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  1. Steviestash

    Coconut coco grow

    This thread is for the general discussion of the blog entry Coconut coco grow. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. G

    Day 45. Nature's Living Soil. CBD Crack (issues), Gorilla Cookies, Forbidden Runtz

    Hi folks! This is my first grow and I could use some help. Started to identify some discoloration on the CBD Crack and Gorilla Cookies about 12 days ago. NLS advised to mini-flush with half-dose calmag and follow with 2tbs molasses for next watering. I've had two waterings and one second...
  3. Grows

    WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Auto - FastBuds

    Some pics before I harvested my WestCoast OG & Strawberry Pie Autos. WestCoast I had 3/3 all purple + Strawberry's are caked with frost!
  4. TheHappyClique


    This thread will be were I will now post all my growing adventures, I will also like to add my fruit/veg and potted plants if that's ok with the staff I will start the thread with the current seedlings I have everything I grow Canna will be all ways be by @Fast Buds Heather untill I complete the...
  5. B

    Indoor Grow FastBuds Purple Lemonade Spacebucket Grow

    Hey guys, currently on day 19 with my purple lemonade growing in my space bucket. Planted straight into the soil and sprouted in a matter of days. Was planning on quadlining so the plant is a + shape but she only developed one side branch on her 3rd node.. typical lol however she has been topped...
  6. Morningstar_Gardens

    3x3 Auto journal. First time growing in 9 years and looking for advice

    Hey everyone just getting back into the world of growing after a long hiatus and recently updated my gear with a new 3x3 with the Spider Farmer 4000 teamed up with the T6 from Ac infinity. I have 2 stardawg autos from Fast Buds popped and on day 4 as well as 2 Hellbender seeds in germination...
  7. Fast Buds Heather

    ***NEW STRAINS 2021***

    We dropped 7 brand new strains this year! All super potent and incredibly tasty strains. Be sure to check them out on our site! Which one will you grow first?
  8. Trichome farmer

    Fast Buds 2021 Grow&show

    This event is sponsored by @Fast Buds Heather moderator : @Mañ'O'Green All lurkers welcome! if you have your own beans your...
  9. proton

    Telos In The Eves - Chapter One

    Hi Guys I've been an on and off grower for about 16 years and a smoker for even longer. And apart from one little auto that I tossed before potting up with a bunch of photos. I've never grown an autoflower. I've moved and recently done a photo grow wedged between the rafters so I have full...
  10. AutoDevilHQ

    New Grower AutoBeast Guided Grow - FastBuds Northern Lights & ChemDawg Autos

    Hi everyone, Feels amazing to finally be here after meeting AutoBeast over 2 years ago and promising him I'd give his old retired 4" x 4" Tent a good home to make some beautiful ladies. Running a 600w HPS and growing in BioBizz LiteMix. Day -1 The 3 Girls have been placed in 15L pots...
  11. Over the "Rainbow" to be making my first proper journal HERE!!

    Completed Over the "Rainbow" to be making my first proper journal HERE!!

    This is going to document the life and times of a Fastbuds zkittlez that my gf named rainbow. I always let her help name things to include her in the process from the start. It occasionally causes me less headaches lol. The environment/tent it was grown in changed mid grow as did the lights and...
  12. Wile e Peyote

    Wile-E-Peyote tries to grow Cream Cookies and Strawberry Pie

    Well after growing my new record yielding plant (Gelato 463 gram Triffid first 2 pics) how could i not try Fastbuds again so with that being said i germed 1x Cream Cookies and 1x Strawberry Pie (I've planted 2 other seeds different breeder) if they don't pop im germing more Fastbuds :woody...
  13. FlickOfTheWrist

    Indoor Grow First time DWC - Girl Scout Cookies Auto by FastBuds

    Hey all. This is my first time growing DWC. I have grown two plants before this, using soil and were successful. I heard so many good things about DWC, I had to give it a shot. I hope this grow journal helps someone else out there! What I'm feeding her: General Hydroponics Micro Grow Bloom...
  14. Week 9 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Week 9 of mixed variety indoor grow

    Alright, another week posting a few days late as I've taken these pictures on Sunday. Buds are growing nicely :D Upped the feed as they seemed to need it. EC is now going from a base of .6 to 2.4, feed per litre: 5ml biogrow 5ml biobloom 2ml calmag ph 6.4 So hard to resist harvesting the...
  15. Z

    Auto sativa recommendations

    Hey gang, I’m about to start a perpetual grow in my room (3.5’wx7’Lx5.5’h). I’m finishing up some GSCX from ilgm which are coming along nicely. My first grow. Since those are heavier on the indica I wanted to have one strain down the middle and one that’s bigger on sativa. I’ve decided on...
  16. Gorilla Cookies and Purple Punch

    Gorilla Cookies and Purple Punch

    New auto grow. Potted up in Plagtron Light mix RO water with 20% added tap water (very hard water in my area) Barney's Farm Purple Punch auto, FastBuds Gorilla Cookies The bonus plant is a blueberry auto of some kind however the seeds got switched. So it's either a Dr rays auto blueberry or...
  17. Gelato auto by fast buds grow #3

    Gelato auto by fast buds grow #3

    Perfect day for sprouts to appear! Happy Halloween! 2x2 grow tent 600w LED Humidifier and fan with charcoal filter 5 gal grow bags Roots organic "lush" and rice hulls Mega crop for use in a couple weeks Day 1 Day 4
  18. G

    [COCO][Zkittlez Auto]Brown patches and yellowing leaves

    Hi, third grow here, first in coco. I've ever had issues with feeding, with soil I always had toxicity problems, this time they seem more deficencies problems. -Problem: in 1 plant upper leaves have tips pointing down , in te 2 plant some leaves have a lot of small brown or gray pathces...
  19. Lfc4Life

    Indoor Grow Gorilla Cookies, Gelato and Strawberry Pie from Fastbuds

    Hi everybody, been growing feminised a few years and switched to autos now. I grew 2 autos before as an experiment while I was growing feminised, but I wasn't to particular about feed schedules. Anyway, I've got 4 girls in canna professional soil, under 1 x Mars hydro mp-150 (I have 3 more I'll...

    Ethos, Auto seeds, Fastbuds, Mephisto. 12 total

    Hey, new to the site this is my 4th time growing autos i normally only grow 3-4 at a time but i wanted to run a decent amount just to see what happens. Ill post updated pics once a week till finish. Thanks for stopping by! Setup Kingbrite 550v2 quantum light amazon "1000w" blurple (240 from...