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eyes on fire

  1. Eyes on Fire

    Shitty n Batty Bugs n Stuff part-2

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. My Multiple Sclerosis has been nasty as usual every winter starting out but ill be chopping these six or seven gals I have in roughly a week or less i think,and going to get a clean up and set up for one large grow over winter.With @mephisto and @gbd Soil...
  2. thetreeman

    Organic soil recipe using these ingredients?

    Honestly I havent had much luck with organics so far. Hoping to turn it around this time. Would like some expert help creating a recipe using what I already have. What do I have you ask? I think I have plenty to make something good... In case you cant see, Ill list what I have on hand. Crushed...
  3. Eyes on Fire

    Connoisseur Automatics:Part-2

    High all, Just wanted to start another thread for my @mephisto grow(s).I have a Sour Hound and a Cush X Chemdogging. SO,SO damned good smoke too.so since I got new seeds started I would do a new thread.I had 100 pages,so I thought it prudent to maybe do a smaller one eh?! LOL! And here...
  4. Eyes on Fire

    Pain relief Photo grow.

    Hey everyone, well, i thought I would start yet another thread since I ordered some SERIOUS beanage but it'll take some time to get them since ill have to send either money orders,checks, or another non electronic way of payments. but thats fine. here is what i'll be growing after this Auto...
  5. Rhubarb Pi

    Rhubarb's Pi #1 - AutoCOB x Mephisto Skywalker & Heisenberg Special

    AFN CREW CREW :biggrin: AND SO IT BEGINS!!: ******************* Rhubarb's Pi - Grow #1 Intention (for this grow & all of my future grows): To produce the best possible medicine for my father, who is in Stage 4 of bladder cancer. Genetics this Cycle: @mephisto - Mephisto Skywalker &...
  6. Eyes on Fire

    Batty Bugshit n Friends

    High guys n Gals, Wanted to say firstly @Biotabs F69 Thank you VERY VERY much for hosting a great test. although I added a lil too much Mycotrex,but imho it'll be fine...? :) I have 68Litres of soil in 6 3 gallon pots(cloth). had my soil at medium strength cut in half. so its a light mix...
  7. Jackson

    Chop Time - Day 58

    Good Morning All In 2 days I will chop her down which is 60 days from sprout or 65 days from seed. My question is should I place her in dark for 48 hours or just harvest? Research says yes and no. She is of sour crack strain and love to know what the experts think. Jackson
  8. Jackson

    Sour Crack-Day 54

    Hello All Attached are pics from my baby girl. Buds are frosty and getting fat! When I say 54 days, that is from sprout so it's 59 days from seed. I'm thinking about chopping her Monday. By looking at her pics do you think that's about right or cut her now or wait? This is the best grow I've...
  9. Jackson

    Sour Crack and chemdogging- Day 17

    Good Morning Folks Here are pics of both ladies at Day 17. The one on the left is sour crack and the other is chemdogging. What a difference in strain. Looks like the sour crack is starting to flower. Thoughts are appreciated. Jackson
  10. BigSm0

    Sizing drivers, Series vs paralell - by BigSm0

    Long overdue. Guys and gals please read this entire thread before making any purchases or wiring any sort of light fixture up. Making the most out of your driver and how to make sure they fit your needs. Paralell wiring Voltage output and amperage are the two most important things for...
  11. Jackson

    Sour Crack and Chemdogging- Day 15

    Good Morning All Please see the attached pics of my girls and let me know what you think. Soil- roots organic mixed with GBD soil in bottom half. Pots-5 gallon Lights- solar flare 220 Water- distilled They both appear to be doing well. Sour Crack is the smaller of the 2. Not sure why...
  12. Jackson

    Sour Crack Auto

    Hello Everyone! I'm back to start the new grow. I have started germinating one sour crack seed this morning. Soil- Roots Organic on top and Roots and GBD soil on bottom half. Water - distilled Grow pot- 3 gallon round Lights - LED 4 bulbs Please chime about in and follow my journey. Feel...
  13. arty zan

    Northern Grow Lights - Test Team Home - DIY build and Grow

    Hey there fellow AFNers. AFN, Northern Grow Lights & Dinafem have teamed up for a DIY LED Build and grow show. Amit has kindly donated a majority of the parts to build a DIY LED COB grow light and we will supply out own LED drivers and wire. The members of the NGL test team will each be...
  14. arty zan

    Northern Grow Lights - Test Team Home - DIY build and Grow

    Hey there fellow AFNers. AFN, Northern Grow Lights & Dinafem have teamed up for a DIY LED Build and grow show. Amit has kindly donated a majority of the parts to build a DIY LED COB grow light and we will supply out own LED drivers and wire. The members of the NGL test team will each be...
  15. Jackson

    Ask Auto- Harvest Tine

    Howdy Everyone PC crashed so it's been awhile. So after 73 days I chopped her down. She is now dried and in jars curing. Thank to all of you.She gave me 18 grams of sweet smelling bud that I can't taste yet because of a possible drug test. Been 6 weeks so I should be ok. Will check this...
  16. Waximus

    The AFN CannaZone Bomb Seeds Test Thread!!!

    Greetings to Members, Guests, and all manor of dedicated Cannabis Devotees! :worship: And, a Top Shelf Welcome to our new sponsor, Bomb Seeds!!:welcome: THIS is what you've been waiting for! The AFN CannaZone Test Team has been honored to do grow tests of Bomb Seeds' most intriguing seed...
  17. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Northern Grow Lights LED's (Photon Labs LLC)

    We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Northern Grow Lights LED's (Photon Labs LLC) @PhotonLabs for coming on to AFN for a 6 month live vendor trial! @PhotonLabs has agreed to send five of our Cannazone testers the equipment needed to build five, DIY COB LED fixtures and will help head our first...
  18. Eyes on Fire

    Spectrum King - Closet Case Test

    Hey all, well got the Light this afternoon with a small easily worked out hitch in delivery.did a small unboxing too. I am excited to hang her up sometime in the next cpl days or so and get to work. the box was nice and secure with zero moving things other than the hat i think shuffling around...
  19. Grim Reefer

    Spectrum King LED Test Team Introduction

    Hello AFN, My self and 2 other members were graciously given the chance to test out some of Spectrum Kings finest LEDs. Spectrum King kindly donated 3 different units for testing, one to each member. The 3 units are as follows; links have been left under the title's for your own consideration...
  20. Eyes on Fire

    Kind Soil Review -by EoF

    Hey guys, well i just got done doing two side by side grows of Kind Soil and I gotta tell ya, its a nice soil. Does it perform as advertised: Yes it does,with small variations and a proprietary mix used you should have little to zero issue(s) with quality water used. Did you have any issue(s)...