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  1. sacred-buddha

    Yellowing leaves after N supplentation

    Hello! This is my very first grow and I'm facing issues with the yellowing leaves after the plant started to bloom on autoflower. About 2 weeks after the buds forming, I noticed that the fan leaves started to turn yellow and fall off naturally. I thought it might be Nitrogen deficiency so I...
  2. K

    autoflower day 47 still stretching normal?

    hello guys its my first time growing auto plants so, i decide to make it DWC in a 3 Lt bottle. WHITE YODA AUTO - Semillas de Philosopher but, it still growing like 1" in 20 hrs. it's in 24hrs light. https://www.philosopherseeds.com/en/white-yoda-auto-p-126.html
  3. Dublegendz

    5 strain dwc grow...all Mephisto

    3 Bears OG by Mephisto 4 Assed Monkey by Mephisto Walter White by Mephisto Double grape by Mephisto Auto Blues x 3 Bears OG (freebie) 5 DWC buckets (5 gallon) 3 GN blue air pumps 1 vivosun commercial air pump 3 air stones in each bucket HLG LED's - (2) QB288v2's (3000K)...
  4. H

    Didn't expect this from an autoflower

    I'm like on week 11 or 12 from seed. I'm growing gorilla glue auto in dwc using general hydroponics nutes. First thing is I messed up during weeks 5, 6, and half of 7 by mixing up the micro and the gro. I was giving her wayyyyy too much micro in the beginning and wayyy too little gro. After...
  5. P

    Feeding schedule for autoflower DWC??

    New Grower wondering the best nutrient schedule for a autoflower in dwc. I’ve heard to use 4th the recommended nutrients in nutrient schedules like General Hydroponics’s schedules. Any General Hydroponics or feeding schedule specially for autoflowers in hydroponics such as DWC. Thanks so much !
  6. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers Purple Punch Auto (DWC)

    Hey! Long time no see! It is high time to get back to business after having a great (but very productive) break! I got some samples kindly provided to me by Seed Stockers to try out this new strain, Purple Punch Automatic of theirs and I am highly interested to see how it will turn out. Popped...
  7. AutoMania10

    Automania's DWC "Auto NYC Diesel" & "Girl Scout Cookies"

    Automania is in the building !!! I will be running "Barneys Farms Auto NYC Diesel" in DWC 12-16 gallon tote. I will give you guys a full run down once I get it up and started. Any knowledge is glady appreciated so sit back and roll one up. Feels good to be part of the Auto family
  8. MissUniverse

    Sour crack dwc - Harvest Day 50 56g dry

    I was growing a monster of a dwc plant for the general grow battle and it failed yesterday when my airstone crapped out. I learned a valuable but costly lesson... always check your airstone and check it often!!! Since I need a fast turnaround and I know sour crack stays bushy in dwc I'm running...
  9. High-Dro Mephisto

    Ebb and flow to a Continuous Flow NFT/DWC

    Alright gang. So I am finishing up my first successful grow (2nd effort) and I am beginning to look at all the pros and cons of my current setup and look at ways to improve. With brainstorming and tinkering I have came up with a rather good idea in my mind at least lol. But before I show it to...
  10. Wawashell

    Wawashell Purple Nuggets DWC with Remo Nutrients

    Wawashell is ready for a run of DWC with Mephisto Purple Nuggets. Set up 450w LED full spectrum 2x4x5.5 tent Tower circ fan 5 gal DWC bucket 4 inch rock wool In Rez- 3x1 inch air stone and 4 inch disk Aqauirium dual line air pump (forgot the specs, but next pay will be getting a hydroponic...
  11. steelcap956

    Polar Express DWC Day 20

    Some new growth. Slow but steady. Still no roots out of the 6in net. Water temp 62-64f Room temp 76f Humidity is low but no reading pH 5.9 Ec 1010 Ppm 501 No slime in res. "Knock on wood" Using my water chiller made from a water cooler.I have tap water recirculating in a closed system. Consist...
  12. steelcap956

    Opinions on root growth for 18th day in DWC. Polar Express.

    Res temp 63 64f pH is questionable because the meter is frakfrea garbage but it's all I could afford at the moment. Last reading was 5.5. Using AN pH perfect MicroGrowBloom nutes. It's supposed to have a balanced ph. Cal mag from Botanicare 12mls every res change for my 5 gallon set up. Spay...
  13. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers Sticky Fingers (Telos 0008 / DWC)

    Hello! I am going to grow one Sticky Fingers (automatic) that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN Telos 0008 modified to run with 6 modules, instead of full 8 modules (180w powerdraw)...
  14. MedGrower

    MedGrower does Seed Stockers BCN Power Plant (HS1 / DWC)

    Hello! I am going to grow one BCN Power Plant (automatic) that Seed Stockers kindly provided for me to try out. My setup is as follows: Grow space: 60cm x 100cm x 200cm (DxWxH) = 0,6 m2 Lights: GN HS1 x1 for vegetative GN HS1 x2 for generative Reservoir: Old GHE aeroponic system tank...
  15. Dublegendz

    Deficiency...HELP!! Ripley's OG by Mephisto

    So this was yesterday.... 20181215_174524 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM And now this was this morning... 20181216_091115 by Dublegendz posted Dec 16, 2018 at 9:22 AM I changed her res last night...always use ro water w/1ppm. She was on a light feed of Nova grow, calmag &...
  16. Dublegendz

    Water level in dwc causing probs?

    So I'm wondering if the leaf curl on my dwc (Ripley's OG) is due to water level being too high? I only run the top feed twice a day @ 2 min intervals & the roots are bright white & healthy. I'm only concerned cuz next to her my Walter White's leaves are perky in the coco...they were born the...
  17. Dublegendz

    1st Mephisto grow...dwc & coco

    I'm trying a side by side grow using a diy 5 gallon dwc & Char Coir coco in 3 gallon smart pots. Strains are all Mephisto...Walter White, Ripley's OG & freebies are livers x Samsquanch. I've never posted a thread so bear with me. If I'm making mistakes posting i apologize. Any suggestions would...
  18. OceanDriveKush

    Mephisto Frosty winter grow

    Strawberry nuggets, 3bears OG, Walter White,Blue toof, Blue Cush. My second grow first was only a minor success but in my opinion a failure. So let’s try again.