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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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  1. Week 1 and all is well so far

    Week 1 and all is well so far

    Hey guys so seeds are germinated and looking good so far. The amnesia haze germinated first time with no problems but the jack herer seed turned out to be a twin and when I removed one of the seedlings the other seemed very weak so I just started another seed. As you can see from the pictures...
  2. The Mugwamp

    Mars Hydro Cup (TSW 2000)

    Hi all and :welcome: The current grow going on is my 2nd using the Magnificent Mars TSW 2000 and is 6 plants, 4 Photoperiod and 2 Autos. 1 x FastBuds Gelato 1 x Dinafem Blue Amnesia xxl, Auto. 1 x Seedstockers Gelato 41, Photo. 1 x SSSC Super Mad Sky Floater, Photo. 1 SSSC Pineapple Poison...
  3. LST with open source 3D printed spikes.

    LST with open source 3D printed spikes.

    My partner printed me some stakes. I spent some time this morning working on spreading her out. This being my first grow, I'm hoping I did it alright. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3383890 link to STL file.
  4. B

    First grow outdoors in a green house

    Hi guys I'm a newbie grower but long time stoner looking to start my first grow, I have a greenhouse set up, I'm currently soaking seeds for 36 hours in the dark then sowing directly into 12.5 ltr pots tomorow and leave the lady's in the greenhouse (143 x 73 x 195cm) to germanate .... I believe...
  5. Organic Mary Jane featuring Fastbuds, Seedstockers, SSSC, Female Seeds and biotabs

    Organic Mary Jane featuring Fastbuds, Seedstockers, SSSC, Female Seeds and biotabs

    Equipment list as follows 1x1x2m grow tent. I also have a closet that measures 50x90x170cm. Both are lit using hps and both have extractor fans and filters. I don't remember the specs! A tower fan and several clip on fans are used for circulation. 50/50 Coco and Perlite with 2in perlite at...
  6. Wclazerdub

    photoxauto breeding shortcut?

    breeding shortcut? 1. take feminized autoflower pollen to a photoperiod. 2. grow out some seeds till you find an autoflower. 3. hit that autoflower with colloidal silver 4. pollinate an autoflower 5. stable feminized photoxauto seeds in 5 steps too easy right? Let me know!!!! Check out my...
  7. The Vault

    FastBuds Special Promo at The Vault

    An awesome promo from Fast Buds is live now at The Vault with a FastBuds branded, its 420 somewhere clock up for grabs along with FastBuds Seeds, Stickers, Badges, hats and of course a Vault Tee Shirt. Visit...
  8. Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients completed

    Fastbuds original cheese with mantisbufferednutrients completed

    This one is a week old this will be first time using mantis won't be using anything else
  9. Not totally new but pretty much

    Not totally new but pretty much

    So I am starting a 3rd page in here so that I can keep track of all my little ladies inside 1 place! Easier for a stoner to keep track that way! So these are technically at days 61/69 but only went in 6 weeks after my 1st 2 seeds ever. I can easily say that unlike my other 2 gelato that I...
  10. F | T |F Growery: Fastbuds+Solo Cup+Prescription Blend Nutrients

    Completed F | T |F Growery: Fastbuds+Solo Cup+Prescription Blend Nutrients

    I received these seeds as part of AFN's Fastbuds Solo Cup Challenge 2020. I'll start with a thank you from FB & @Fast Buds Heather for the great stealth shipping and quick delivery. METHOD AND MEDIUM. THE REGENERATIVE TENT Bridgelux EB Gen 2 1120mm 3000k strips x 3 per shelf w/ HLG 185h 42...
  11. Living soil Autoflower

    Living soil Autoflower

    I started 4 Autoflowers all r in livingsoil 2 devil cream auto from sweet seed 1 smoothie from fast buds 1 cookies & chem from rocbuds Things r going great
  12. Introducing the ladies in the tent

    Introducing the ladies in the tent

    I currently have a Fastbuds Mexican Airlines and a WW x CBD cross from HPG. ABOUT 42 days old.
  13. thumpthing

    New Grower grow #2: mephisto (double grape, pink panama, sour stomper)/ fastbuds (lsd25) in time release soil try

    started out with a mix of fox farms ocean forest, miracle gro potting, and miracle gro moisture control potting. filled buckets with 3.5-4gal each, made holes then filled those with happy frog and used happy frog on top about an inch. 4 strains, 5 each. it puts neutral soil in the hole and...
  14. Fastbuds original AK completed

    Fastbuds original AK completed

    I started this one in jiffy puck on Sunday and come up Wednesday it's sitting in her pot now
  15. Wawashell

    Indoor Grow Wawashell Mid-Run Purple Lemonade

    2x4x5.5 Grown in 3 gal Coco 3500k Cob from Cobshop.net Cyco Platinum Series
  16. 420Forever

    420'z Forevercrazy Growtrain :-)

    (note: for convenience, this journal has been threadmarked...jus click on "reader mode" at the bottom-left of this or any other threadmarked post in order to skip over all extraneous commentz & view only the relevant updatez/picz ;) ) heya kidz, plz meet Janis...:toke: yupper, good ol'...
  17. bigtoke

    fastbuds are they any good

    I was looking around different sites and saw a number of people growing these strains from fastbuds so I decided to look around on there website and they have my 2 favourite strains gorilla glue and gelato I was thinking of ordering some have you guys ever ordered from their website...
  18. Fastbuds original white widow sour diesel completed

    Fastbuds original white widow sour diesel completed

    I was lucky to get some tester seeds they are labeled FBTO9 and FBTO13 I started them in jiffy pucks and they been put into 2gal pots of coco perlite mix I'l be using megacrop and sweet candy bud explosion and calmag and some left over b52 rhizo blast to prepare thr pots used some biofuse...
  19. WilliamNewbridge

    My Autoflower Topping & LST Journey - Daily Updates

    Hi Everyone, Figured I would see if anyone wants to follow along as I train my Fastbuds Fastberry and Smoothie. I have a journal but figured I would keep this strictly as a timelapse and step by step of sorts on the training process with daily pics as best I can. Quick Details: - 20" x 36" x...
  20. What's in the tent

    What's in the tent

    Setup Tent: 2x4x6 Lights: 1x #optic2 1x viperspec 450 schedule: 18/6 on/off Fans: 190cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter 1x oscillating monkey fan 1x 6in fan Medium: 2gal air pots canna coco bricks plus perlite Nutrient: cangenx mantisbufferednutrients .