1. Ripper

    Fairlynew vs Tetra9

    In this battle we have two stellar growers both growing Sour Crack. @Tetra9 and @Fairlynew please give the viewers a description of how you plan to win this battle and what you will be using.
  2. Son of Hobbes

    Welcome Remo Nutrients

    AFN is pleased to welcome Remo Nutrients for our Live Vendor Program trial and product testing! They have generously donated enough sample nutrient kits for five of our CannaZone Test Group testers to use them for the full 6 month duration of the trial, so we should get two documented grow...
  3. derek420colorado

    Epic 4 Way Grow Battle Royale HBBSS Style!!! 4way grow off

    Ladies and gentleman letttttts get readddddy to RUMMMBLLLLE! Folks we have an amateur grow battle extravaganza on our hands here. This is going to be for HBBSS bragging rights and the ability to talk smack for evvvvver. The contestants are as follows @Yeatster @Fairlynew @stepside and...