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  • Hey everyone, I'm doing some testing on some things and will have the Live IM chat add-on disabled for the time being. Appreciate your consideration and apologies for any inconvenience! - Hobbes (7 pm MDT 2/13/2020)
  1. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Forever Green Indoors!

    Hey everyone we'd like to welcome the company Forever Green Indoors to the Autoflower Network! https://forevergreenindoors.com/ Forever Green Indoors provides lighting solutions for both commercial and the home growing horticultural markets and wanted to show their products off and help...
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Folux Solutions Live Interview with Folux Solutions

    Hey guys in case you missed the live interview today; we've got it available for playback here! Come learn about Folux Solutions and their product offerings! http://mixlr.com/the-autoflower-network/showreel/afn-radio-live-interview-with-folux-solutions/
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Timber Grow Lights!

    Hey guys Timber Grow Lights has agreed to come on with us for a product test in the next couple of weeks, so pull up a chair and check out their DIY COB lighting kits and framework! http://timbergrowlights.com/