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  1. Frenjamin Banklin

    Megabuds, Rosin and Tinctures OH my!

    Yeah so it’s time to start a new grow journal so you all can shake your heads at my silly growing antics. First post is going to be the technical mumbo jumbo. I’ll keep referencing it when anyone gets lost or confused along the way. So grab your lunches. Make sure you got your permission slips...
  2. Wr4th

    CBD Shark, 3 Bears OG, and Walker Kush Bubble Hash

    Combined wet / freeze dried trim from 3 plants. Cold water extraction, drying, master ball, and cured!
  3. Son of Hobbes

    Rosin Tech Single Ram Pneumatic Rosin Tech Heat Press (test in progress!)

    Good morning everyone! SoH here and I'm kicking off the official CannaZone Test Group product testing for Rosin Tech! Rosin Tech has been so very kind and generous to send us out a professional grade rosin press and I will be documenting my experiences here while using the product and...