ppm. She was on a light feed of Nova grow, calmag &...
  7. Dublegendz

    Water level in dwc causing probs?

    So I'm wondering if the leaf curl on my dwc (Ripley's OG) is due to water level being too high? I only run the top feed twice a day @ 2 min intervals & the roots are bright white & healthy. I'm only concerned cuz next to her my Walter White's leaves are perky in the coco...they were born the...
  8. Dublegendz

    1st Mephisto grow...dwc & coco

    I'm trying a side by side grow using a diy 5 gallon dwc & Char Coir coco in 3 gallon smart pots. Strains are all Mephisto...Walter White, Ripley's OG & freebies are livers x Samsquanch. I've never posted a thread so bear with me. If I'm making mistakes posting i apologize. Any suggestions would...
  9. OceanDriveKush

    Mephisto Frosty winter grow

    Strawberry nuggets, 3bears OG, Walter White,Blue toof, Blue Cush. My second grow first was only a minor success but in my opinion a failure. So let’s try again.
  10. M

    RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  11. jigz

    THINK BIG AUTO - Loosing my virginity

    Hi everybody. I’ve been stalking you guys for quite some time and I finally decided it was time I tried my hand at a auto grow. I have been constantly reading grow journals and tips and tricks and to be honest my head is hurting. So much to learn and so many contradictions. Anyway, I’m currently...
  12. Roll-itt

    New Grower (Biggest auto)?? First time dr krip choc- orange bubbleponics grow.

    Hello everyone. Iv been wanting to share my grow journal with you all. It's been a tricky stressful road. But I think it's starting to pay off.. . I'm not sure how to start really. But. Here she is. Dr krippling chocolate orange auto, day 84 Through bubbleponics.
  13. GrowTheDro

    GrowTheDro Does UnderCurrent, 10 Beans

    Okay folks! Here we go again! Have 5x blackberry kush FB auto ,3x Bubba kush auto Dinafem, 3x White Widow victory auto. Soaked in water for 24 Hrs, Put into flushed and nutrient added rockwool cubes today!, Will be using an undercurrent system this time around! make it much easier for water...
  14. steelcap956

    2.5 gallon dwc with custom thermoelectric chiller.

    Was wondering if it is a good choice for a single lowryder plant. Water temp currently in the Aerogarden7 with installed chiller is a constant 64f. Ppm fluctuates like crazy but pH pretty even. I got hydroguard, great white on hand as well. I get my lowryder seeds on Wednesday so I need to make...
  15. Tumbleweed59

    Seedsman 2 Kush 1 seed, RSQ diesel, D.P. glueberry OG

    Hello fellow AFN farmers. This is my third attempt to get my journal written. I have one in New Growers that’s coming close to completion if you want to check it out. But first I want to give a shout out to all the members that gave me advice and positive comments on my current grow. Especially...
  16. M

    Dwc autoflower guide

    Hey, first time grower here. I'm looking to grow autoflower seeds in dwc system. If anyone knows of a complete step by step guide it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. Iriee Vibez

    I probably should have waited until fall...

    Hi AFN, after reading for weeks on this and other forums, I got the Autoflower grow bug. I ordered some autoflower seeds from Growers Choice, bought some premium composted dirt, 3 gallon fabric pots and was on my way. I used the paper towel method to germinate two seeds and planted them in...
  18. afrazer651

    When to transfer into Dwc

    Have 2 Barney's sour diesel atuos that have just popped and am wondering when to transfer to 12L Dwc
  19. afrazer651

    1st grow Barney's farm auto sour diesel

    Hey all just started my first grow Strain: Barney's sour diesel auto Method:dwc 12L Tent size: 60x60x140 Lights: 200w CFL cool veg 200w CFL warm for flower Nutrients: advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom a+b voodoo juice, b52, overdrive and big bud Extraction: 4inch with...
  20. Auto-Anto

    Dutch passion...Deficiencies ?

    Can anyone help me ? My plants are all dutch passion. Mars hydro 900 watt LED Grow x 2 4 auto ultimate 40 days old. Grown in wilma 4 pot system 2 auto colorado cookies 21 days old. 2 auto extreme 21 days old. Grown in 15ltr dwc Nutes....AN grow micro bloom. Big bud B52 Bud candy Cannazyme...